Weekend Reading, 1.8.22.

Weekend Reading, 1.8.22

The first links round up of 2022! I’ve missed doing these the past couple weeks, and I feel like this week’s round up is extra good as most sights are back from a week off and on their A-Game! I know a lot of us took last week off… I was dreading getting back to work but then I surprised myself and wound up feeling really really motivated and excited to get back into a groove. My creative juices were back in order and flowing again, and that felt really good – the break was definitely restorative in that way.

This weekend I am in LA, visiting my boyfriend. Just a quick trip but we have a lot of quality time planned – fun outdoorsy things… walks on the beach, hikes, and maybe doing a little architecture tour. I’ll keep you posted. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great. PS – I wanted to also offer up a heartfelt THANK YOU for your comments on yesterday’s post. This community is just the greatest, I am so beyond grateful for you!

Weekend Reading, 1.8.22

This is older, but it was shared in the Facebook group and I love it: a really good list of things to do/get caught up on.

Two things I ordered on the beauty front this week: this mascara (highly recommended both TIBAL and Helena, and this depuffing mask (recommended by Jen at The Fashion Magpie).

Loved reading this profile on Shonda Rhimes.

Take your own advice.

This pretty little green mini dress is on its way to me. One of my favorite brands + my favorite color + a favorite silhouette = a no brainer.

I loved this essay from Jen about balancing friendships.

I am starting to think about outfits for Harbour Island (not til May but who is counting) and how gorgeous is this coverup!? I’d wear it as a dress.

Two great lists from Vulture: the most anticipated books of 2022, and everything to look forward to (TV shows, movies, art, books, etc) over the next two weeks.

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to pick up a new hobby, here are 99 hobbies to try on in 2022!

Some of the best affordable restaurants in LA.

Such a good stripe sweater – planning on ordering this one!

I really related to this post from Jess about being addicted to Instagram.

How dreamy is this Spanish-style Beverly Hills home?

I am very very into the look of this elegant, minimal candle holder.

The skincare trends to know in 2022.

I bought this inexpensive feather robe and can’t wait to lounge around in it and feel like Evelyn Hugo.

25 famous women who are dealing with anxiety.

The best bath products!

This little floral dress 100% looks designer but at a great price.

I’d wear it with my green Loeffler boots.

I loved seeing Helena’s readers’ favorite recommendations from her.

The prettiest little sweater. I LOVE the rhinestone buttons. Size down!

The best books of this month.

Meet your new favorite comfort TV shows.

I might be crazy but I really, really love these green pom pom slippers from Tory Burch. They’re so fun?

16 happy buys for your table (Bradley has such good taste).

I am absolutely making this feel better chicken soup.

To quench your wanderlust: how amazing do these stargazing experiences look!?

This dress is such a splurge but I can’t get over that print!!!

Liz had a very yummy salad recipe on her blog. Must make this!

I packed this “coatigan” for LA and really like it – it’s super cute and a great price.

I’m looking forward to this Instagram update.

How to live in less fear.

I really love the look of these jeans: no rips or tears, just a classic wash in an updated silhouette.

What a fun apartment refresh!!

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photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. Patty:

    Me on January 1st 2022: I will not buy any more taper candle holders!

    Me on January 8, 2022: A CANDLE HOLDER NAMED TINA FREY?!?!?! Sold!!!!!

    1.8.22 Reply
    • Maggie:

      I just entered the world of taper candles & candle holders, so this might be a glimpse into the future for me, ha, ha!

      1.8.22 Reply
  2. Becca:

    The friendship article was really helpful, I’m trying to navigate friendships changing in the light of covid as well as simply just drifting apart. I think I’m coming around to feeling like it is ok to have friendships change and it doesn’t mean I need to cut them out if were are not best friends just that there may be more acquaintance friends and close friends and all types are valid.

    1.8.22 Reply
  3. Rebecca:

    Bookmarked the Medium article! Thanks.

    1.8.22 Reply
  4. Shana:

    That green mini dress = yes for me!!

    1.8.22 Reply
  5. Brigitte:

    Weekend reading is my favourite blog post. I always find something to feel inspired or just straight out want!

    1.8.22 Reply
  6. nyterps:

    I was influenced by TIBAL too. Hourglass mascara.

    1.8.22 Reply
  7. CG:

    Weekend reading is my absolute favorite thing! I look forward to them every Saturday!

    1.8.22 Reply
  8. Shelby:

    I loooove these pajamas so much!

    1.8.22 Reply
  9. Becca:

    I bought the completely unnecessary feather robe and it’s everything

    1.9.22 Reply
  10. LS:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on these weekly round-ups! I always feel a little smarter, and I get new ideas for crafts/hobbies, shopping, travel, and all-around improvement!

    1.9.22 Reply