Weekend Reading, 11.5.22.

Weekend Reading, 11.5.22

Happy Saturday from Charleston. This time last week, I was surrounded by boxes. Now, the boxes are gone but man, there is still so much to do. But it’s fun. In fact, I really enjoy unpacking and getting settled. But also: HOW is it November!? Writing 11.5.22 felt a little bit nuts to me, time is just moving so quickly. This weekend is going to be a chill one. I’m going to a literary brunch today but have no other concrete plans. Just getting back on track with work, and also resting a bunch. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s wonderful! Xo

Weekend Reading, 11.5.22

What to wear to the polls next week! (Have you voted early/made your voting plan yet?)

I just got this top in the mail and it is so so cute. Perfect for a date.

The signs of toxic productivity. Read this if you feel like you can’t take a break.

I started season two of The White Lotus this week and am enjoying it; here is what The New Yorker has to say!

This blouse is just so pretty. It comes in a bunch of great colors but I am partial to the black or the green.

Can you believe this stunning Connecticut home was once just a two room cabin?

I just got this Faherty cardigan in the mail and it’s even more stunning in person. So soft.

The decline of etiquette and the rise of boundaries.

Did you see the Joan Didion estate auction? I wish I got something!

The print on this pullover sweater is so fun and unique!

The Olive Lane Holiday Hosting Collection looks so so good! Well done, Liz!

My favorite underwear are on sale right now.

Eight hours with Lindsay Lohan.

How to spend a day in London for $50… or less!

How fun is this sweater/blouse hybrid? I love pieces that take the work out of layering.

The best new beauty launches of October.

I also love these blue sunglasses – ordered them on the spot!

Tips for nailing your next job interview.

Vulture’s list of the best books of 2022 (so far).

This pretty sweater just got marked down.

What I would give to be a fly on the wall at one of Anna Delvey’s dinner salons…

J.Crew has such great shoes right now. I love this gold pair!

I loved reading about this daughter who bought the house her mother cleaned for 43 years!

Get ready to drool over all the art in this Chicago loft apartment.

Tempted by these cute little booties. They’d be perfect for my evening walks.

November’s most anticipated books.

Love this (slightly) oversized cardigan. The perfect little topper!

This inexpensive spicy alfredo recipe looks pretty delicious.

18 cozy mysteries.

Okay, these brocade booties are really freaking cool!

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PS: Last week’s Weekend Reading.

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  1. Lynn:

    I love all the things your blog showed Grace, but I have officially cut myself off for the third time with a book arriving yesterday and ordering knives, bowls and spatulas . I’ll now be want to cook more which is a good thing . I enjoyed the article about evil thoughts at night . It’s hard to believe you have them too. I see you as so accomplished , stylish, sure of yourself and experiencing such a fun and great life . I love the house and seeing you with all of your family and friends . I guess we all have those fears at night . A lot of mine are very real but I tend to go with “ what if “ when it’s not happening just yet . I’m okay and I’m managing very hard things . It was a good read and it helped me a lot. Happy Saturday in your new home .

    11.5.22 Reply