Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn!

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Yesterday was a big day: my sister’s collection with Pottery Barn launched! I am so, so excited for her; this is of course a huge deal for her and her career but I know that as a small business owner (with very discerning quality standards) she’s always struggled with pricing and wanting to a) offer a more accessible price point and b) be able to dip into other categories like removable wallpaper, shower curtains, towels, etc. that would usually be cost-prohibitive for a small brand. (And of course beautiful bedding and pillows… the surf pattern is my personal favorite and it’s reversible!)

My sister’s goal with everything she designs has been to bring happiness and calm into people’s homes. This is a hard time to launch a collection but she and her team put a LOT of love and hard work into the line, and I do think that if you are looking to make some changes to your home, her pieces would be perfect. It’s so beautiful and it’s just so HER! I am a proud big sister! It’s cool to see how much creative liberty the Pottery Barn team let her have – everything from the product to the packaging and especially the photography feels so Becca. And the fact that it’s sustainably sourced! Congrats, Becca!!!!

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Pop on over to Pottery Barn to see the whole line!

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

This was my sister’s first foray into bath products! I know she was particularly excited to create shower curtains and towels!

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

How much do we love these cosmetic pouches! I LOVE! Dark blue pouch and Swirl cosmetic case. I love that the lining of the cosmetics case matches the pouch.

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

So proud of you sister! Head over to Pottery Barn to peruse/shop the whole line here!

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  1. Christina says 4.9.20

    Ok wow! It all looks so dreamy and wonderful! Congrats to her!

  2. Diana says 4.9.20

    What a beautiful collection!! That first picture you posted is the most soothing pic I’ve seen in a while… absolutely love it and want to be transported there! Congrats to your sister!

  3. Emma says 4.9.20

    Talent really runs in the family! I am so blown away by her accomplishment and the collection. Everything is beautiful, congrats to Becca!

  4. Brianna Rooney says 4.9.20

    As if I need another pouch for any reason…but I just love the size, print and color!!

    • I know, I had the same thought. I really don’t need… but they’re so pretty!

  5. Shana says 4.9.20

    Gorgeous! jumped over to the PBarn website and love it all 🙂 Also great that they included her books as a coffee table book because they are beautiful as well!

  6. What an amazing collection! So Insta-worthy! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  7. Rebecca says 4.9.20

    Thank you so much, sister! xoxo

  8. Katherine says 4.9.20

    Wow, so happy for her…what a beautiful collection!

  9. Clare says 4.9.20

    This collection is gorgeous! I would be a proud sister too 🙂

    Grace, I discovered you on IG a few months back and at the start of quarantine was in search for some new blogs to follow and have come a devoted reader of The Stripe. I love the content and your lighthearted tone. Even if you’re not feeling 100% every single day you’ve got me fooled because you never let it show. I feel like I can relate to almost every topic you cover and it’s a comforting escape. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading and will continue to do. Thank you for being YOU!

  10. Nora Beirne says 4.9.20

    Everything is gorgeous!! Congrats to you sister! Quarantine sounds like the perfect time to redecorate and reorganize. 🙂

    • It definitely is a good time to give your space a little refresh! I just moved my couches around and felt really energized by that.

  11. Emily says 4.9.20

    So gorgeous!! I’ve been looking for new pillow shams to match a blue and white patterned duvet cover I have and her pattern will be perfect! I’m so excited for them to arrive! Congrats to Becca!

  12. Erica says 4.9.20

    The entire collection is so calming and serene! I especially love the surf wallpaper. Where can I put that in our house??!

  13. April B says 4.9.20

    Love this collection – so pretty! Congrats to Becca!

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I have a bottle of Hand soap from Method with her design on it! I had it saved for our guest bath because it’s so pretty. I never put it together that she is your sister until your podcast episode!

  14. Kim P. Sullivan says 4.11.20

    Our family was SOoooo excited to receive an email from Becca’s company this week launching her designs at Pottery Barn! Pinch us all! We are so proud of you three sisters and all you’ve accomplished in such a short time. Wishing you all continued success as you share your passions and skills with the world!

  15. K.C. says 4.14.20

    This is awesome! Congrats to Becca on this amazing collection! I love the Surf wallpaper. And may I say her hair looks absolutely TO DIE FOR in that photo on the pin board – basically like the most perfect mermaid hair. As a younger sister myself, I love your enthusiasm and support of her- you must be a great big sister, Grace 🙂 🙂