Weekend Reading, 6.27.20.

Weekend Reading 6.27.20

Hello, hello, how was your week? It’s been exciting to get back in a good groove with work (and shoot with a real photographer again – safely, outside). The biggest news is that I had a call with Amazon and will be moving forward with a second collection this Fall. Based on the success of this past one, we’ll order more fabric to make MORE! Fall nightgowns are COMING!

Anyway, I am really, really looking forward to a chill weekend. (Do I say that every weekend? I do. Sorry.) It’s always the same over here (read, hang on the patio, make sun tea, putter around my “garden” with my plants, etc etc) but last night I went to a RESTAURANT with two of my friends (outside, socially distanced!). That was just the best thing ever. I am planning to watch some movies. Thank you so much to everyone who chimed in on this post about favorite romantic comedies. You inspired me and I feel like I will be referencing the comments quite a bit in the future. (I’d totally forgotten about Crazy Stupid Love, for example!)

Weekend Reading 6.27.20

One of the best/most powerful things I read this week: Five Things I Want to Tell my White Friends.

This striped hoodie is too cute – love the red piping!

The best queer rom-coms!

This emerald green kitchen is the sort of thing I dream about at night.

I just bought this scalp scrub this week and am really excited to try it.

This is the sweetest thing ever.

I ordered this oh so chic house dress in both colors. Will report back! (Sized down to a small as it looks pretty big!) This one is also gorge.

Some great Black-owned home brands!

In important news for those in NY: a list of restaurants with al fresco dining options… YAY!

Such a cute little summer midi dress!

I don’t know how I didn’t know about Kit Kemp’s design blog (she’s the designer and co-owner of Firmdale Hotels) but it’s a feast for the eyes!

Andre Leon Talley and the Black designers you should know.

How to prune and maintain your tomatoes.

OK these rainbow tevas are AMAZING.

I am at my quota for ugly-cute shoes but someone please get these! And while they are more cute than ugly-cute, Dusen Dusen just restocked their sandals.

Excited about this new Apple iOS update!

I’ve been testing out these retinol microneedling patches and am impressed so far. I like to put them on my crow’s feet before bed.

The best way to store herbs (thanks Cy!) I guess damp paper towels it is!

Jen has fantastic taste in books; loved her summer reading list!

Love this white wrap blouse so much.

This lemon honey thyme sorbet recipe sounds incredible (and a good way to use some of the thyme I’ve been growing!)

On cooking the bad news away.

These zucchini noodles sound so good. Def need to make them soon.

OH! I love this stripe tunic dress.

Forget banana bread; I want to make these paleo banana muffins!

Love this easy tie-dye tee!

How to download all your Facebook photos so that you can. make a backup!

I have been really intrigued by the idea of starting an at-home compost but worry about pests. This post breaks it down.

This pink maxi dress is SO chic.

This is wonderful news for fans of Normal People (the show!).

These watermelon drop earrings are kind of just the most fun ever – perfect for summer.

OMG Rifle wallpaper!!!!

A comprehensive list of Black-owned restaurants.

This cute little table came in the mail this week (I got PINK!) and it’s perfect for outdoors.

Hacks for healthier eating.

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  1. Katie:

    I couldn’t agree more about your first link. Such a powerful piece! I cannot wait to read her book. Truly a book we all need to read right now

    6.27.20 Reply
  2. This is one of my favorite posts each week, love the variety! Can you also share the recipe you used to make those tacos/taquitos/enchiladas (I can’t tell what they are but know I want to eat them!) in the picture? I didn’t see a link to it in the post. Thanks Grace!

    6.27.20 Reply
  3. Audrey:

    So excited about the Rifle wallpaper! May have to splurge on a roll to line the inside of my husband’s grandma china cabinet we plan to refinish for our dining room.

    6.27.20 Reply
  4. Congrats on your second collection! It’s going to be gooood! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.27.20 Reply
  5. caroline:

    so excited for your next amazon collection!!

    6.27.20 Reply
  6. Kim Cerrone:

    I just love your blog- especially the weekend reading! Great variety, lots of fun and I always learn something new. Thank you!!

    6.27.20 Reply
  7. My favorite post of the week and my favorite link blogger 🙂 so many good resources and I trust your judgement on picking them 🙂

    6.27.20 Reply