My Amazon the Drop Collection!

Grace Atwood Amazon the Drop Collection

Today is the day! And I could not be more excited about it. My Amazon The Drop collection is launching today! I will be updating this post with links THE SECOND it all becomes available but for now (I’ll also be back a little later today with a post featuring some of my favorite content creators wearing the collection!), but for now I wanted to give you guys all the information you need!

I’m truly so proud of everything we made. I’ve been wearing the pieces non-stop since getting my set of samples in early March and it feels great to put these out into the world! Everything is under $60, and everything is designed to look good on a range of body types. Later today I will have a blog post highlighting some of the women I gifted so that you can see how it looks on sizes XXS – XXL.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Will this ship internationally? YES!
  • What fabrics did you use? The solid green and red/leopard print are 100% viscose. The white/red pattern and geen leopard are 100% Tencel. The viscose has more of a lightweight drape to it and the tencel is a bit heavier (but still very breathable, etc!)
  • How is pricing? Everything is under $60!
  • How does sizing run? I find that it runs very true to size and recommend ordering your usual size. I am 5’8 and usually a 6/8 or a small/medium depending on the brand and am wearing a medium in everything. But I will say that the two “nightgown dresses” run a little big, but I like the looser fit. The big green kaftan is loose, but if you have hips or a butt (I do!) I would def stick to your normal size. I have been told by two friends that you should size up in the button front dress if you are on the bustier side!
  • What’s the deal with returns? You can return it, but as everything is made to order there is a small return fee.
  • Is it breastfeeding friendly? I honestly don’t know. I just don’t have experience here. The button front dress and top both unbutton so I think those are your best bets!
  • What is that cute little pouch purse you’re carrying? Isn’t it great? It’s also from The Drop (get yours here). It comes in red, white, and black. I have the red and white and may get the black. one too.
  • Where are those cute white sneakers from? These are also from The Drop (here!). Highly recommend – super comfy, no logos, and a great price point. They run true to size.

I am so, so thrilled to partner with Amazon on this collection.

I’m really I also wanted to share that I will be donating 15% of my cut of sales to Black Lives Matter.

Grace Atwood Amazon the Drop

We obviously had to have a nightgown dress.

It’s really hard to pick favorites etc but this dress is just… so good. It’s the perfect house dress but also looks amazing with heels for a casual lunch or dinner OR with sneakers for running around the city (whenever that can happen again!)

The most important thing to note is that WE DROPPED THE BUST!!!!! I have owned a few nightgown style dresses and nothing is more annoying when the dress hits you mid-nipple and then tents out over your body. Just dropping the bust line a couple inches makes a huge difference.

Again, sizing is pretty TTS. I am wearing a medium but the small would definitely fit. I like the looser cut though!

(link to white sneakers, also from The Drop, highly recommend if you want a cute unbranded white sneaker!)

The big green kaftan!

This was the piece I pushed the hardest for. I was inspired by the kaftan that Gwyneth Paltrow wore in The Politician. I had been trying to track down a kaftan like hers since the show came out and could not find what I wanted ANYWHERE. So we made one!

I have gotten a lot of questions about this and whether it’s sheer enough to wear out. My answer is YES, wear it out and one of these photos are retouched; BUT the fabric is lightweight and it isn’t lined. It will show bumps (I wore seamless underwear) so if that bothers you, I would say throw on a slip or a half slip (I have both of these slips!). I will say I do not personally wear a slip with mine though!

You can see the kaftan above but I wanted to show one of my favorite ways to style this kaftan for city purposes…. by layering on TONS of gold jewelry. This piece is really, really versatile. You can wear it to the beach or pool (or backyard or around the house) OR dress it up for dinner.

The easy patterned tunic

And this top is so easy and fun. I like the longer length (so you can tuck it in), and that it covers your butt if you pair it with skinny jeans. I love it with white jeans or cutoffs, too!

The green leopard top

This top is also SO fun. I wanted a cute top that you can just throw on with jeans, and I’ve always loved the look of a button down tied in the front but can never quite get it right so this top takes the guesswork out. The buttons are functional and go all the way down to the bottom, and I loveeeeee the print!

The fancy (but still beachy!) dress.

This dress is the fanciest of the bunch. I couldn’t have ONLY shapeless sacks in this collection so we wanted to do a chic dress that had a waist. The buttons go down to the waist and are fully functional. When I wear it I wear the top two buttons unbuttoned. (This is the dress I mentioned earlier that would probably be breast-feeding friendly!)

I’ve heard from two friends that if you are bustier, you should size up with this one, or it can look a bit scandalous! My friend Makeda belted it in her post and her styling is perfection!

The easy dress

I call this the easy dress as it’s just so easy and looks good no matter how you wear it. This little green dress is also for those who wanted a waist! This is the perfect little summer dress. It’s so lightweight, and I of course just LOVE the color!

Nightgown… with a waist!

And I love this dress so much, too! (Sensing a theme? These pieces are my CHILDREN, I am obsessed with them all hahahaha). This is for the person who loves the look of the nightgown dresses but wants a little more polish (and a waist!). The contrasting fabric at the bottom makes this one a little more elevated.

The Short Nightgown!

Last but not least – this dress, which is kind of a short nightgown dress! I LOVE the green leopard print and have been wearing this non-stop. But let’s be honest, I’ve been wearing them ALL non-stop! (PS here is a link to the white sneakers!)

Created in partnership with Amazon the Drop // Miami photos by Genesis Bonilla and NYC photos by Carter Fish!

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  1. Mollye:

    Grace, congrats on your new collection. It’s absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to make a few purchases today! It’s so hard to choose but I’m definitely going with the short nightgown and the nightgown with a waist! Can’t wait!

    6.18.20 Reply
  2. Congratulations, Grace! The collection is beautiful! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.18.20 Reply
  3. Kassie:

    Wake up. Roll over. Grab phone. Go to The Stripe to check Grace’s Amazon The Drop collection. Congrats! I’m so glad it has finally launched!

    6.18.20 Reply
  4. Molly:

    Congrats!! Love it all but personally hoping to snag the nightgown and easy dress! By the way, I remember buying sparkly flats from your collab with Matt Bernson and wearing those shoes every causal Friday haha.

    6.18.20 Reply
  5. Jenn:

    Congrats, Grace! I am in love with all of the colors and patterns in your collection. The emerald green especially is so lovely in your pieces!

    6.18.20 Reply
  6. Alexandra:

    So happy for you, Grace! Can’t wait to get the text alert 🙂


    6.18.20 Reply
  7. Maggie:

    So excited (and exciting!)! I think I’m going to get the tunic top and the fancy dress… but… the green leopard top… I don’t know… to many great options!

    6.18.20 Reply
  8. Claire:

    Love these pictures of your collection, HOWEVER….It would be REALLY helpful if I knew how to order them. I went to Amazon, was the collection pictures, but could not figure out how to get to an individual piece to order. The Drop ordering is not the most user friendly! I have tried with other Drops and had the same problem. I have not been able to figure it out and just give up without an order! Same with you! Sorry! Amazon needs to fix this and maybe you can help them see this! Sorry, lost sale here!!!!

    6.18.20 Reply
    • It’s not live yet!!! 🙂

      6.18.20 Reply
      • Claire:

        I’m sorry! I’m confused. It “dropped” but is not live? Huh? When does it go “live”?

        6.18.20 Reply
  9. Valerie DiStefano:

    Congratulations on your collection. Obsessed.

    6.18.20 Reply
  10. Congrats, Grace! You did an amazing job on the collection.

    6.18.20 Reply
  11. Angela Evanowski:

    My wallet just gasped. Congratulations!!!

    6.18.20 Reply
  12. Tara:

    I feel like this should be something like “Congratulations on your BABIES!” lol, but really — so, so excited to see this come to life. And love that you are making a donation to BLM. I have the Amazon link up and will keep refreshing 🙂 Can I ask where the white sneakers are from, too?

    6.18.20 Reply
  13. Dana:

    GRACE! I am so excited for you (I think I may have told you this 130810392 times lol). I cannot wait for this to launch….and get my hands on that nightgown…so good for a throw on and go dress. CONGRATS!!!

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    6.18.20 Reply
  14. Betsy:

    Can’t wait to order my caftan! Maybe a nightgown the whole collection. Congratulations! Your babies are perfect!

    6.18.20 Reply
  15. Allison Van Winkle:

    These are gorgeous!! So excited for you

    Is the last (White & Red) dress lined? or thick enough to hide underthings? 😀

    6.18.20 Reply
    • Hi Allison,
      It’s not lined but it’s definitely thick enough! I’d wear nude underthings just to be sure!

      6.18.20 Reply
  16. K.C.:

    Omg I am obsessed with that easy green dress and cannot wait to get my hands on it!! But also love the short green nightgown one! How many green dresses is too many? 🙂 🙂

    6.18.20 Reply
  17. Lindsey Hughes:

    LOVED that caftan from Politician – I’ll take it!!

    6.18.20 Reply
  18. Lori:

    So excited Grace, however I’m not sure if I should get small or medium. I usually wear size 6 but you mentioned you’re wearing medium in everything. I’m more of a bigger size 6 if you know what I mean.

    6.18.20 Reply
  19. Lori:

    So happy for you & congratulations!

    6.18.20 Reply
  20. Melanie:

    So excited! I saw Becca’s post and jumped on IMMEDIATELY because I had to get the red nightgown dress… now I’m thinking I need the green shorter one too! Love these, love the prints, can’t wait to get it! Congrats – I know it’ll be a huge success!

    6.18.20 Reply
  21. Karen:

    It’s a little weird – I obviously don’t know you, I’m older than you and probably most of your readers – but I’m thrilled for you! The collection is super cute and I might have just ordered three pieces. So happy to help support you. Congratulations!!

    6.18.20 Reply
  22. Beth R:

    The green leopard print dress is sold out already. Oh the humanity! 😉 Any chance they’ll add more XS’s?

    6.18.20 Reply
  23. Denise Kainrath:

    GRACE CONGRATS! So excited this has finally happened!

    6.18.20 Reply
  24. kel:

    YAAAY just bought four dresses! So excited!!!! Congratulations Grace! xo

    6.18.20 Reply
  25. Tara:

    Already placed my order, Grace! Congratulations! This is a phenomenal accomplishment!

    6.18.20 Reply
  26. Jessica Camerata:

    Huge congrats! I am loving the leopard dress with the trench/sneaker combo. I think that’s 100% how I’d wear that piece!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    6.18.20 Reply
  27. caroline:

    just placed an order for the short nightgown! the colors and prints are so fun. i’m excited for your collection to finally be live! i absolutely love the solid green dress too, but am pretty afraid of completely busting out the top. the other person they had modeling that one on the drop’s IG was in an xxs so i can’t really gauge whether it’d be ok! hopefully this is just your first collab, because you’ve picked great styles.

    6.18.20 Reply
  28. Congrats Grace!! Proud of you, it’s obvious you put a lot of work and thought into this. Lol and YUP to the og nightgown hitting mid-nipple.

    I ordered the long nightgown, short nightgown and caftan and can’t wait for them to come! Also, thank you from the west coast for a west coast-friendly launch time.

    6.18.20 Reply
  29. Shana:

    Grabbed the red leopard nightgown dress but the short green nightgown was already gone because it’s so good! Excited to see everyone in their picks next month 🙂

    6.18.20 Reply
  30. Laura:

    Hey Grace, congrats on the collection! It’s gorgeous!

    Quick Question on the green kaftan –

    I’m in between a small and a medium, like yourself, but only 5’5″. The kaftan looks a little long – do you recommend I size down for a shorter fit? Or maybe I’ll just get a tailor, lol! Thanks & best wishes!

    6.18.20 Reply
    • I think you’ll be okay! Maaayyyybe you will need to tailor it but if you’re just a couple inches shorter than me you should be fine!

      6.18.20 Reply
  31. mary:

    I love your bright colors and sophisticated prints! It’s nice to look like a confident, grown-up woman instead of a cutesy little girl, as many dress lines have been trending as of late. Love this DROP!

    6.18.20 Reply
  32. Cy:

    I just ordered the emerald kaftan! I’m so excited our favorite color! The collection is really great congrats to you. I hope this isn’t your last.

    6.18.20 Reply
  33. Carolyn:

    Congrats, Grace! All the pieces look amazing and I can’t wait until my dress is delivered 🙂

    6.18.20 Reply
  34. Jessica:

    Congrats! Beautiful collection! Purchased 3 pieces and can’t wait to receive them!

    6.18.20 Reply
  35. Congratulations! It’s been a LONG time coming, no thanks to world events. I bought the kaftan and am so excited. It’s going to be perfect for swanning around my house all summer!

    6.18.20 Reply
  36. Megan:

    Your collection is beautiful! I’m afraid I missed the night gown piece as it says “sold out.” Is there any way to still purchase this piece?
    I’m an assistant principal at school whose colors are those of the dress, so I would absolutely love to be able have it and look school spirit sheek!

    6.18.20 Reply
  37. Rebecca Zoler:

    Congrats!! SO exciting and so happy I was able to snag the green leopard buttons front top 🙂

    6.18.20 Reply
  38. Melissa:

    Congratulations Grace!! I love how bright and fun the whole collection is. I went with the white/red nightgown with a waist – can’t wait to get it!

    6.18.20 Reply
  39. Leala:

    I got the text at 12:15 that the drop happened, and by 12:17, I had ordered one of each item in your line. I am SO glad I jumped on my order fast, since some things sold out quickly (I expected it though—these items are too cute not to sell out instantly!). I can’t wait for my shipment to be delivered! You did an amazing job with this collection! 🙂

    6.18.20 Reply
  40. Stacey:

    SO Excited for the short “nightgown” dress! I’m 5’0 and have such a hard time with that style. I’m super excited for mine to come!

    6.18.20 Reply
  41. Leah Rockwell:

    Congratulations on a beautiful collection! Just ordered the floral print ruffle tie neck dress! I’m so excited! xo

    6.18.20 Reply
  42. Nicole Z.:

    I am so happy for you. I know quarantine has been tough, especially in NYC. It just made me so happy to see this exciting announcement from you. CONGRATS!! This is such excellent news, and the collection is adorable. xx

    6.18.20 Reply
  43. Emily:

    I cannot wait for my two leopard dresses to arrive (never too much leopard, right?)! The collection is so beautiful; congratulations!

    6.18.20 Reply
  44. CONGRATS GRACE! Your collection is absolutely stunning and perfect for summer!

    6.18.20 Reply
  45. Katie:

    Um…I love EVERYTHING and especially love that you dropped the bust. Genius move that I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do!

    Congratulations on the collection and all the hard work you did to make it reality.

    6.19.20 Reply
  46. Love that the products are made on demand! Congratulations!

    6.19.20 Reply