Weekend Reading, 12.9.23.

Weekend Reading 12.9.23

Hi! I got home from Miami last night and it was just the most fun. The perfect mix of fun, art, friend time, and networking. The best. I always say that two nights is my max for Miami; as much fun as it was, I am quite happy to be back in my house with my cats. This weekend I do not have much planned besides a rather time intensive hair appointment (I finally found what seems like a good spot for a keratin treatment — a girlfriend shared her spot; I’ll report back!). Other than that, seeing friends and family, filming a couple videos, and relaxing. Have a great Saturday. Xoxo

Weekend Reading, 12.9.23

How to avoid overdoing it during the holiday season. (LA Times)

Four emerging artists to know from Art Basel (Elle)

My most favorite socks.

Oh my just going to leave this here: how millennials learned to dread motherhood. (Vox)

This sequin skirt would be so fun for NYE.

How delightful do these cacio e pepe potato chips sound? (Food & Wine)

What, exactly, is “rizz!?” (Vox)

Deeply into (just ordered!) this plisse set (top + pants).

How to mindfully consume the news. (The Good Trade)

This oversized satin jacket is too good and it’s on sale! (Use GRACE10 for an extra 10% off)

W‘s guide to the best scented candles.

Everything we know about Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. (I am so excited for this!) (Marie Claire)

I just got this oversized cardigan from Amazon and really love it.

Laurel is completely right about this!!! (Earl Earl)

Very into this striped sweater. What a pretty color combination.

Really love this entryway makeover. (Apartment Therapy)

Sofia Richie Grainge’s gift guide (Elle)

This gold pony cuff is so elegant.

Taylor Swift, Time’s Person of the Year!

I just got this embellished blouse and it’s so pretty!

The ten best films of the year, according to The Atlantic.

A pop up disco in the Swiss Mountains. (Conde Nast Traveler)

This satin mini is too good. J.Crew!!!

A guide to tiny cocktail glasses! (Punchdrink)

I can’t stop thinking about these glittery placemats. They’d be super fun for Christmas Eve.

The best books for December 2023. (Shondaland)

The best white tees. (Vogue)

Love this classic tuxedo shirt.

On the Making of Love Has Won (this was super creepy!) (W)

How cute is this little satin bag? I love the red one.

I definitely want to try my hand at making the Airmail Cocktail. (Bon Appetit)

Sassy comebacks for annoying questions you may get over the holidays. (Bustle)

Just bought: the perfect stripe tee!

An interview with Jesmyn Ward (Vanity Fair).

A very good Amazon sweater!

An extremely dreamy Southampton Estate (Architectural Digest)

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  1. G:

    Please don’t read this with any malice in mind – it’s not meant in any aggressive or nasty way.
    I love your weekend reading roundups (I really do!) – but to include items (and often many items) that are behind paywalls strikes as tone deaf and elitist.

    12.9.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi there,

      I’m really sorry that you feel that way. The sad thing is that so many articles and sites are behind paywalls these days! I wish it weren’t the case. That is why I’ve started citing where each article is from so that readers don’t use up their free clicks.

      Separately, “tone deaf and elitist” does come across a bit aggressively; if I were commenting I’d maybe have left that part out. Have a good weekend!

      12.9.23 Reply
      • Stacia:

        Grace, you are truly a class act! I am totally snagging your classy reply to use with a few “aggressive/rude” people in my personal life – sigh…

        12.9.23 Reply
      • Helen:

        Thank you for citing where each article is from. I really appreciate it because now I won’t use up my free clicks for an article that I don’t really want to read.

        Also, agreed with Stacia on your classy reply to G. Writers deserve to get paid and sometimes that means articles you list are behind a paywall. It’s not like we’re paying to read this wonderful blog so to complain about a paywall is just beyond me.

        12.12.23 Reply
        • grace at the stripe:

          I’m really glad that it’s helpful! So many people have said that, happy to have a little thing I can do to be helpful. Could not agree more that writers agree to be paid for their work. I try to keep a balance behind paywalled and non paywalled content but the reality is that advertisers are spending less, so to stay afloat these publishers have to charge a fee!

          12.13.23 Reply
          • TY:

            Agree the tone was off in that comment. I’ve seen other blogs note if a link is behind a paywall so we aren’t clicking excitedly to see what Laurel says only to never find out lol

          • grace at the stripe:

            the answer to that was red socks 🙂

      • Andrea K:

        “I don’t mean to sound nasty or aggressive but you seem tone deaf and elitist.” This is pure comedy. When I don’t mean to sound nasty or aggressive I simply do not say things that are nasty and aggressive.

        12.13.23 Reply
  2. Maggie:

    The glittery placemats are so fun! I’m not the commenter who requested that you include sources for articles, but I really appreciate that you have started doing so!

    12.9.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you! I sometimes forget but trying to make myself rememvber!!!

      12.9.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you! I sometimes forget but trying to make myself remember!!!

      12.9.23 Reply