Weekend Reading, 10.29.22.

Weekend Reading 10.29.22

Happy weekend from what is probably.. chaos? Happy chaos, though. I wrote this post ahead of time so if you are reading it, I shouldddd hopefully be out of the old apartment and into the house. Today is my niece’s birthday party, then it’s more unpacking, then my friends and I are getting all dressed up (and renting a party bus lolz) for Halloween tonight. I am probably going to sleep a lot tomorrow. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great. Happy weekend!

PS: Last week’s Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading, 10.29.22

The New Yorker‘s list of the best books of the year so far.

This easy trench is so elegant and a great price.

Now there is a book all about the world’s most luxurious bathrooms.

Fall dessert recipes to make on repeat!

My favorite white t-shirt!

Four tricks to reduce clutter.

Perfect, cozy stripes.

How to get past work insecurity if you’ve been fired.

Fun news for fans of The Holiday!

A very pretty “going out top.”

The best notable new releases over the next two weeks. My fav!

Contemplating these alpaca joggers; they look so cozy!

Ina’s Thanksgiving hosting tips.

8 great new books, out this week!

A bit obsessed with this graphic cardigan. The buttons, the print… it’s a fun one!

On finding hobbies as an adult.

This J.Crew cardigan is so pretty – I love the gold buttons. Also, this crochet one. J.Crew is BACK!

These pan-seared chicken thighs look delightful.

Wow, the new Orient Express trains look so glamorous.

This dress looks like Reformation, for under $100.

The case for celebrating failure.

The sweetest little wrap cardigan.

How to make life more transcendent.

The cast of Feud vs. their real life counterparts. What a cast – I’m so excited for this!

I love the silhouette of this slouchy handbag!

A great interview with the team behind Tell Me Lies (hope we’ll get a second season!)

This little fleece jacket looks so cozy (and I love the color!)

Everything leaving (and coming to) Netflix in November.

Don’t make these kitchen reno mistakes!

I preordered these Dorsey earrings this week. Aren’t they fabulous?

I love this maximalist gallery wall.

How gorgeous is this mid-century home in Los Angeles?

I love the gradient of this sweater – reminds me of the afterglow of sunset.

Love this gorgeous artist loft!

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  1. Jessica Kirby:

    Thanks so much for including us Grace! And congrats on the move. Your place looks so incredible I can’t wait to see everything you do to make it your own. So exciting.

    10.29.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks, Jess! xx

      10.31.22 Reply
  2. Lynn Caplen:

    I saw the rooms and they are looking beautiful. Congratulations . When you settle in I watched until 4 am an Italian series on Hulu and you pick the American Title that just was excellent . It’s called “ The Innocent Angels “ I don’t want to give too much away but it shows the true meaning of forgiveness and love. A young Dr loses her handsome husband in a tragic accident. She finds out he was having a love affair with a man the last year not a woman . The journey she goes on with finding out who he is and meeting his friends is just too beautiful to describe . European photography is amazing too. Loved it and so tired today. Highly recommend.

    10.29.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      ooh I will check it out! thanks for the suggestion.

      10.31.22 Reply
  3. Lynn Caplen:

    Sorry Grace it’s called “The Ignorant Angels pretty sure “ pick the one without subtitles . There are two versions .

    10.29.22 Reply
  4. Jessica:

    I have the & Other Stories cardi in grey and it’s one of my favorite pieces! So cozy but also kinda sexy, especially if you do a lacy bralette underneath? Totally second this rec!

    10.29.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you for letting me know!

      10.31.22 Reply
  5. Marline Mlot:

    Grace, this is a question relating to clothing..how do I prevent getting those tiny holes on my t-shirts that are located near my jean zipper..it’s almost like when I tuck in my t-shirts there is a strong possibility that I will end up getting a small hole/tear in my t-shirt. How can I prevent this ?

    10.30.22 Reply
    • mary:

      I get these in my black t-shirts that I wear daily to work with jeans. I try to be really careful when zipping my jeans because I don’t ever actually tuck in my shirts, but I still get the holes. I try and select thicker, sturdier knits–no J.Crew tissue weight tees for me.

      10.31.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I have no idea! This has never happened to me. I’m sorry! Maybe get a thicker t-shirt or just be super careful zipping up your jeans?

      10.31.22 Reply