Two Very Sexy Candles.

I love candles. Love them. In my apartment, I always have at least one or two burning. And I have different fragrances I burn in different rooms. For example, the Hotel Lobby Spa candle is my bathroom candle. I only burn it when I am taking a bath or have guests over. I also have different candle moods. During the day I am usually burning my Hotel Lobby Signature Candle (smells soft and slightly musky, like an expensive hotel lobby – I buy this one in bulk to give as gifts/always have one in my living room), or The Laundress’s Artisan candle (smells like Eucalyptus).

At night I like to switch things up to something a little sexier. I had two really fantastic recent candle discoveries I had to share here.

Two Very Sexy Candles

The first is Sidia’s Braless Candle. Holy hell, this is a good one. It reminds me a lot of the Byredo Ambre Japonais candle (another favorite but it’s really expensive!!!). It’s spicy and warm. The top notes are of soft spices and bamboo… the dry down is patchouli, sandalwood, cashmere musk, and leather. It smells incredible – sophisticated and luxe!

The second is the Chateau Marmont candle. I am worried that I won’t be able to find more of these. I originally bought mine from Clare V but they don’t have it anymore, and it seems to be gone. If you can track one down, you won’t regret it. Vanilla + flowers (but the sexy kind.. night blooming flowers). To me, it smells like vanilla, orchids, and spices. I’ve never smelled anything quite like it. I will keep stalking and update you if I find it again… fingers crossed that they do a restock!

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