Gifts for the Cat Lover.

Gifts for the Cat Lover

Gifts for the Cat Lover

This is always one of my most favorite gift guides to put together. You probably know this if you’re a loyal reader but my personal taste runs from very very lowbrow and borderline tacky to luxurious. A slightly tacky cat gift (like these socks, which I personally own and adore) is thrilling for me. This guide runs the gamut from silly and lowbrow to outrageously luxurious (like these over the top Gucci pet bowls which I would never personally buy but really enjoy seeing, knowing that someone is buying them!). Also, this Olympia Le-Tan clutch which I do own and love so much. It is always a major conversation piece when I’m at a dinner or party.

This year, I also included some of my cats’ favorite toys and gadgets. There are more in my Amazon shop under “Tyrion’s Stuff.” These catnip wine bottles are far and away their favorite toy (this makes me very happy, nothing like seeing Jaime drag his champagne into the living room at night), and this wooden ball toy is another favorite. On the more practical note, getting a litter robot has been life changing (with two cats I have felt like their personal maid, scooping 3-4x a day). I can’t recommend it enough. Also: the Chom Chom is the best gift for a pet owner this is Tyrion’s favorite brush – he hates being brushed but tolerates this as it feels like being pet.

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  1. Allysa Z:

    My favorite gift guide of all gift guides:)

    11.17.23 Reply
  2. Maggie:

    CATS!! This is the best gift guide. <3

    11.19.23 Reply