My Favorite Candles.

All My Favorite Candles

I LOVE CANDLES. So much. Do you know that saying, “nothing says I don’t know you like giving someone a scented candle?” That’s just not the case for me. I am notoriously difficult to shop for but my friends who know me well know that I love good candles but can be a little cheap about actually buying them for myself! Today I wanted to round up all my favorites. I wrote a similar post last year but have found some new favorites so wanted to start fresh!

All My Favorite Candles

My holy grail favorite candle..

My holy grail most favorite candle in the world is the Maison Louis Marie No. 4 candle. Three or so years ago I stayed with my friend Taylor in Charleston and she had them all over the place. It smelled a lot like the Le Labo Santal 26 candle so I asked her about them and she told me about this brand. I was shocked. The best part is that the MLM (not an actual MLM lol) candle is only $34 vs. the Le Labo Candle which is $75. The best candle. I buy a few at the Sephora sale every year (it starts next Friday BTW, shhh / mark your calendars, I will have a big roundup!)

“Sexy Fireplace”

If you’ve followed me a while you know that I love a “sexy fireplace.” The goal for how I want my home to smell. The Diptyque Feu de Bois candle is the OG of sexy fireplace. And it’s lovely but expensive. At $68 for a 6.5 ounce candle, that’s a lot. I find that the Nest Hearth candle smells pretty much identical, at a much better price ($42 for 8.1 oz).

The DS & Durga Portable Fireplace candle is where it’s at. A splurge, but AMAZING. My friend gave me this for my birthday and I LOVE it. So much. It’s heaven. I also really like DS & Durga’s Holy Ficus. The best way I can describe it is part herbaceous tomato leaves, part fireplace. Byredo Treehouse is amazing, too! My favorite gift to give is a DS & Durga or Byredo candle as they’re a little expensive/luxurious and something the recipient likely would feel guilty buying for themself.

I also really love the Harlem Candle Company. My favorite fragrance from them is Langston, which is a blend of leather, tobacco and vanilla. Highly recommend… it’s dreamy, and they’re also a small Black-owned brand.

Fruity Candles

I don’t do fruity candles very often but this summer I ordered the Femme candle from The Sensual Candle Co (another really cool small Black-owned biz) and I LOVE it. It reminds me of peaches, tangerine, and champagne. Lighting it gives you an instant lift in mood! I guess I’d also classify Diptyque Baies in there as fruity and that is another favorite.

Pumpkin Spice (that’s actually nice)

I have said this before but I’m actually not super into pumpkin spice. I mentioned this in yesterday’s post but I got the Nest pumpkin spice candle and it smells so good. Pumpkin spice without the headache. It smells perfectly fall without being too much. I liken it to having a friend over but you’re super domestic and have a) pumpkin bread in the oven and b) spiced cider on the stove. That’s what this smells like.

Christmas Candles

The Frasier Fir!!!! Nothing is better, and it’s not a bad price. As I am going to be spending the holidays in a Charleston rental I’m not going to have a tree this year but I’m planning on buying a few of these to make the space feel more like home / holiday-y. I loooove this scent, it’s perfect. You also cannot go wrong with the Nest Holiday Candle. They are both fabulous.

For something really affordable…

Beauty Pie! Beauty Pie has such great candles at a really great price. Though it is always sold out (so buy it if you see it in stock!!!) Clean House is one of my all time favorites, but I also adore Tuberose.  And the newer Sweet Tobacco, Cedarwood, and Vanilla candle is just… beyond. It’s more expensive than the others but also a lot larger in size.

PS – My friend Lindsay just launched a brand new business, the Hotel Lobby Candle Company. I’m equal parts impressed and jealous that I didn’t think of this. Am planning to place my pre-order this Sunday and will of course report back!!!

PPS – This is my favorite candle holder.


photo by Allie Provost.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I usually don’t use candles as both my boyfriend and I have sensitive noses and it stuffs up our airways but I think there’s a time for them – and that time is Christmas! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.23.20 Reply
  2. Amanda:

    I loveee No. 47 at Candlefish on King St.!

    10.23.20 Reply
    • Will have to check that out when I am in Charleston this fall!!!

      10.23.20 Reply
      • Carly:

        I’m also a Candlefish lover, but I’m obsessed with No. 70! It’s the signature scent of the Restoration Hotel in Charleston!

        10.29.20 Reply
  3. Kristen:

    But the people need to know… have you gotten Leaves yet?? 🙂 (I was influenced after the episode, bought it, and love it!)

    10.23.20 Reply
    • Maggie:

      I was hoping for an update on Leaves too! I think that either Grace or Becca posted in their IG stories in the past week or so that the reason why it was taking SO long for the candles to be received is because the order wasn’t actually placed… but I hoped that it was placed immediately upon realizing that it hadn’t been placed when they were recording the podcast and perhaps the candles had arrived by now. (If that wasn’t a run on sentence I don’t know what is, ha, ha.)

      10.23.20 Reply
      • Hi! Yeah so… they came yesterday and we hated them!!! I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, though fragrances are so personal. Leaves smells (to me) like a bad gift shop in New england and Flannel was just… as Becca described it to me, a “migraine in a jar!” We didn’t want to be assholes as it seems like a lot of people who listen to the pod love love love them, but not for us! For what it’s worth I just don’t like really “folksy” scents and Becca has a really sensitive sense of smell (she can’t stand the BeautyPie ones actually, which I love!!)

        10.23.20 Reply
        • Maggie:

          I’m not too surprised, I haven’t browsed candles at Bath & Body Works in several years, but from what I recall almost everything smelled disgustingly sweet to me (but as you say, smell is very personal).

          10.23.20 Reply
          • Yeah, I think a lot of people love a sweeter candle… just not me, personally!!!!

    • hahahaha I just replied to the commenter below. I’m sorry… I don’t have great things to say about it!! LOL

      10.23.20 Reply
  4. Jessica Camerata:

    I love the idea of a sexy fireplace. There’s a scent from Candlefish that they dub “sexy man” and it’s a favorite. Smells like a good cologne on, well, a sexy man. I imagine a fireplace note would be top-notch!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    10.23.20 Reply
  5. Sexy fireplace? Oddly enough I love the smell of fire so I think I need this one!

    10.23.20 Reply
  6. You need to look into La montana, Net-a-Porter carries them, they are amazing!

    10.23.20 Reply
  7. B:

    I’m super scent sensitive but my all time favs (really the only two candles I burn) are voluspa suede blanc and nest bamboo

    10.23.20 Reply
  8. Mackenzie K P:

    I’ve bought two candles from The Sensual Candle Co since you originally posted about them this summer and I absolutely love the quality. I got the Shai candle which I would describe as “cozy” and then recently I bought the OleHenriksen collaboration candle.

    10.23.20 Reply
  9. Katerina P.:

    Thanks for the recs! I’m in a candle love affair right now, so going to look for the “sexy fireplace “ ones. Love Fraiser Fir, always get a couple for the season. I didn’t like leaves at all, but I LOVE sweater weather, like obsessed with it. Have the candles and the wall thingies.

    10.23.20 Reply
    • Oh interesting! Next time I am in a B&BW I will seek out Sweater Weather! A little scarred from ordering them online… besides smelling awful, one arrived broken!

      10.23.20 Reply
  10. Eric White:

    These are indeed some good options… I experiment with both the artificial and real one i think for me having a real one sound and looks better…

    10.23.20 Reply
  11. Sarah:

    I am SO HERE for the candle content 🙂

    First, I too hated Leaves. I was influenced by the pod discussion with Olivia but…no. My taste in candles tends to be pretty high end and anything fruity and/or perfume-y really turns me off.

    That being said, I’ve really refined my candle game and have a few that I burn pretty much all the time (yes, it’s expensive and I’m very lucky to be able to afford this bougee habit 🙂

    My taste runs more towards earthy, natural scents with a hint of spice. To that end, my holy grail, burn-it-all-the-time, couldn’t live without it is the Diptyque Ambre. I buy the largest size I can find and love it by itself but it’s also REALLY nice when you layer it with another scent. Diptyque is an overall favorite so I usually have a few different options on hand depending on the season: patchouli in the fall/winter and lavender in the spring/summer. I also always have a Diptyque eucalyptus in my bathroom.

    The other brand that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is Tatine. Their candles are handcrafted and smell wonderful. St John’s Wood is incredible – like a fresh forest mixed with smoke and spice. BUT. The BEST candle that I have ever, EVER had is the Tatine ancient hinoki. It is amazing and if you like smoky, sexy, relaxing, mystical smells this one is for you. It sells out all the time, probably because for some reason they only offer it as a smaller candle packaged in a (very beautiful) brass vessel. If you want to splurge on the most amazing candle you will ever smell I can’t recommend it enough. Seriously. Try it.

    10.23.20 Reply
    • Oh wow Tatine sounds incredible – thank you so much for the rec. Ancient Hinoki sounds like a dream!!! Thanks for all of the recs, it sounds like we have similar taste in candles/scents. 🙂

      10.23.20 Reply
  12. julesindallasreads:

    Hi Grace! I was wondering if any of the above – or maybe all knowing you – are clean-burning candles. Thanks for sharing.

    10.23.20 Reply
  13. Deborah:

    Thanks for these great suggestions. I’ll be buying some for Christmas gifts.

    10.23.20 Reply
  14. mimi:

    i just joined Lindsay’s customer list. Looking forward to see what scents are created.

    10.23.20 Reply
  15. Rebecca:

    Sexy fireplace is 100% my fragrance aspirations.

    10.24.20 Reply
  16. Cynthia:

    Definitely going to be ordering some Beauty Pie candles in my order next month

    10.24.20 Reply
  17. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh christmas candles are my fave!

    Lisa |

    10.25.20 Reply
  18. Rebe:

    The Frasier Fir is THE BEST! Smells like Xmas and the forest!

    10.30.20 Reply
  19. Diana:

    Based on this list, I think we share a taste for very herbal scents, which can be hard to find in a sea of florals or fruits. I recently found an incredible candle that you should probably try out: Road Opener from Magic Fairy Candles. Lemongrass, basil and peppermint. The man who runs the specialty candle store got excited when I bought it, saying “they use the BEST quality oils” and he was right! My apartment smells sophisticated and soothing. It’s also more affordable (compared to many of these options). Anyway it’s SO hard to find candles I like so I thought I’d let you know, and I may be trying out some of these recs too. Thank you!

    11.2.20 Reply