Weekend Reading | 3.14.20.

Weekend Reading | 3.14.20

Happy weekend. This was definitely a very scary week (that goes without saying but still wanted to acknowledge that). I have said it on social media but my hope is that my blog can be a refuge when you are stressed from the news and want a distraction. I am operating under the assumption that you are staying informed and taking the right precautions. But when you’re doing all that it can feel like a lot so need to counter that with something fun and lighthearted.

That’s my job. I am not a doctor or a scientist and I’m not here to fearmonger or scare you. I want you guys to watch the news, wash your hands, not touch your face, and STAY IN. But I also want to provide you with a little levity. It will be biz as usual in these parts, with an emphasis on self-care and introverty things since we’ll all be staying home a lot more for a while.

Weekend Reading | 3.14.20

That is my spiel. I’ll be at home all weekend. As Vogue says… cancel everything! If it’s nice I’ll get out for a run/walk or two, but otherwise, social distancing is fully underway. Have a great weekend, stay safe and healthy! Annndd also: if you want to win 25 books + a dreaaaamy Parachute bedding set, enter this giveaway!

I loved this week of outfits (and not just because I love Madewell and THAT CAT!!!).

How pretty are the swingy bell sleeves of this top?

Some good projects while we are staying home: love these fun master bedroom decorating ideas, the best ways to store your winter clothing for next year, how to CLEAN YOUR PHONE! (also: the best hand sanitizers!)

Helena has the best taste and I loved her roundup of blazers.

Blouses are always so hard to perfectly tuck in. This bodysuit is genius!

All about the new Gossip Girl reboot! V. looking forward to this.

SUCH a cute straw tote.

Wow: Dakota Johnson’s home is BEYOND. It made me weep a little bit as she’s only 30!

Very into the look of this animal print tent dress! (In plus sizes here!)

The Flip the Switch challenge is making me laugh.

How pretty is this little mint green dress?

Get 20% off of my beloved Dr. Bader! (And other beauty brands, too! But really.. BADER)

The sweatpants all my friends keep raving about – apparently they feel like cashmere?

A really good article with all the details of the do’s and don’ts of social distancing. There’s so much information out there; I found this to be very helpful. This is a good article too.

The perfect ivory blazer for Spring.


Everything to know about Little Fires Everywhere (I got to watch the first 3 episodes for a podcast I was on and can tell you – it’s GOOD!!)

This slip dress is positively gorgeous (love every single color; how is it only $25!).

Really loved Merritt’s Spring outfit try on. We wear around the same size and also like a lot of the same things so I kind of want to buy everything she bought!

These adult “award ribbons” would make great gifts.

Big batch recipes to make now.

H&M has such good stuff right now. Love this balloon sleeve sweater, this button front blouse, this wrap top, and this graphic tee!

I love love loved this guide to mixing up your Spring basics!

Secret elite airline statuses you didn’t even know about!!

Things I bought this week: upgraded loungewear for me and Tyrion. (This sweatshirt, these joggers, his outfit). Get ready for some photos!

Have you seen the new Clare V x Anthropologie collection? It’s really good.

Very into the ruffle hem on this cute dress. Is it weird that I want the orange?

A museum dedicated to cats.

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. So pretty, I love your top! It’s perfect for spring! Have a great weekend, Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.14.20 Reply
  2. Shana:

    Totally makes sense you would enjoy Dakota’s home 🙂 green kitchen and cane chairs – it is gorgeous!!

    3.14.20 Reply
  3. Leah:

    Great roundup, Grace!

    Curious about the comment that Dakota Johnson’s house makes you weepy because of her age. You’ve always been such a big proponent of not comparing yourself to others, be happy where you are, non-traditional timelines to achieve success, perceived or otherwise.

    3.14.20 Reply
  4. Andrea:

    Perfect balance of acknowledging these stressful times, but also bringing us a little joy & fun things to look at Thank you!

    3.14.20 Reply
  5. Lisa Autumn:

    Hope you had a fab weekend!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    3.15.20 Reply
  6. Loved the selection of blazers and the article on how to store winter clothing; that and a clean up of the closer sound like the perfect activity to undertake while staying in.
    Thank you for sharing!

    The Career Edit

    3.15.20 Reply
  7. Maggie:

    Awwwww… a cat museum!

    3.15.20 Reply