Weekend Reading, 10.10.20.

Weekend Reading, 10.10.20.

Happy weekend. This week was a big one with my Drop launch and a few deadlines and projects etc! And then I had just a few too many celebratory cocktails with Becca, Ashley, & Rayna on Thursday which led to a rather slow day yesterday and writing this post at 11pm. Whoops. I will say that this is a pretty great list of links, so I’m patting myself on the back. Ha.

This will be a chill weekend. I have brunch plans today and that’s it! I have to do a bit of work, I’m reading Cobble Hill (honestly pretty bored and disappointed by it so far but sticking with it because I feel like I kinda need to give it a proper review?) and am thinking of cozying up with some old movies tonight – leave your recs in the comments if you feel like it! Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great! XO

Weekend Reading, 10.10.20

Made me howl with laughter: how to be the smartest asshole in the meeting.

Naadam is having a sale! Take 20% off most things with code FAM20. This chunky sweater is one of my favorite things to wear right now.

Childless Millennial – wow, did this podcast episode resonate.

Why poll workers are SO important.

This cozy pullover is so cute – and there are matching joggers, too.

I like the looks of this DIY matcha + honey face scrub.

A sweatshirt dress sounds like a great idea right now.

Mackenzie’s kitchen reveal is just… beyond. It looks amazing.

What an incredible bathroom makeover!

I am very into this cozy looking sweater dress. 

20 recipes to meal prep this fall.

What a pretty white lace top!

A reader sent me this piece about her miscarriage.

TW: It’s heartbreaking and hard to read, but beautifully written.

Jacey had some great tips for getting out of a funk.

I ordered this sweater dress this week. Can’t wait to style with tights and boots.

Loved seeing my friend (and Sky Ting co-founder) Krissy’s apartment in AD!

The gold buttons on this classic sweater are so pretty.

On stepping away from the news cycle.

How to avoid cakey makeup.

This pearl VOTE bracelet is so chic. Love these socks as well.

The Business of Fame: A reader messaged me this article and I found it really interesting.

Another great shacket. I am into this trend.

Did you see that Mattel launched a Susan B. Anthony Barbie!? Love.

Really liked Liz’s essay on self-worth and also her list of small businesses!

I bought these slouchy socks on Jacey’s rec. Perf for lounging around the apartment.

How to self soothe during a pandemic.

How cute is the bow on this little beanie?

Affordable ways to freshen up your space.

Oh man, that FLY!

OK this Target purse would pass for designer. Love the cobalt.

On crafting the perfect snack board.

Cats dressed up as mail carriers. 


photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. I honestly look forward to reading this blog posts. I have clicked every single link!


    10.10.20 Reply
  2. Thanks for the links! Can’t wait to read all of these! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.10.20 Reply
  3. Brittany:

    Grace, I genuinely look forward to reading your blog every day. Incidentally, my husband and I are driving up with Chatham tomorrow. I’m from Mass and also lived on the Cape for part of my childhood.

    The miscarriage story you linked couldn’t be more real for me right now. I went through this no more than 3 weeks ago and it’s been tough to say the least. I so appreciate people sharing their stories. It helps me (and I can only imagine, others) not feel so alone. Thank you for sharing this link.

    10.11.20 Reply
  4. Omg, how to be the smartest asshole in a meeting was spot on!

    10.12.20 Reply
  5. mary:

    Thank you for steering me towards the “Childless Millennial” Be There in Five Podcast. It was cathartic to hear someone say they respect and defend those of us who have chosen not to be traditional mothers. I want every woman to love her life with our without kids. Our true purpose in life is to be happy in whatever form that takes, and in turn, we can spread that happiness.

    10.12.20 Reply
    • YES – I love that comment! Definitely recommend popping by the blog on Wednesday, you are going to like my post 🙂

      10.12.20 Reply
  6. Lily:

    Grace, I’ve been coveting Naadam ever since your post a couple weeks ago!! I just got my first-ever promotion at my first-ever job and the new paycheck arrives tomorrow! I had been planning to treat myself to a new bag when my promotion came through as I had been expecting one this year, but that was pre-COVID and now it doesn’t feel like a useful purchase. I’m thinking I want to go with something luxurious from Naadam instead, especially since their sale is still going on! Do you have a favorite piece? I’m leaning toward one of the matching sets but would love your thoughts!

    10.15.20 Reply