Amazon the Drop: Launch Day!

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

Today is the day! My collection with Amazon the Drop officially launches and I could not be more excited. If you are reading it this morning, it may not be live yet so be sure you’ve signed up for SMS updates to get a message when it launches. I was blown away by your love for the last collection and so disappointed that some styles sold out before people had a chance to shop them. Amazon has taken that feedback and has done a lot of thoughtful planning in order to be prepared to accommodate more orders this time around. So, I am hopeful it won’t sell out quite as quickly as it did last time, but this is only my second time doing this… I guess we will see!

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day!

There’s a lot to say about this one!

We have brought back the nightgown silhouette in three fall friendly patterns + two silhouettes (mid-calf and short).

The collection is very matchy-matchy and meant to be worn together, There are two things in particular:  a dress with a matching trench (love how they look together) as well as matching pants… and for something a little more fun a set of matching printed trousers with a top!

We will get into all of that more below but here’s the practical stuff!

Sizing: Amazon the Drop runs very true to size. I am wearing a medium in everything. The fit on everything is pretty loose, and was designed to be that way. I could probably have sized down to a small in the tops and dresses but prefer the looser cut. If you want a less flowy look, size down!

Fabrics: As with the last collection, we worked primarily with viscose + tencel. The solid cinnamon is 100% tencel (except for the trench, which is stretch cotton!) as is the classic camel leopard. The red leopard and the grey leopard fabrics are 100% viscose. The viscose has a bit more drape than the tencel whereas the tencel holds the shape a bit more. The other exception is the tee, which is 100% cotton.

Pockets! All of the dresses (and the pants too) have pockets. I can’t believe I overlooked that last time.

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

CINNAMON is definitely an important part of the collection. I love this color so much for Fall and also die for a good monochrome look. I really love how the trench and pants look together.

And this dress!

I wasn’t prepared to love it as much as I did but it may be my favorite of all the dresses. I tend to personally gravitate more toward prints, and there are already so many great solid dresses out there. But the color, the cut, the fabric… it just works so well. This is great with bare legs now but just add black tights and booties (or over the knee boots!) when the temps cool down.

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

The trench is really such a standout item.

Here it is worn over the cinnamon colored dress. Below I styled it over the grey nightgown and then below that, over the red nightgown. It goes with everything and really brings the whole collection together. And the color!!!!! I don’t have enough of this color in my closet.

Also, you’ll see me carrying this cute little dumpling bag throughout. It’s so good and comes in cream and black as well. The heels I am wearing above are also from The Drop.

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

You can’t go wrong with a classic trench, nightgown dress, and easy sneakers. (And the dumpling bag!) This is the perfect everyday, running around uniform. Also, these sneakers are from Amazon the Drop! The perfect everyday sneaker without any branding or nonsense.

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

We have three nightgown dresses!

So hopefully everyone who wants one can get one this time around. One thing we added was a short viscose nightgown dress (above). So the fabric is similar to the red leopard from last time, but in the shorter silhouette. If you look closely you’ll see that the cinnamon color is incorporated into the pattern.

And then we have our classic leopard! We did add a pop of fiery orange-red to the pattern to make it a little more fun. This is the exact same style as the green leopard dress from last time, but with pockets. (Sandals are linked here!)

leopard nightgown dress

Oh gosh I want to call all of these my favorites. Out of the summer collection, the red leopard nightgown dress was probably my favorite/most worn piece. So we had to do it again, in fall colors (you’ll see the cinnamon color woven in there too) with POCKETS of course.

I really wanted to add a matching set.

In fact, I have no idea how people will feel about this but since most of us are working from home, I thought a matching viscose set would be a fun take on the sweatsuit (I’m personally pretty over sweats… I still do them once or twice a week but generally get dressed). Wear the pieces together or mix and match them!

leopard matching top and pants

It’s so fun and if a matching set isn’t your thing, you can totally break it up and mix + match them with other pieces. The top has a nice drop shoulder and would look so cute with denim or a little black pant (or the cinnamon pants, the fabric coordinates!).

And the pants… I need more pants like this in my life. Elastic waist, cute little drawstring… perfect to also pair with a simple tee or bodysuit OR cozy cashmere sweaters as the weather cools down. These black sandals are a favorite. They’re shockingly comfortable; I have the nude too! They keep selling out so def sign up for wait list updates!

Drop shoulder, oversized silhouette

This outfit! I LOVE this color combination.

The pants are the same cut as the grey leopard ones but in tencel (the tencel is a bit less fluid but also a little thicker) and the TEE. It’s the perfect tee and I hope Amazon brings it back as a staple. Drop shoulder, oversized silhouette… it’s so comfortable and just really cute.

This is getting to be a long post but I wanted to provide a little guidance for styling the nightgown dresses for Fall, should you choose to wear them out of the house! I love mine with a good leather jacket or blazer. And I’m holding out on tights as long as possible but they look great with tights.

My leather jacket is from Eileen Fisher from several years ago but Amazon the Drop sells a really really cute one. And the blazer is Veronica Beard from last fall.

blazer and dress combo

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

OK, just for you… tights. I know it’s helpful to see! I hate tights so much and usually put off wearing them til mid-late November but wanted to make sure all of the patterns would look great with black tights as they are such a necessity/staple once things get really cold.

Amazon the Drop: Launch Day Amazon the Drop: Launch Day

Created in partnership with Amazon the Drop; photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Carrie says 10.8.20

    The matching pants/tee set is my favorite I adore it!!!!!! Hope it all sells out fast for you!

  2. Congratulations, Grace! The collection is amazing!! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Mollye says 10.8.20

    Congrats Grace! Absolutely love the collection! The cinnamon dress and short tan leopard dress will be must purchases for me!! Cheers to a fun new collection!! Mollye

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Yay! I am so glad you love them! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

  4. Molly says 10.8.20

    Congrats, Grace! It’ll be hard to choose what piece to pick up!

  5. Stacey Hoffman says 10.8.20

    So excited for the cinnamon dress! This guide is super helpful, the dress I bought last time didn’t work, but It’s great to know the cinnamon is a little more structured!!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Yes! I am not sure which dress you bought last time but if it was the solid green, this one is more structured and a heavier weight for fall. 🙂

  6. Monica Onken says 10.8.20

    Congrats, Grace! The collection is beautiful!!

  7. Lauren says 10.8.20

    Omg making my wish list now! Pants set, sitting tee, cinnamon dress, leopard shirt dress!! Can’t wait and congrats!

  8. Alexa Peikon says 10.8.20

    I am so excited and love this collection even more than the last one! I was able to get the long red nightgown dress in the last drop collection. Would you recommend getting the same size in the class leopard dress or sizing up?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Great question! Same size! The nightgowns are all cut exactly the same, just different fabrics 🙂

      • Alexa says 10.8.20

        Thank you! I am hoping I am able to get my hands on the classic leopard and fall nightgown dresses! Congrats on another amazing collection!

  9. Kat says 10.8.20

    Grace, love the collection! I’m 5’3 do you think the medium in the classic leopard will be too long?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Hi Kat – You are about 5 inches shorter than me (also a medium), so it would hit you a little below the knee (I think!). I don’t think that is too long! That being said it would be really easy to hem to above the knee!

  10. Riley says 10.8.20

    What’s the winter static situation like on tencil vs viscose? I love the nightgown dresses but also can’t stand when a dress vacuums itself to my body in the winter!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      You should probably stick to the tencel then! That will be less static (classic leopard). I don’t mind (I just use a dryer sheet and am fine) but the viscose will get a little staticy with black tights. I don’t think it’s terrible!

  11. Morgan Hoit says 10.8.20

    Hi Grace! Can’t wait to shop! Are the red leopard and the classic leopard the same length?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      YES they are! They’re the exact same silhouette except the leopard is tencel and the red leopard is viscose!

  12. Catherine Short says 10.8.20

    Will there be a full sizing chart? I’m curious about the pants but I’d love to see garment measurements!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Yes, on the product pages 🙂 Amazon (@amazonthedrop) also did a great Q&A last night!

  13. Mackenzie says 10.8.20

    Hi Grace! What a BEAUTIFUL collection! This is so random, but I love that you call the burnt orange color “cinnamon.” I absolutely love the color and the name “burnt orange” just doesn’t do the color justice. I will always refer to this color as cinnamon now.. it’s so sophisticated!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Oh I am so glad!!!! Funny – the team named it that, I had actually been calling it Pecan!

  14. Courtney says 10.8.20

    I can’t wait! Could you share a little more about the pants–just curious what the inseam is and if you’d recommend them for taller or shorter ladies? Thanks and looking forward to updating my wardrobe with all this beautiful stuff.

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Hi Courtney,
      Thanks for the question. Since the length depends on which size you order there will be a size chart on the product page that will have more details. I’m 5’8 and take a medium and they’re 25″ long and perfect on me. If you’re on the shorter side I would recommend having them hemmed!

  15. Theodora says 10.8.20

    You’re absolutely glowing! ❤️ Congrats on another collection and fingers crossed I snag some more!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Thank you so much!!!!

      PS – you will laugh / be happy, I met with the team to talk through our summer caftans and dresses and we are bringing the caftan back this Spring as a staple (so multiple colors!) BUT raising the arm hole 🙂

      • Theodora says 10.8.20

        oh YAY! so happy to hear that. did anyone else give that feedback?

        • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

          no, but i thought it was valid!!!!! just trying to ultimately get to the perfect kaftan!

  16. Shana says 10.8.20

    It looks great Grace! Very excited to try and snag a couple of pieces for my self and gifts 🙂 It’s not too early for Christmas right?! hahahahaha

  17. Dana Mannarino says 10.8.20

    CONGRATS GRACE!!! Can’t wait to pick something up!

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

  18. Liz says 10.8.20

    Congrats Grace!!!! What a beautiful collection

  19. Jen says 10.8.20

    It looks amazing! I like how everything works for wfh and being more causal. Thanks for showing some photos with tights. I also love all the styling options you showed today.

  20. Joni says 10.8.20

    Sitting here in anticipation…Can’t wait for the drop!! You did Fantastic!

  21. Melanie says 10.8.20

    Love this collection! I wear my green leopard constantly and can’t wait to hopefully add two more color ways to my closet – Congrats!

  22. Diandra says 10.8.20

    Just set my order and got everything I was looking for… soooo happy 😀
    Great pieces Grace <3

  23. Cory says 10.8.20

    Just snagged my gray nightgown dress. Congrats on your second collection!

  24. Kate says 10.8.20

    Just ordered the cinnamon dress, and can’t wait to wear it! Love the whole collection 🙂

  25. Alexis says 10.8.20

    Hey love the collection!!
    I’m typically a 12 but have larger arms and I’m worried about the tightness. I was going to get a large and wondering now if you think I should get the xl??

    • grace at the stripe says 10.8.20

      Hi! Everything is pretty loose in the arms. I’m usually a 6 or an 8 and take a medium (though I do like a looser fit) so if I were you I would take an XL!

  26. Caroline says 10.8.20

    Hi! Just wondering if they’ll ship a bit faster than the last time, because they are “fall” and if we have to wait another month (like last time!), we’ll be almost into the holidays? Thank you so much!!

  27. Leslie says 10.8.20

    Bravo Grace! Today is your day. 🙂 Wishing you success – your collection is beautiful and I love your Podcast!!

  28. Carlyn says 10.8.20

    Just ordered the classic leopard dress – yay!

  29. Kayla says 10.8.20

    I’m SO excited for the tan dress!

  30. Sarah says 10.8.20

    I got the cinnamon dress in an effort to wear dresses this winter! can’t wait for it to arrive.

  31. Maureen says 10.8.20

    These pieces are all so gorgeous! You really have an eye for colour and design Grace. I can’t wait for my little red leopard dress to arrive and to wear it with black tights, booties and a cute leather jacket!

  32. Rachel says 10.8.20

    Congrats on another launch!

  33. Alexandra says 10.8.20

    Amazing pieces! I ordered two of the short dresses to see which colorway looks better on me. Very excited and hoping to incorporate into the winter months with tights and jackets. Plus whenever I go back to the office next year they will be ‘new’! Congrats!!

  34. Anne says 10.8.20

    Love, love, love! I got the red floral dress from your last collection, and my only complaint was the lack of pockets. Love that you added them this time. Bought the leopard long nightgown, the cinnamon pants, and the t shirt. Can’t wait to get them!

  35. Leah says 10.8.20

    So happy for you Grace!!! Can’t wait to wear my cinnamon dress. Xo

  36. Congratulations, Grace!!! I LOVE the cinnamon color. Gorgeous and perfect for fall!

  37. Lisa Autumn says 10.11.20

    I simply adore this trench!

    Lisa |