Weekend Reading, 4.18.20

Weekend Reading 4.18.20

Happy Saturday / happy could-be-any-day-of-the-week? This week was a mixed bag I guess. I’m settling into our newer reality. It was a decent week overall but yesterday was just not a good day. I didn’t get a lot done and then wound up finishing this post around midnight. Oops. I’m kind of just like… “welllp, as long as I get everything done, it’s fine!” Maybe next week I will work on setting up some better boundaries.

That being said, I hope you guys had a good week and are enjoying the weekend. I’m thinking of each of you and sending you a giant hug from home in Brooklyn. Also! I wrote a piece for Cosmo about what it’s like being an influencer right now. Really happy with how it turned out, if you feel like reading it! PS – I FINALLY made “the stew” this week and it was amazing. Highly recommend. So hearty and the flavors are delicious!

Weekend Reading 4.18.20

Inspired by Becca, I ordered this air fryer this week. It doesn’t come for a bit but I am so excited to make buffalo chicken tenders. (Send me your fav air fryer recipes!)

Haha – how to prep your home for a virtual dinner party.

Low stress meals to try out… also, these easy dinner recipes!

This sweatshirt!!! (and these socks!)

Movies you can stream for free on Fridays.

My all time favorite face mask.

This Upper West Side apartment is a DREAM. In just 350 square feet!

Fully agree with this: stress can make you clumsier.

How cute is this tie-dye sweatshirt? Love all of the colors, especially the green.

It’s always fun to see what recipes other people are making. Here’s what the Girls Night In team is cooking/baking!

In things I want but don’t know when I’ll ever wear: this tiered floral maxi! So happy and pretty.

The best tie-dye kits!

Carole Radziwill’s guide to masking.

Such a pretty little white top! (This one, too!)

The most anticipated books of summer.

Love these cute striped joggers.

The case for doing a sheet mask every day.

Fancy breakfasts to make.

LOVE this maxi dress and it’s currently half off!

Obviously obsessed with this: how to get a Nancy Meyers living room.

The PRETTIEST eye palette ever!

8 feel good movies to watch, according to (the queen!) Nancy Meyers!

Bc I always love a science-y beauty read:

What are sulfates?

Love the subtle puff sleeves on this slouchy grey tee!

Loved these tips for living in a small space!

I love a good night shirt (my pajama preference) and this one is so pretty.

Adored seeing my friend (and former podcast guest) Kellie’s gorgeous LA home!

How to declutter your twitter feed.

Completely in love with my NuFace. Review coming to the blog soon. Ordered the big container of priming gel during the Sephora sale!

The best TikTok beauty hacks.

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  1. Very tie dye heavy: I love it!! Here is my favorite (That I made!)

    4.18.20 Reply
  2. Christine:

    Immediately ordered the slouchy grey tee from Nordstrom, love it! Thanks for the list and all the great posts. Stay well!

    4.18.20 Reply
    • Aw I’m so glad – you’re welcome! Thanks for shopping via my links, it helps! Have a great weekend!!! XO

      4.18.20 Reply
  3. PB:

    That Cosmo piece is great, thoughtful and self-aware. Agree with all your readers – KEEP POSTING! You have been doing it in such an intelligent, refreshing way. While the next few months might be a “loss” financially – I have a good feeling all the months after that are going to be even bigger than you could have imagined due to your authenticity and professionalism. <3

    4.18.20 Reply
    • Gosh that is so nice and you made me tear up a little bit. Thank you!!!! I really appreciate the kind words.

      4.18.20 Reply
  4. I think setting up boundaries is a good plan! Hang in there, Grace! ❀️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.18.20 Reply
  5. Katie:

    Obsessed w your leggings in the pic! Can you share where they are from?! Thank you!

    4.18.20 Reply
  6. COR:

    Always loved these weekend posts but especially lately. Thanks for always having such great content.

    4.18.20 Reply
  7. Lindsey:

    Hey Grace! I’m super excited to hear your Nuface review. I just got one a few weeks ago and I’m thrilled with the results. Question for you – how are you liking the eye and lip attachment and do you think it’s worth it? I got the mini which isn’t compatible with the attachment and I was thinking of exchanging it for the larger size, as the one area that still bugging me is my under eye.

    Also, I’d love to hear in your review how you work the treatment gel with your other products. For example, do you put serum or retinol over it? And if you were using something like P50, where would that go in the process? Thank you!

    4.18.20 Reply
    • hi! Yes highly recommend the ELE attachment! It’s great for lifting.

      As for the treatment gel I haven’t really figured out a good solution. Usually I leave it on while watching TV etc, and then I rinse it off and do my regular skincare (bader, or retinol/an active and moisturizer+ oil). You can use a waterbased serum before the gel if you want, but they don’t recommend anything stronger. So if you want to use P50 I would say you should probably rinse the gel off and start over. Not the answer you wanted I’m sure, and kind of a pain but that’s what I dould do!

      4.18.20 Reply
  8. That AD apartment feature is SO dreamy! Have a great Saturday, lady!

    4.18.20 Reply
  9. Y:

    Most people don’t realize you can make hard boiled eggs in the air fryer – it is convenient & awesome!

    4.18.20 Reply
    • Oh how clever!!! I don’t like hard boiled eggs but am gonna tell Becca as she loves them!

      4.18.20 Reply
  10. Enjoy your air fryer! We use ours a ton, fav recipes are french toast, chicken parm, and it’s really good for cooking fish. And it’s great for reheating leftovers.

    4.18.20 Reply
  11. Mary Kate:

    Grace, could you do a look with the CT palette? I have blue eyes and love her stuff, but warm tones scare me!

    4.18.20 Reply
    • Hey Mary Kate! You should check out her instagram! She (CT) is really good at tutorials. Eye makeup tutorials just aren’t my wheelhouse and for the amount of work it would take me I would rather just point people to a real makeup expert. xo

      4.19.20 Reply
  12. Mimi:

    Oh my I’m drooling over the info that Lauren Nelson has on the Nancy Meyers sets and then you also provide the interview that Nancy had with Katie– what a delight!!
    Thank you so much!!

    4.19.20 Reply
  13. Lisa Autumn:

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend girl!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    4.19.20 Reply
  14. Emily:

    Thank you for the post – and for the continuous posts during the pandemic! That goes for the podcast, too!
    That lipstick shade is the perfect hint of color – could you please share?

    4.19.20 Reply
  15. Megan:

    Hang in there Grace! These posts are my favorite.

    4.19.20 Reply
  16. Katie:

    This is such a random thought, but have you ever noticed the trends of book covers? I cliked on the 30 Best New Books of Summer and noticed that this year seems to be more artistic, color blocking and abstract bright colors. For the past few years they have been more cartoonish (The Hating Game, The Kiss Quotient, The Flat Share, etc.). I just think it’s interesting, I’ll have to ask my dear friends of the publishing world Kelsey, Liza and Charles for some insight πŸ˜‰

    4.19.20 Reply
  17. A-ha,First off, I so much love your leggings!
    These low stress dinner recipes are just what I need right now.
    I’m always exhausted these days.

    With the kids at Home, plus working from home, we just need to find a way to get around doing other things quickly.

    I love your post idea and I love your pics too!

    4.20.20 Reply
  18. Tina:

    Always look forward to your Saturday links. Also, your beauty reviews, so looking forward to the NuFace review. I bought one last year but stopped using it. This may sound crazy, but I have an asymmetrical face. I felt like using the NuFace was making my face even more asymmetrical. Maybe I should try again and just use it to firm up the jawline. Your beauty reviews are always so on point — really like your taste. I bought the Tower 28 lip jelly, based on your review, and it is so good! Hoping to get to wear it somewhere else besides the grocery store and Zoom calls someday :).

    4.20.20 Reply
    • Oh wow that is so interesting!!!! I’ve always felt the same actually, one of my eyebrows is much higher! But haven’t seen a negative impact from using the NuFace πŸ™‚

      4.21.20 Reply
  19. Becca:

    I just did ice tie dye over the weekend and it looks so cool! I bought a white shirt from amazon, grabbed another white shirt I already had & the tulip brand dye then googled how to do it. I was able to do both at the same time and they are both a bit different and unique. I also saw a throw blanket tutorial and might need to do that next Super easy, not much cleanup required and it was a fun distraction!

    4.21.20 Reply
    • OMG that’s amazing!!! I think I may have to get into that, sounds so fun (just nervous I’ll wreck my sink!)

      4.21.20 Reply
  20. Hiddleston:

    Thanks for sharing! I ordered the face mask you recommended and it is soooo good!

    9.5.22 Reply