Weekend Reading | 3.21.20

Weekend Reading | 3.21.20

How are you doing? I hope everyone is okay and not going too crazy being cooped up at home. Last night I watched a LOT of bad movies. I started with The Wedding Year on Hulu (recommended by Becca!), which ended up being pretty cute. Then I moved onto Valentine’s Day on Netflix and a couple episodes of the Goop labs. Reading has been challenging (I’m way too distracted and have a hard time focusing!) I think I may resort to just rewatching Sex and the City but would love any good comforting TV/movie recos! Stay safe and healthy (and sane!!) xoxo

Weekend Reading | 3.21.20

YUM – I want to make these spicy chicken pieces!

Loneliness is also a pandemic.

What I’m currently reading!

On drinking the good wine alone.

Regarding wine, Helena has a great list of wines under $30!

Love the look of this chic tie-dye button down!

Jacey linked to this amazing (beautiful, multi-functional) pan and I want it so badly – their whole site is beautiful to be honest; so many pretty and practical things for home.

Love the look of this oversized, ripped up tee.

In praise of phone calls.

This cozy ($15!) leopard sherpa looks like just the thing right now.

How to host a digital book club!

Or… how to host a group movie night without leaving isolation.

Such a cute puff sleeve blouse!

This is so cool: since movie theatres are closed, Universal will be releasing new films for streaming!

This double breasted blazer is so chic – and only THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!!

Loved these running tips.

45 things to do at home that don’t involve a screen.

How cute is this $35 red wrap dress? In plus sizes here.

A delicious sounding list of yummy pantry recipes to make right now. In addition, this list is great, too!

Probably the best beauty product I’ve tried all month!

Liz had such a cute “quarantine survival kit.

The Lather Show with Colbert – gave me a good laugh!

Everyone’s favorite pandemic pants (they’re SO soft!) are still available in light grey!

The Daily Front Row asked me to share how I’m handling the quarantine – this was a fun little interview!

If you haven’t started ice rolling yet, now is definitely the time to do it. Order my favorite one, and then read the blog post to learn how (and why!) to do it.

Loved learning more about the fashion on Little Fires Everywhere. (it was so spot on!!!)

This brussels sprouts recipe sounds so good.

One of my favorite affordable detox bath soaks! (Read my blog post about it!)

70 ways to stay BUSY.

Contemplating an indoor garden like this. But will I kill it!?

Photography by Carter Fish

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  1. Do you know they’ve made a series of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ that you can watch on Amazon? It’s not the deepest series but it’s cute and fun and entertaining for these times when anything too serious just feels like too much!

    3.21.20 Reply
  2. Haha, all I gotta say is, thank God for Netflix! Lots of shows for me to catch up on! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.21.20 Reply
  3. Andrea:

    My go to feel good movies: Roman Holiday, when Harry met sally, you’ve got mail and Age of Adaline.

    Treasure these posts more than ever, grace

    3.21.20 Reply
  4. Emily:

    I’ve been watching Nancy Drew this week and think you might like it! Sort of a supernatural mystery.

    3.21.20 Reply
  5. Rachel Geisel:

    I bought my mom who kills every plant the click and grow garden a couple years ago for Christmas and she loved it so much that she bought the bigger size last year. Super easy and it’s wonderful to have homegrown herbs and tomatoes. Highly reccomend.

    3.21.20 Reply
  6. I have found a great new author on Amazon. Her name is Neva Bell. Her book named the The Sleeping Arrangement was outstanding. She also has a series called Branded. Short, fun reads I’ve really enjoyed them.

    3.22.20 Reply
  7. Lisa Autumn:

    I hope you are having a great (and safe) weekend x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    3.22.20 Reply

    The next time you are feeling down try watching Uncle Buck, no one can feel sad watching that

    3.22.20 Reply
  9. Anna:


    I just started reading your blog within the past year and I am SUCH a fan (fan of the podcast as well). I finally caved on the ice roller after hearing you extol its virtues repeatedly. I used it ONCE and promptly ordered one for my boyfriend and my mom. I don’t know why I waited so long! It feels amazing and the results of the vasoconstriction really are noticeable. Thank you for all of the quality content you put out in to the universe. Looking forward to being “influenced” and supporting you in the future!


    3.22.20 Reply
    • Hi Anna, AWWW YAY wow that makes me so happy. It’s such a great gadget!!! Really appreciate the comment!

      3.22.20 Reply
  10. Kelly:

    Hi! Can you do a tutorial for that bun in your picture? Looks perfectly messy

    3.22.20 Reply
    • Hey Kelly! Everyone has been DMing me this! I honestly don’t even know how I did it… I just pulled it into a ponytail and then twisted it around a few times and secured with a hair tie. I actually didn’t even know what it looked like til Carter snapped a pic. I’m sorry, I wish I had better/more specific advice!

      3.22.20 Reply