Weekend Reading | 3.28.20.

Weekend Reading | 3.28.20
sweater // sunglasses // pumps

HI. How are you doing? I feel like this is the question how I now start every conversation with friends, family, and also you guys. Every blog post, every newsletter. Every instagram. How are you? It’s boring… but really, how are you? I am really thankful for this platform as I feel so much less isolated being able to “talk” to you all as we self-quarantine. So if you feel like it, drop me a line in the comments to tell me how you are doing and what you’ve been up to (and where you live!). In the meantime, I hope this list serves its purpose: a list of fun distractions and things I love that hopefully you love to… to (I hope), brighten your day just a little! Take care… please stay safe and healthy (and as sane as possible), friends! XOXO

Weekend Reading | 3.28.20

Loeffler Randall is having a big sale – take 30% off sitewide! Highly recommend my favorite gold sandals and these leopard print “tevas.”

A bookish LOL: the first lines of ten classic novels, re-written for social distancing.

Really appreciated Blair’s list of small businesses to support.

This J.Crew leopard sweatshirt is 40% off right now and calling my name.

Loved Mary’s guide to doing at home gel manicures! (also: how to safely remove your gel mani!)

H&M does it again: this blue patterned dress looks SO expensive.

20 amazing places to visit without leaving home!

Carly polled some of her friends (me included) for a list of great books!

Into this cozy tie-dye tee.

Okay obsessed with this dramatic, inexpensive rental makeover! WOW.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for cute, affordable loungewear sets and this hoodie + jogger set is fab!

Authors share the best escapist books.

Reasons to take a shower.

This $25 wrap top is SO cute!

I bought all the ingredients to make this chickpea stew this weekend. It looks SO good!

A good weekend project: how to declutter your makeup!

The best takeaways from watching Youtube makeup tutorials.

I ordered this layered look jacket yesterday – love a faux hoodie!

Lolz, why TikTok makes you feel so old!

On freezing food!

A delicious sounding list of yummy recipes to try. I want to make this bread.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Tiger King but I want this tee!

Dream apartment? The colors, textures, patterns, etc. in this West London apartment are absolutely epic.

Love the look of this tie-dye robe! I sent it to Becca as I am not allowed to buy anymore robes!

Something I’ve definitely wondered… how long do germs last on surfaces?

The best comfort food to make right now.

Love the look of this cozy Eileen Fisher pullover.

The best rom-coms to stream now!

All of Carrie Bradshaw’s best WFH looks.

Nowhere to wear it but this Madewell dress is SO cute!

Photography by Carter Fish

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  1. Julia:

    You always have the best mix of weekend reads, Grace! Especially loved the two apartment tours this week 🙂 thanks for finding fun things to entertain especially during this social distancing time!

    3.28.20 Reply
  2. Hope you’re having a great weekend, Grace! Thanks for the links! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.28.20 Reply
  3. Margaret:

    I’ve made the stew at least 4 times this season, so easy to make and so good. Her caramalized shallot pasta is yummy too

    3.28.20 Reply
    • I’m so sad because my grocery service didn’t have all the ingredients so am going to need to wait til next weekend to make!

      3.29.20 Reply
  4. Katherine:

    I’m so thankful that blogs exist in times like this. We’re saying “times like this” but when has there been a time quite like this in a long time?? Thank you for discussing the current events but also offering distraction. I live in a pretty rural place in Vermont right now, so it’s funny–when I first moved here, I didn’t know anyone. Going to the grocery store or library was my big outing. It took a bit, but then I found some friends, restaurants, and even a yoga studio to belong to. I felt like I was getting somewhere, making this place my own. When I feel my worst, I feel like I am back where I was when I first moved here. But I have to remember that one day, things will open again, I will be able to go to hot yoga, I will meet friends for drinks. For now, I am so grateful to have somewhere safe to live, where I can work away from others, that I can walk out my door and right into wild, green spaces. And that I can read this blog! Thank you for being here, Grace.

    3.28.20 Reply
    • You’re right, there really hasn’t ever been a “time like this!!!” Hang in there. Hugs from Brooklyn. XOXO

      3.29.20 Reply
  5. Hello from Southern NJ! I’m okay … I have good days and bad days, the bad days happen when I’m on Twitter too much.

    The no-knead bread recipe is a winner. I bake it often and forwarded it to 2 of my coworkers last week. They both nailed it and love it – definitely give it a try. I’ve been baking to keep busy. Tomorrow I think I’m going to try chocolate chip muffins.

    3.28.20 Reply
  6. kxo:

    If you’ve lost your sense of smell, that’s a huge red flag for COVID-19. Stay safe and well!

    3.28.20 Reply
  7. Sharon:

    Loved the reasons to take a shower article! It’s just the reasons I needed to keep up my shower habit.

    As someone who has worked from home for a while, I have found I love taking a shower every single morning. It helps to set the tone and wake me up. I also love taking a shower or bath at night. I swear I sleep more soundly because of it. I keep them short and moisturize, but I find it really great for my mental state. I also just love the smell of clean skin, clean sheets, clean clothes. So good!

    3.28.20 Reply
  8. Sharon:

    P.S. Oh how I miss talking to other women. Or people. Or anyone really. But especially women. Most of my good friends are totally overwhelmed with trying to juggle their kids. I’m happy I don’t have the same struggle, but I miss everyone. So thank you! Your tone on here and on instagram has been so comforting. Just spot on. I think it must be difficult to figure out how to respond publicly on your forums, but I think you are nailing it. Uplifting but also authentic. And kind. Thank you.

    3.28.20 Reply
  9. Lisa Autumn:

    Happy weekend girl.. I hope you are well and safe x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    3.29.20 Reply
  10. Louise:

    Hi Grace – I’m doing ok! I’m in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Almost 20 weeks pregnant, my next scan is in a week and my husband won’t be able to come with me so that’s pretty daunting. Otherwise I’m keeping well – I’m a French/Spanish teacher so working from home at the minute as all schools are closed, trying to keep active (circa 13000 steps a day) + learning Italian on DuoLingo! Keeping busy as much as I can! How are you finding quarantine?

    3.29.20 Reply
    • Becky:

      Grace – I hope you’re hanging in there and living your best introvert life and staying safe and healthy!!! I was wondering if I missed it but what did you end up thinking about the lip treatments from UZ beauty? I’m tempted to pull the trigger and buy one or maybe a couple but I was wondering how you liked them or maybe didn’t.

      3.29.20 Reply
      • Thank you! Haven’t reviewed it yet but like it a lot! If I’m being honest I think I prefer the Tatcha Kissu lip mask to that! xo

        3.29.20 Reply
    • It sounds like you are keeping busy! I need to work on getting my steps up as well 🙂

      3.29.20 Reply
  11. Make the bread! It’s so easy and you’ll feel so accomplished 🙂

    3.29.20 Reply
  12. Dana Mannarino:

    Hi Grace!
    I’m doing OK, how are you?
    I feel like there are good and bad days during all of this, but today is a good day. It really feels like a “Sunday”, if that makes sense. I’m watching the McMillion$ documentary (it’s insane LOL), and finally felt the energy to work on my blog. I took a big step back the last two weeks as I tried to navigate the “new normal” of trying to do my 9-to-5 from home. But I’m happy to be back! Obviously your content is some of the only content I’ve really been enjoying and looking at. SO THANK YOU! Hope you’re doing well!

    (I’m laughing because I feel like I’m writing you an email rn.)

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    3.29.20 Reply
    • Haha! This does feel like an email. Thank you 🙂 I had a bad day today but a better day on Saturday. It’s really hard as time just seems to blur together! i’m glad you had what felt like a real Sunday! XO

      3.29.20 Reply
  13. Julie:

    The stew is LIFE CHANGING. The recipe lasts me four days and I still make it like every two weeks. That is… a lot of soup. It’s that good.

    3.30.20 Reply
    • UGH I am so upset that I don’t have everything to make it with! Hoping to change that with next week’s grocery order!

      3.30.20 Reply
  14. Emily Weir:

    LOVE that London apartment, especially the dining nook in the sun room. Thanks for the mental break from all the doom & gloom on the news. Also, writing to you from Tampa (home of Carole and Big Cat Rescue – that I’ve never been to and never plan to, especially now). Hope you’re hanging in there!

    3.30.20 Reply
    • Isn’t it just amazing! I think I looked at those photos for over half an hour! You hang in, too – stay safe! xo

      3.30.20 Reply
  15. Shannon:

    We made the chickpea stew tonight it’s AMAZING!!! Make it ASAP you will love it plan on trying the kimchi rice next.,

    3.30.20 Reply
  16. Lily:

    Okay so I bought the Madewell dress in your last link even though we’re in the midst of a pandemic and I have nowhere to wear it. I just thought it was SO cute and felt like I absolutely needed it!! Plus it was on sale through ShopBop! And it just arrived 15 mins ago and omg I am OBSESSED! It is gorgeous and it was such a mood lift to just put it on. Going to WFH in it tomorrow for absolutely no reason! Thank you for the link; I know it’s going to be my go-to piece all spring and summer if we can ever leave the house again!

    4.2.20 Reply