This Week’s Good Things, 2.16.21.

This Weeks Good Things 2.16.21
puffer // jeans // boots

Is there anything better than a long weekend? Mine felt truly long… in the best, coziest way possible. I didn’t even realize it was a long weekend until Friday, so it was also a fun surprise?

On Saturday I saw family and then had a nice little night in reading, on Sunday I treated myself to a little pampering (I got a massage and a MUCH NEEDED eyebrow wax, don’t think I’ve had them done professionally since last Feb?), and yesterday I went for a long walk and had a productivity wave so just did a bunch of work and chores. Oh and I watched The First Wives Club which was a great decision – I forgot how much I loved that film. In between there was a lot of reading. I read the new Carola Lovering Book (out 3/2!) in a 24 hour period and started two new books: Detransition, Baby and Date-onomics. It’s really, really cold here. I’m sorry for repeating myself every week, being so boring and whining about this weather! I’m definitely feeling antsy, over winter… and ready for spring!

This week I am really looking forward to a few things: Becca got us a yurt at Lilia (probably number one on my “do before I move” bucket list, reservations are doable but you have to make them one month out), I am (finally!) getting my hair highlighted and cut, and we have a few really exciting interviews planned for the podcast. I hope you have a great week ahead. XO

This Week’s Good Things, 2.16.21.

Classic Six New York | This Weeks Good Things 2.16.21

Classic Six New York

Classic Six is my newest fashion obsession. They sent me a couple pieces and I am in LOVE but it’s been too cold to shoot them. You’ll be seeing them soon. They are a New York based brand and carry just six pieces (classic wardrobe essentials that will mix and match with pieces you already own). My favs are definitely this (perfectly long enough!) white button down and this breezy chunky linen sweater but I love everything they make. Also, this navy blazer (I have a few good navy blazers already but if you don’t, this one is beautiful). And this coat! Gahh! Everything.

The quality is incredible but if I’m being honest, what I love most is all of the incredible styling on their website. On each product page there’s a link to see it styled differently… I guarantee it will inspire you to want to get dressed again! Even if you don’t end up buying anything, spend some time perusing their lookbook and sign up to download their style guide – you’ll likely wind up with a million ideas for styling pieces you already own.

Classic Six New York | This Weeks Good Things 2.16.21

cozy tunic pullover | This Weeks Good Things 2.16.21

A new fav cozy tunic pullover

I am absolutely smitten with this cozy tunic pullover from Amazon. It’s the best. Long enough, so soft, comes in a zillion colors, and a great price. I pair it with my new fav Amazon leggings (love those zippers!!!) for the perfect work from home “cute but still lounging” outfit. It runs pretty loose (I think it’s technically supposed to be a dress? I bought a small and it’s big and comfy), so I’d recommend going down one size. The leggings run true to size. I bought a medium, and have washed/dried them a few times now and they’ve held up quite nicely!

Harlem Toile

Harlem Toile

I am working on a small project for the new apartment with The Inside (check them out, you will LOVE!) and was so excited about their collab with Sheila Bridges. Sheila is an incredible interior designer based out of Harlem (she just made the AD100 list this year!) After searching for the perfect Toile (a traditional French fabric), she decided to create her own, putting her own spin on the fabric to celebrate Black history and culture. I absolutely love the pattern (the EMERALD GREEN is so good). I am unfortunately on a hiatus from buying any more green things for my apartment but I love this so much. The new fabric is available in five different colors and you can order everything from a small throw pillow to something larger like a bed or a couch!

The Birthdate Book

The Birthdate Book

I talked about this on the podcast last week as my “obsession,” but this book is just the coolest thing ever! It’s fully customized; after you order it they will email you for your more detailed customized info and then a little over a week later it will arrive in the mail, illustrating your astrological birth chart with an exact map of the stars and planets when you were born. It’s over 70 pages long, with detailed information about your horoscope (your sun sign, rising, moon, etc). This would make SUCH an incredible gift!

Yellow Tomato Sauce blue apron

Yellow Tomato Sauce

I made the most delicious yellow tomato sauce with Blue Apron last week! I was shocked by how easy it was (really just some olive oil, a can of yellow tomatoes, some garlic, and a small yellow onion). My brother-in-law makes this yellow tomato sauce recipe (from Food Network) all the time and it’s more labor intensive as it uses fresh beefsteak tomatoes and it’s my favorite. I felt impressed with myself!


Top photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Leah Wiseman Fink says 2.16.21

    Going to a Lilia yurt this week too (the best!) — maybe we’ll bump into each other!

  2. clare says 2.16.21

    The pieces in the Classic Six collection are amazinggggg, I want them all!

  3. Audrey M says 2.16.21

    The amazon tunic is such a good knockoff for the Free People ottoman tunic that Abra always raves about. Def curious about it!

  4. Ahhh, now I need a massage (and an eyebrow wax)! Glad you had a great week! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Sonny Smithers says 2.16.21

    Nice, your style of authentic easy flowing words makes the page scroll itself, we should talk sometime I’ve got questions about the podcast and you tube channel I’m trying to launch, so please let this find you well.

  6. MK says 2.16.21

    Hi Grace! I’m now obsessed with classic six thanks for the rec! Is the white shirt wrinkly? It’s so cute but I’m nervous the fabric will be a wrinkle bomb. Thanks for letting me know

    • grace at the stripe says 2.16.21

      It’s a cotton poplin… it’s really crisp and not wrinkly like linen, but (as with literally any cotton button down!) does need to be ironed.

  7. Cheryl says 2.16.21

    I’ve read your blog forever but Classic Six might be the first thing that has me writing. I can’t wait to see them on you. Although it might not be great for my budget.

  8. Becca says 2.16.21

    Saw this book coming out soon, looks like a great thriller!
    Quiet in Her Bones By Nalini Singh