Gravity Blanket Review!

Gravity Blanket Review

I have been meaning to write this post forever now, ever since Becca (from the podcast) told me how much she loved her gravity blanket and I ordered one on the spot. I’ve had it for about nine months now and could not love it more. It’s incredibly soothing and has become one of my favorite ways to destress after a long day.

I should note that I do NOT sleep with mine. If you are a restless sleeper, one of two things will happen – it will either make you less restless, or it will annoy the eff out of you and you will hate it. Depends on the person. Becca sleeps with hers and I don’t. That being said I love it for general unwinding purposes especially when I’m reading or watching a movie. Today I’m going to do a full review of the blanket, but more importantly I’m going to answer all of your questions!

Gravity Blanket Review

I love my gravity blanket so so much. Like I said above, I don’t sleep with mine. Honestly, I tried and it was a nightmare. I kept trying, and it didn’t get better. I got hot, I got irritated, I couldn’t sleep and every time I did, I’d toss and turn and inevitably push it off the bed and onto the floor. But Becca sleeps with hers, so everyone is different! I like mine for couch time. I lay down on the couch and spread it over me. The sensation is a bit like the blanket they put on you at the dentist office – you immediately feel more relaxed and soothed. It’s perfect after a long day. It feels like a big hug. In the past I used to layer on a bunch of blankets for that weighted down sensation – this does that for you!

What is a Gravity Blanket?

When I put on my instagram story that I was going to do a review of this blanket, a few of you asked me – what IS a gravity blanket!? So let’s start there! A gravity blanket is a weighted blanket.

Depending on what weight you get it can weigh anywhere from ten to thirty pounds. When I first heard about weighted blankets I thought it was just a gimmick. I’m so glad Becca evangelized it so highly as it really works. The weights and dimensions vary and are all listed on the product page, but a good guideline is to get one that is about 10% of your bodyweight and when in doubt to round up. It generally runs in 5 lb increments. (So a 200 lb person would probably want to get the 20 lb blanket, for example, but if you weigh 160 lbs I would still get the 20 lb – use the 10% as a guideline but go up in weight if you’re between.)

I got a lot of questions about whether the pellets/sand/beads within the blanket move around. Nope! The blanket is quilted and the glass beads feels stitched into mine so it doesn’t really moved around.

Is it really drastically different than a nice blanket or a heated blanket?

It’s totally different! The weight is the main benefit here. It isn’t heated and isn’t a soft, cozy blanket – it’s all about function with this one. (I would recommend getting a duvet cover for it if you plan on sleeping it)

Does it keep you warm? What about cool in the summer?

It isn’t very warm… it’s more of just a heavy weight. Mine is filled with glass beads which the site lists as “cooling.” It’s neither cooling nor warm; it’s just heavy. I will say that when I slept with it I got very hot!

What is a Gravity Blanket?

Gravity Blanket Benefits & Uses

The primary benefits of using a gravity blanket are stress relief and sleep. I know that it’s also used for autism, ADD, PTSD, and to help calm kids down (this kid’s gravity blanket is cute!) but I don’t feel qualified speaking to any of that so am just going to come at you from the perspective of a frazzled thirty something which is probably what most of you are here for!

Weighted Blankets for Sleeping

Like I said above, I don’t sleep with mine. I HATED sleeping with it. But a lot of people love it. That being said, I definitely sleep so much better on nights where I use it before bed. It helps me to get in a more relaxed state of mind for bed and I sleep better if I use it before bed… watching a movie, reading, etc.

Is the blanket wide enough so that it doesn’t fall off when you roll over?

This depends on the size you get and how you sleep. Generally the blankets are about the size of a twin blanket or a large throw. But since it’s heavy, it stays in place. If this is a concern for you, get a wider one (the dimensions are listed on the product page) but just know it will be a bit cumbersome to fold. I like that mine is on the smaller side (I have the 15 lb one which is 48″ by 78″) as it is heavy and hard to flod up!

Weighted Blankets for Stress Relief

I got a lot of questions about anxiety and stress relief.

Does it help with anxiety? How???

I don’t personally suffer anxiety but I do get very stressed out! After a long or stressful day, it’s incredibly soothing… similar to taking a bath or doing something else nice for yourself. My favorite thing in the world after a stressful day is to take a bath, put on comfy PJ’s, and slide under my gravity blanket with a book or a TV show. I don’t really feel comfortable giving advice for anxiety as I have not been diagnosed with it and am not a doctor/therapist but if you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety I would definitely talk to a doctor about it. I’d say that it would probably be really helpful – at least in the short term! I also would recommend reading this article!

Weighted Blankets for Stress Relief

Quality & Cost

This isn’t a soft, cozy blanket. I think the most important thing to take under consideration is the material + how the pellets are sewn into the blanket. I love that mine are quilted in so the filling doesn’t shift around. There are a lot more expensive options out there but I think mine is a really good price for the quality. I got asked for under $100 options. Mine was $120 so it isn’t very far off, but you can find some under $100 options here, here, or here. It was really hard to find anything in that 15-20 lb range that was under $100…. I think mine *might* be the best value out there but please let me know if you find something weighing 15 lbs+ for less money and I will update the post!!

Keeping it Clean

The other thing I got asked a lot about was cleaning it. I treat mine like a throw blanket, using it just for the couch, so it doesn’t get dirty. I will occasionally spot clean it (I did get wine on it once) but since I don’t sleep with it I’m not super concerned. When I am done watching TV or reading I just fold it up and store it. Tyrion does like it (see above, that wasn’t staged – he came up on his own while we were taking photos) but the fabric doesn’t attract fur so haven’t had to do much to keep it in the condition it was in when I got it. If you have a pet I would say go with cotton over micro-fiber. The original gravity blanket looks really nice, but that fabric would be a disaster with a cat.

And if you do sleep with yours I would do one of two things – place it over your usual bedding or buy a duvet cover for it.

Do Gravity Blankets Really Work?

To sum it all up, YES they absolutely do. I find mine to be so calming. I think they are really great for stress and anxiety and getting you into that bedtime mood.

The Best Gravity Blanket

I did a lot of research here and of course am biased but am pretty sure that this is the best gravity blanket for your money. The key things to think about are the material of the blanket (I prefer a cotton exterior, not something soft/velour like as that’s going to attract pet fur), the filling (I prefer glass beads) and the weight. If it isn’t heavy enough, it’s not going to do a thing! You really need it to be at least 10% of your body weight. So after careful consideration I am pretty sure that mine is the best one. Of course you could go with the original, it’s probably amazing but it’s twice the price and that fabric would be a nightmare with a cat.

The Best Gravity Blanket

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. The only thing keeping me from buying a weighted blanket right now is the price… it’s a little steep to justify since one of my new year goals is to save up and budget! Thank you for the review, though! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.4.19 Reply
    • And that is a great goal!! Good for you to sticking to a budget. Happy Friday, Charmaine!

      1.4.19 Reply
  2. Stephanie:

    Love this post! To speak to the anxiety piece, I’m a registered psychotherapist and I specialize in anxiety, there is some new emerging literature to support the use of gravity blankets for anxiety. I recommend them to my patients and they LOVE them so I would 100% back them for the use of anxiety. Thanks for this great post!

    1.4.19 Reply
    • thank you so much for chiming in!!!! I got a lot of questions on the anxiety front and felt deeply unqualified answering them so really appreciate it!

      1.4.19 Reply
  3. dana mannarino:

    AHHHH I’ve been waiting for this review! I think you sold me on this one, Grace!

    The Champagne Edit

    1.4.19 Reply
  4. Great post. I’m sure this was the BEST photo shoot ever – where you get to just be comfy on your couch! Hah!

    1.4.19 Reply
  5. Sarah:

    OMG — I know this is not the point of this post but I am dyingggg to know about your spine bookshelves. Where did you get them? Do you love them? Are they sturdy? Please share! Thank you, Grace!

    1.4.19 Reply
  6. Maureen:

    I have had a gravity -weighted blanket since April. I use mine quite a bit. I do have anxiety and also fibromyalgia and I do sleep using it every now and again. I think it has helped some with sleep as people with fibromyalgia do not get restorative sleep (I have had fibromyalgia for over 25 years). I put it over the comforter at night though so it is not directly on top of me.

    1.4.19 Reply
  7. Jenny:

    Yes! This is definitely a purchase I intend to make this year. I’ve been looking at the ones on Target’s website; however they seem to be sold out at the moment (or at least it won’t give me the option to order one and the stores which have it are not near me). I’m about to leave for a trip, but when I get back I’m determined to get one!

    1.4.19 Reply
    • Yes, they are always sold out at Target! Annoying!
      TBH the Amazon one isn’t that much more money (if you break it down by weight – a lot of the less expensive target ones aren’t very heavy!)

      1.4.19 Reply
  8. Biby:

    Just ordered mine! After reading your review and the comments above I was sold. I’ve been struggling with lots of anxiety and stress recently so I’m really hoping this helps with some of it. Thanks for this great review!

    1.4.19 Reply
  9. Meg:

    I kept seeing you with yours all the time so I finally got one! I got the original cooling gravity blanket because it went on sale around Black Friday time. It is in duvet cover that’s so easy to slip on and off. I have cats and one of them drools a little bit so I take it off every other week and wash it. It also doesn’t collect cat hair as much as I thought it would. Totally agree with you on the sleeping at night under it! I am a restless sleeper and I find that it drives me crazy sometimes because I want to move and I can’t. I love it for unwinding though or when I’m feeling especially stressed/on the verge of a panic attack!

    1.4.19 Reply
  10. Lora:

    I’m with you 100% on sleeping with it, Grace. I have the original gravity blanket and while it does help my restless legs, I end up feeling sooo claustrophobic. It’s definitely best for lounging on the couch 🙂

    1.5.19 Reply
  11. I used to have a weighted blanket as a child due to night terrors. However, because I haven’t been sleeping well at night due to menopause issues I am thinking of getting another one. It might be the thing I need again to calm my soul. However, I probably won’t sleep with mine all night either. Too HOT!

    1.11.19 Reply
  12. Nicci:

    Ok, this is really weird. I love/hate mine. I really love it for sleeping and I fall asleep with it very quickly. It also puts me into a deep, deep sleep. But maybe too deep because I am constantly waking up with a headache! I also get overheated as well. This is frustrating because I love what it does for me but the side effects are not great. I will try using it for lounging instead. Also, my cats hate it- they are scared of it!

    1.12.19 Reply
    • That is so weird! I can’t sleep with mine!!! I wonder about the headache though; that part sounds so strange!

      1.12.19 Reply