Weekend Reading | 2.23.19.

This was a busy but fun week! Becca and I got to planning for our April live show, I participated in a really fantastic charity beauty sale with Chinae (we raised over $1800 for Girls Inc!) and I got a LOT of work done! Feb + March are usually slower months with advertisers on the blog and instagram but I have a lot of really big partnerships coming up with brands I love so am (despite being a bit stressed) really thankful for the work. This is a busy weekend as well… last night we recorded for the pod with Ashley Spivey (over margaritas of course – love her!), tonight I have a fun dinner with my friend at Polo Bar (my FAV as you know), and tomorrow I am going to see Network on Broadway… can.not.wait. for that. In between all that: yoga and definitely some gravity blanket + book time!

Before we get into this week’s links, something FUN! I’ve teamed up with a few favorite brands on a truly EPIC giveaway – one lucky reader will win a $4000+ trip to Miami (+ $250 in beauty products AND $500 in cashmere!!) Enter here.

Weekend Reading | 2.23.19.

Crushing hard on this clear bag. If I didn’t already have the Staud one I would be all over it. One does not need more than one clear bag, sadly.

I really enjoyed the Instagram Anxiety episode of Call Your Girlfriend (one of my fav podcasts).

Did you see the Moncler genius project? My jaw dropped.

OMG omg omg – I related to this so hard – people always tell me I’m photogenic and I hate it! (Sent it to my best friend; she hated the article but I loved it.)

I got this easy dress for Costa Rica next week (!!!) and can’t wait to wear it – it’s so pretty IRL.

The truth about firming creams.

We talked a lot about beauty on Instagram stories this week – here’s my favorite anti-puffer for eyes. It works WONDERS.

Holy cow – I loved these photos of Krystal and the story behind her amazing ($300!) Carolina Herrera dress. What an epic photo shoot!

Loved this look on Anna. Have the jeans and now maybe gotta get that top?

Very into this satin slip dress. The rose is perfect. Just need an occasion?

How to wash your hair like a french girl. (You’re probably doing it all wrong).

We all probably “need” this rainbow colorblock sweater. Too good.

Ugh this article about Tulum makes me the saddest. I was lucky to go there a bunch before things changed.

I invested in this boar’s hair bristle brush after Blair raved about it on the podcast this week.

Honestly these slippers just make coming home the coziest.

Allllll the barrettes, please!

Don’t forget that you can take 20% off Dudley-Stephens’ cozy fleeces with code BOP20. My personal favorite is this slightly cropped one.

How to be healthy without thinking so much about it.

Speaking of Blair – this outfit. I WANT THAT COAT.

The dreamiest maxi ever.

So much good beauty advice in this post.

I bought this swimsuit for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica and couldn’t love it more.  It’s so flattering. Runs small though; I sized up to a large.

This week’s MUST READ: an amazing essay about female friendship.

A really interesting article about money and the myth of self made success.

If loving the Amazon coat is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Holy moly – Krystal’s sample sale find (these pics!!!) is an absolute dream.

Definitely thought these mules were designer. (They’re not!)

Inexpensive home decor upgrades – loved so many of these!

photo of me by Carter Fish.

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  1. Excited to see what content you have cooked up for us! And that giveaway sounds awesome! A trip to Miami would be amazing 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.23.19 Reply
  2. cy:

    Umm, you are photogenic and I’m jealous! My sister is too and also beautiful in person. It’s definitely a compliment ( and helps with your blog success). I wish I was!

    2.23.19 Reply
  3. Definitely gonna check some of these out. Congrats on raising so much money, I’m sure tons of people are gonna benefit from that.

    2.23.19 Reply
  4. Cy:

    The essay on friendship is everything!

    2.23.19 Reply
  5. Totally agree on those pink + red mules – definitely feeling the Blahnik vibes. So cute!

    2.23.19 Reply
  6. Shockingly loved the French shampoo methodology the best! Great round up as always.

    2.23.19 Reply
  7. I’ve DEFINITELY been washing my hair wrong … for 31 years.

    2.24.19 Reply
  8. Kat:

    The French hair washing article is so interesting! The recommendations to spend that much *time* washing strikes me as odd though – when I was in Spain, taking long showers (really anything over 5 minutes) was considered wasteful and “very American.” I assumed this was the case throughout Europe – but maybe not!

    2.25.19 Reply