Weekend Reading, 5.9.20.

Weekend Reading 5.9.20
a sign outside a local liquor store in brooklyn.

Happy Saturday. This week was… good! I mean gone are the days where I will recount a lengthy list of all the cool stuff I did. But I got my floors really clean with my new steam mop? I went for a socially distanced Negroni walk with Becca? I reorganized my cabinets and fridge? And now I’m reading a GREAT book. So these little things are my new micro-highs, and honestly as small as they are, they are things that genuinely sparking a lot of joy for me right now! I will also say that by the time quarantine is over, my apartment is going to be extremely clean and HIGHLY organized. I really hope that you enjoy this week’s links (I don’t know that I always say this but I genuinely enjoy pulling this list together so, so much!)… happy weekend!

Weekend Reading 5.9.20

Sigh…. I miss traveling. Here is some good hotel porn!

Def planning on some infrared blanket time this weekend. The best way to get a good sweat while bingeing TV!

Every time I wear this cozy waffle robe I get so many questions. It’s fantastic and it’s 25% off right now.

Def planning on watching the Becoming documentary this weekend, and also pretending I’m in Paris at the Dior exhibit.

As I write this, I have White Collar (an old fav) on the TV. Is it possible it might come back!? I would die.

Such a fun party top. (Oh how I’d love a party right now!)

Love this yummy roundup of Asian inspired recipes.

Love the buttons on this simple linen dress. Makes me dream of a summer vacation in the South of France. Also love that Madewell is carrying solid, (dare I say chic?) Teva sandals.

Okay don’t freak out but there’s going to be another Twilight book!!! Mark your calendar for August!

No sew masks to make right now!

These mint green PJs are so cute.

100% making these air fryer stuffed bagels this weekend. WOW. (On that note: my air fryer came and it’s so cute!)

This neon t-shirt dress is so fun!

Living alone during quarantine: a very honest post!

Love that Sephora is sending thank you kits to healthcare workers!

Still my most favorite cozy pullover.

Chicken parm is one of my fav things to make and now I want to make Bon Appetit’s recipe!

This pretty midi dress is on sale right now – LOVE.

Holy moly – Jacey’s bathroom makeover is beyond. I follow her on Instagram so knew how beautiful the “after” photos were, but the before photos were really fun to see. I also loved her post about being a blogger during quarantine.

Audiobooks to listen to on your next walk.

Oh I love this tie-dye sweatshirt!

Ha – love that Dunkin’ is selling DIY kits!

Spring is here and Tyrion is shedding SO much. I feel like I just follow him around with my Chom Chom roller. It is the greatest.

V excited about Antoni’s upcoming quarantine cooking show!

Loved seeing Krystal’s favorite photography books. She has such an amazing eye.

Newly addicted to this candle. The perfect mix of masculine with a hint of sweetness!

The best bathroom cleaning hacks.

I love my Birdies slippers so much. They’re so fancy!

OMG need all the Cuomo merch ASAP.

Tater tots are making a big comeback!

I scooped up the prettiest white lace blouse after seeing it on Liz.

On surviving the “retinoid uglies.

Blair’s Florida house is so incredible and I loved seeing it featured in Architectural Digest!

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  1. Caroline:

    Find myself looking forward to your Weekend Reading when I open my laptop on Saturdays. Such a lovely mix of links. Thank you!

    5.9.20 Reply
  2. Lily:

    Omg!! The solid colored Tevas! My boyfriend gave me the white pair for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago after I had spent a solid month waxing poetic about how badly I wanted them, and I’m here to say that they’re the best!! They’re def my quarantine hero shoe (in the sense that they’re the only shoe I’m wearing on my long solo walks) but I’m already excited to wear them with *real* outfits whenever that becomes possible again. I think they’re chic lol, but I do have an unwavering loyalty to the humble Teva so I may be biased. Love that you linked them!

    5.9.20 Reply
  3. Shana:

    Every time I see Blair’s guest room I think “Grace totally called dibs when she visits” 🙂 green and that amazing cane bed – so dreamy!! Happy weekend!!

    5.9.20 Reply
  4. I miss travelling too! Although we’re free to roam around where I live… but still… I want a beach getaway! Haha first world problems… have a great weekend! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.9.20 Reply
  5. Grace, came here to say I love your blog! I discovered you through the BOP Podcast, and have never looked back! Thank you for sharing your honest opinions on things you have tried or your current obsessions. I look forward to your blog, IG, and podcast content all week, and especially during quarantine you’ve been a happy distraction for me!

    5.9.20 Reply
    • That is so nice and I love that you found the podcast first! Thank you for the comment, have a great weekend!!!

      5.9.20 Reply
  6. Jane:

    We made that chicken parm recipe with their pasta al limone recipe last weekend and both were unreal!! Highly recommend!

    5.9.20 Reply
  7. Cy:

    I made the Bon Appétit chicken Parm last night! It takes a bit work, but so good! I shared with friends. Thanks for the fun round up

    5.9.20 Reply
  8. Cy:

    There is a restaurant here in SF called Leatherneck’s Steakhouse ( old school steak and seafood) and they makes their own truffle tater tots. Might be fun to find a recipe for those, otherwise I would probably just buy frozen. Who doesn’t Iike a tot?

    5.9.20 Reply
    • Sabrina:

      Really? I love Leatherneck(hidden SF gem and secret. Live Piano. That view. Old school. No cell phone rule)
      I never knew they made their own….

      5.9.20 Reply
    • Oh wow that sounds yummy!

      5.9.20 Reply
  9. Claire:

    Happy Mothers Day to me! Thanks to you I just purchased my first pair of Sarah Flint Natalie flats. sooooooo excited! Thank you for the $100 off code.

    5.9.20 Reply
  10. Mollye:

    I look forward to weekend reading every week Grace. Thanks for always pulling together such a great collection! Love it! Can’t wait to try the new candle, I joined Beauty Pie this week and ordered most of your recs!

    5.10.20 Reply
    • Aw I’m so glad to hear that!!!! And let keep me posted on how you like BeautyPie!

      5.10.20 Reply
  11. What a great selection of weekend readings! That hotel porn is real! Since the lockdown, we keep reminiscing all the travels and cannot wait to be able to do it again. Oh,and the linen dress is gorgeous, looks like a must for summer wardrobes. Too bad I am way beyond my shopping budget this month.

    The “retinoid uglies” article’s timing is perfect. I just started using retinoid in my skincare this week so this is definitely a must-read.

    The Career Edit | http://thecareeredit.co

    5.10.20 Reply