Weekend Reading, 1.21.23.

Weekend Reading 1.21.23

It’s going to be another cozy weekend over here. A pizza party at my parents’ house last night (my dad makes the best homemade pizzas!) and staying in to cook tonight. And a little Sunday brunch planned, too. Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great. I said this in my newsletter but it’s been a very royals week over here. I’ve been listening to Spare on all my walks (enjoying it) and staying up late with episodes of The Crown. I highly recommend the combination! Anyway, enjoy this week’s links and have a lovely weekend!

Weekend Reading, 1.21.23

All the best new releases to get excited about over the next two weeks.

Gentle retinol is here!

I love everything about this little mini dress.

30 Black-owned skincare brands!

I’m planning my outfits for my trip to New York next week and love the idea of swapping a beanie for a wool baseball cap.

I can’t wait to make this spicy ginger tonic.

Nothing drains you more than mixed emotions.

The details on this printed blouse are just stunning!

Winter cocktail ideas!

Drooling over these amazing Air BnBs with private pools.

Love this cozy henley!

The most anticipated Netflix films of the year.

Loved this hallway to bar makeover.

My fav Vince sneakers… but with laces! Never hit purchase so fast.

Amen: talking less will get you more.

Colorful, happy sneakers for under $100.

Julianne Moore’s beauty secrets.

The best niche bookstores in New York.

Love this chic, minimalist shirt dress.

How this Latina art curator is shaking up the art world.

How gorgeous is this patchwork cardigan?

Everything you could ever want to know about double cleansing the skin.

If you are hunting for the perfect pair of classic nude sandals, I just got these and love them.

Delicious one pot meals.

Everything we know about Season 3 of Only Murders.

Extremely on trend (and light!) earrings, for just $40.

Establishing digital boundaries at work.

I love these cheeky notepads… the eye motif is fun.

Clutter can actually be good for your mental health.

This palatial Palm Beach Estate!

I ordered this pretty top this week. Love everything Farm Rio always!

Loved Liz’s vacation photos (+ all her picks!) from Harbour Island.

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  1. Cy:

    Hi Grace, I’m ready to read “ Spare” or maybe listen on audible like you are. Ina Garten ( I follow her on Instagram) posted last week that she was reading Spare by the fire and what was everyone else doing? the negativity and trolls the came out! “ Ina , I’ve lost all respect for you”, you are a great cook, but you should stick to your day job”. These were the mild ones. I was shocked. She wasn’t even recommending it, she just mentioned that she was reading it. I have compassion for most everyone ( all royals inside and outside of the institution) except for creepy pedi Andrew…but, I do realize I don’t actually know them. Some people apparently don’t. I also would never comment about a book I hadn’t read. Wondered what your take was? It feels like a commentary on how black and white/divided our country has become. Anyway, thanks for the weekend reads, always enjoyable. Can’t wait to see your new house! I’m putting my dad’s back on the market soon and hoping I will be able to buy something in the next year or so after the sale.

    1.21.23 Reply