Weekend Reading, 10.14.23.

Weekend Reading 10.14.23

Weekend Reading, 10.14.23

Happy weekend. My plan this weekend is just spending time at home and taking things easy. I had dinner with my family last night and tomorrow I have an event. Otherwise, it’s just reading, working out, getting caught up on work, hopefully watching some TV (I am behind on The Golden Bachelor and am really looking forward to Beckham). Just light stuff… to be honest, I can’t wait! I hope you are having a cozy one and taking care of yourself. xoxo

PS. Last week’s Weekend Reading.

The art of quitting.

Just want to live in this cozy shirt jacket.

Thought this was an interesting read: welcome to the soft girl revolution.

Self-silencing is making women sick.

I bought these super pretty crystal ballet flats this week thanks to Courtney Grow’s rec.

Love this list: the most over the top, maximalist restaurants in America.

I ordered this oversized rugby shirt this week… such a great basic!

Fantastic film news (and, a Gosling Robbie reunion!)

The LBD is having a big moment.

If you’ve been coveting the High Sport kick flares but can’t shell out, these are perfect.

All hail the one minute rule!

Our fav Anthropologie dress now comes in velvet. I love the bamboo color!

Yum. Sounds like we all need to be making apple cider Aperol spritzes!

A guide to fall’s best sweater trends.

This fleece looks so cozy!

Why the Internet isn’t fun anymore.

The best everyday white button down.

This 500 square foot apartment is small space living done right!

How often should you wash your hair?

This little lady jacket is pretty much perfect.

I am a bit obsessed with everything Beata Heuman touches and want to stay at this hotel!

Crushing on this cozy turtleneck.

Halloween costume ideas for fashion insiders.

Everything we know about the final season of The Crown. It’s out 11/16!

An excellent dupe for Bum Bum Cream.

On the importance of recognizing your inner child.

A super cozy cashmere stripe turtleneck at a very reasonable price.

Books to read for Halloween.

The best fall pasta recipes.

I love the minimal design of these Sambas.

How to find the best takeout sushi.

I bought this super cozy polo sweater on Prime Day and love it.

This backyard makeover is beyond dreamy.

The best thriller podcasts.

I ordered these Tory Burch flats this week, they are just so unique and cool!

This Sonoma home is perfection!

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  1. Tracey McCall:

    Tom robbins is my favorite author, ever.
    Jitterbug perfume was, is my top choice.
    The only film that was adapted from any of his books was, even cowgirls get the blues, starring a young uma Thurman.
    Be prepared to have your dictionary handy, there are a lot of unusual descriptive words & phrases.

    10.14.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks for the rec!

      10.16.23 Reply
  2. Cy:

    Hi Grace, I vote for a happy medium! Why do we have to be soft girl or girl boss? Why can’t we have a healthy balance? I completely understand why some women at rejecting the girl boss culture. I’ve always been a hard worker from a young age, but also rejected the toxic, patriarchal corporate culture which is quite literally killing people. I once worked at a job that paid you vacation as well as 8 sick days. At the end of the year if you used those days you were paid a full days wage ( seems obvious what the right choice should be)if you did not take those days off you were paid only half. Do you know how many people prided themselves on never taking a sick day? Worse than that, the company wins. That’s our crazy American work culture at its best. We could learn a lot from other countries. At least ( smart girl that you are!) when you work for yourself , you get to make those choices. P.S. Lessons in Chemistry is now on Apple tv!

    10.14.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I am with you on all of this!!!!

      Also very excited about Lessons in Chemistry 🙂 hope you are well, Cy!!

      10.16.23 Reply