Weekend Reading, 2.20.21.

Weekend Reading 2.20.21

Happy Saturday, friends! How was your week? It was a very cozy one in these parts. More snow! I didn’t really leave the house much, but that’s okay. I have been reading an amazing book and have had a lot going on work-wise (we recorded three times for the pod, my Amazon the Drop samples came so we have a big shoot for that next week, and I signed off on mock-ups for another upcoming product collaboration). Mostly I’ve been in a place of reflection. Thinking a lot about my upcoming move, my values and priorities, and just getting really excited to be in a new city and closer to my parents. Life is moving really fast right now but rather than feeling scared and nervous, I’m excited.

This weekend I don’t have a lot planned but today I get to see my niece so that will be amazing. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great. Stay WARM. (And if you are in Texas, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. For everyone else, here are some ways to help.)

Weekend Reading 2.20.21

I really loved Kate’s piece on finding her flow; this has been a big focus for me this year too!

How do I stop worrying about what everyone else thinks of me!?

I love this sweater tunic so much that I just got a second color (olive, already had apricot!).

LOVED seeing Goldune in Bon Appetit – truly such a cool company!

Virtual job interview tips!

It’s official, this is my new favorite sweater. I like it so much that I ordered the tan tie-dye (who am I!?) last night.

Loved this look into Michelle Smith’s Long Island home.

Probably need this pretty $28 Target dress in every color? Such a good one.

One of my favorite reads from the whole week:

An exploration of happiness.

This Mexico City architecture tour!

How fun is this colorblock cardigan? I don’t love how they styled it (I’d wear it sans shirt underneath, with skinny jeans and a high heel).

Loved to see Brit Bennett’s book picks!

What a pretty little H&M dress!?

What it was like to eat with Anthony Bourdain.

In defense of cold calling your friends (low key love this).

Ooohhh… look at these gorgeous Black-owned home brands.

Such a good easy tank top.

Loved this post from Liz about setting healthy boundaries.

How amazing does this easy romesco dip look? YUM.

Looks like Zimmermann, for under $50!

An interesting look at a new trend of health departments working with influencers.

Topshop has had the greatest dresses lately and I absolutely love this one.

Pretty excited for Tina Fey’s new musical sitcom.

I miss getting ready too.

The best little lounge set. I have it in navy and LOVE.

How RomCom couples would decorate if they lived in studio apartments.

The best chocolate chip cookie recipes, according to experts.

Very into this powder blue gingham shirt jacket!

LOOK at this dreamy Parisian rental apartment.

This pretty sweater just went on sale. I love the shoulder details!

Mmmmm, even more delicious sounding sheet pan recipes.

The newest TikTok pet challenge is adorable.


Top photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Ahh, love the coat you’re wearing in the picture above! Have a great weekend! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.20.21 Reply
  2. Susan Y:

    Thank you for sharing all the great tips! Love your content.

    May I ask if you might share the boots you’re wearing in the photo in this article?

    2.20.21 Reply
  3. Kate:

    love all these links, grace! You and Becca should do a segment on rom com couples interiors. that was fun!

    2.20.21 Reply
  4. Sarah:

    Omgosh who makes those gorgeous boots?

    2.20.21 Reply
  5. I miss getting ready so much, I need some normality!

    Danielle xx

    2.20.21 Reply
  6. Heather:

    Where are the boots in your picture from? I love them!

    2.20.21 Reply
  7. Michelle:

    If you want to read a good book read A Good Neighborhood by Therese Ann Fowler. Just have a Kleenex when you read it. I usually don’t cry reading a book but this one was so moving. One of the best books I have read in a long time

    2.20.21 Reply