Weekend Reading, 12.18.21.

Weekend Reading 12.18.21

Happy weekend! It’s hard to believe this is my last links round up for a little bit – I’m taking Christmas through New Year’s off so we won’t have links last for a couple weeks. I cancelled my trip to New York as the COVID situation in New York seems pretty bad and it just didn’t feel worth potentially getting sick (or accidentally getting others sick) right before Christmas. Also, my friends were like DO NOT COME HERE. And so I’m staying put, but my heart really hurts for New York. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great. And stay safe.

Weekend Reading, 12.18.21

Very bad eyebrow news.

Fully obsessed with this pullover. It is the softest and coziest. Size down!

Mmmm, 40 holiday cookie recipes!

Laura Dern’s skincare routine.

This Ulla Johnson top is all at once a staple and a statement… I love it!

Did you see how the American Girl founder bought up a whole town!?

This half zip pullover is so good but a great price – I just got the hummus and it looks designer! (Love this one too).

The best podcasts of 2021.

The best fiction books of 2022, all written by women.

Ooh this shacket looks cozy and drapey… I think I want one?

Oh my – a Sweet Valley High TV show is in the works. Wow. The books don’t hold up AT ALL so I am very curious how this will be.

I am very into this oversized shell necklace on a dainty chain.

Hillary Clinton on navigating setbacks.

The best books to read this holiday season.

How fun is this pearl trimmed cardigan? Love.

On navigating difficult family dynamics during the holiday season.

These sparkly hair clips are just so fun.

How dreamy is this Panama escape?

Dating advice:

all the different ways to meet someone.

The Dyson Airwrap is back in stock!

On being Black and child-free.

Crushing hard on this pretty green shirt dress!

Jessie Randall’s office style.

The new rules of dining etiquette for the COVID world.

A very good date night top.

The best hotels in Tulum.

Love the sleeves on this top.

Wow wow, this Park Slope kitchen reno is just a dream….

This bookstore is reason alone to plan a trip to China – incredible.

Just ordered this ultra cozy cardigan in olive green.

Baby panda cubs!

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photography by Clay Austin.

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  1. I adore reading through these posts!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    12.18.21 Reply
  2. KJ:

    I always wanted to go to Tulum, but would caution anyone considering it to do some research. I came across this article recently that made me reconsider:


    12.18.21 Reply
  3. So sorry to hear you’ve cancelled your trip back to New York for Christmas. We’ve just cancelled our trip home too here in Australia because the COVID situation has well and truly taken off this past week and it’s all a little too *March 2020* if you ask me. Bit stressful, but hoping you have all the festive cheer and magic in Charleston with Tyrion.

    12.22.21 Reply