Weekend Reading, 2.24.24.

Weekend Reading 2.24.24

It’s 2.24.24! That has to be lucky, right? I’m just going to say it now: we are all going to have a phenomenal day. Tomorrow I head to LA for a very important theatre performance (my bf’s kids are in a play!). It’s a very quick trip as I was just there; I feel really fortunate to be able to make these quick but important visits! This week was pretty mellow with the exception of Thursday (double shoots!). I am feeling nice and caught up on work which is a good feeling. Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope it’s great! Xo

Weekend Reading, 2.24.24

How to have more meaningful conversations. (Time)

Raffia dad sandals! So cute. This version was a best seller for all of 2023.

What the Alabama IVF ruling means. (The Cut)

Apparently stripes are the big accessories trend for spring! I’m here for it! (Elle)

One of my fav trench coats just got restocked but it’s selling quickly. I wear the 6.

Yum: Ginger fried rice. (Bon Appetit)

I couldn’t help myself: ordered this rattan fish clutch on the spot!

How to look at art and really see it. (Vox)

The happy way to drop your grievances. (The Atlantic)

How great is this $26 Amazon tote??

Standalone fantasy books for when you don’t want to read a whole series! (The Everygirl)

An extremely cute alternative to that Loewe clutch we all know and love.

The best books of 2024 (The New Yorker)

Lily Gladstone’s moment is here. (The Washington Post)

The best little set!

Loved Meg Strachan’s candid advice about starting her own business (Marie Claire)

I can’t stop thinking about these straw brogues. They’re so cute!

How good does this butternut squash ravioli recipe look? (Food & Wine)

Drooling over these dreamy Amalfi Coast hotels! (Conde Nast Traveler)

Love these cute retro-ish sneakers.

Gucci handbags, 101 (Vogue)

Can’t get enough of these gold heels; been wearing on repeat!

How to give constructive criticism without making it awkward. (The Cut)

I love this: how to date yourself! (The Everygirl)

La Ligne did one of my fav dresses in one of my fav colors!

Over sixty, single, happier than ever. (The NY Times)

I absolutely love these linen cargo pants. So effortless.

7 travel habits frequent fliers swear by. (Travel & Leisure)

A great profile of Jodi Foster. (The Atlantic)

This is such a pretty day dress (for a great price).

This “less is a bore” makeover almost makes me miss my purple kitchen! (Apartment Therapy)

The best cozy sweater at an unbeatable price. I just got a second color.

Could wearing high heels be good for you? (The Washington Post)

2024’s most anticipated books. (Marie Claire)

My sister just got these sneakers. Aren’t they cute?

The best food books to read this spring. (Eater)

An absolutely gorgeous maxi dress (for under $100!).

In search of the ultimate negroni (Punchdrunk)

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  1. Emily:

    I look forward to this post every weekend, but I wish there weren’t so many links that required a subscription to read (bon appetit, Washington post, etc).

    2.24.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I’m sorry! I wish that not every publication charged but that seems to be the growing reality. Most content is behind a paywall these days — I wish it weren’t the case.

      2.24.24 Reply
  2. Wendy:

    I know you don’t always look for the budget friendly options for things like shoes, but check out the Braided Sandals – Light beige from H&M as an alternative to the Shop Bop Dad sandals.

    2.24.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks for the tip!

      2.24.24 Reply
    • Michelle:

      Thanks for the Amazon sweater rec! I’m not a huge Amazon fashion lover but this one is great. I got the cobalt blue right after you posted and received so many compliments on it.

      2.25.24 Reply
      • grace at the stripe:

        I am so glad!!!

        2.26.24 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    I love La Ligne dresses and that green is fabulous. Loving these finds and I’ve been saving a few of these articles too. Such good content.

    2.24.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh good, I am so glad <3

      2.26.24 Reply