My Best Tips for Running in Winter!

Tips for Running in Winter

I have talked about this on Instagram, but one of my big goals for 2020 is to get back into running! I have been a big runner on and off now for the better part of my life now (since running cross country, track, and indoor track in high school 23 years ago). One of the hardest parts for me has always been keeping with it through the colder weather. When the temperature dips it’s just a lot harder. Obviously running in the cold is less comfortable, but the elements can also be very harsh on your skin!

Today, in partnership with Kate Spade New York, I’m going to share my best tips for running in the winter. Kate Spade’s new Sport Smartwatch has become an essential part of my running routine. I love that Kate Spade’s new Sport Smartwatches combine function with feminine design – I don’t know about you but that’s something I hadn’t really seen before… all the other smartwatches on the market felt just a bit too sporty for my own personal style.

Kate Spade’s Sport Smartwatch

Given that green is my favorite color I, of course, chose the green silicone scallop band. I also really love that you can match the watch face to your outfit using the exclusive Choose Your Look app that comes pre-installed on the watch. It’s powered by Wear OS by Google(TM) so you can download apps, track activities, monitor your heart rate, and do things like access Google Assistant and even make payments on the go!

Setting up the watch is surprisingly pretty easy. It took me a little while (I was nervous as I am not the greatest with technology) but it easily synchs up with your phone (and you can manage most of the process via the Wear app on your phone!) And while the silicone band is great for running there are so many other fun options. I love the pink glitter band too!

Tips for Running in Winter

Tips for Running in Winter

These tips are just what happen to work best for me. If any of you are serious runners, I would love for you to share your tips in the comments! It’s all about preparation… and BUNDLING UP! It’s also important to stay hydrated. 

What to Wear Running in Winter

Cold weather is no joke and I tend to build in layers. I definitely have to allow for extra time… just to get dressed! I love a thicker, warm legging (fleece-lined if possible). And then up top I will wear four layers (sports bra, a moisture-wicking tank as my base layer, a long sleeve dry-fit top, a lightweight fleece or windproof jacket, and (depending on how cold it is), a vest!!! You might not need the moisture-wicking tank but I tend to do that means I don’t have to wash the long sleeve top every single wear. And don’t forget a hat!

Don’t Run at Night

Evening runs have always been my favorite but last year I learned the hard way – I took a pretty bad fall on a slick of black ice. Never again… snow and ice can be really dangerous. When it’s dark outside it’s so much harder to see icy patches. By the time I finish up work it’s usually dark, so I have no choice but to move my running schedule to morning! It depends on your training plans and definitely requires getting up earlier but after that fall… never again!

Tips for Running in Winter

Protect Your Skin

This is something I get asked about a lot. I actually have a little pre-run skincare routine (it isn’t much but it really helps). Before heading outside I always apply a thick coat of lip balm, and a layer of either Weleda Skin Food or Weleda Cold Cream (either one are great – you just want something thick and protective. This goes over daily SPF of course.

Keep Your Feet Warm… and your hands!

I really like a lightweight smart wool sock. These get tucked into my leggings so that there is no exposed skin! I’ll also wear tech gloves and if it’s really cold… those little hand warmer packets inside!

Kate Spade's new Sport Smartwatch

How  to Motivate Yourself to Run In Winter

Obviously it’s harder to stay motivated when running in the cold. Especially with snow and ice, I know I would rather be warm indoors! My best advice is on days where you don’t want to do it, to tell yourself you only have to be outside for 15 minutes. By the time I’ve gotten bundled up and laced up my running shoes, I’ve done the most of the work. I’ll tell myself – if it’s really bad, I can turn around after 8 minutes and go home. And a few times, that’s ended up happening. 8 minutes out, 8 minutes back, and home. But most of the time, actually motivating to just RUN is the hardest part. Once I’m out, I really  enjoy it.

Another recommendation if it’s windy: run into the wind first. That way you won’t have to run home against the wind when you are more tired!

Lastly, a big way that I stay motivated is through my Kate Spade Sport Smartwatch. I love the tracking function – it makes me want to run to log those steps every day!!!!!

Kate Spade's new Sport Smartwatch Kate Spade's new Sport Smartwatch Kate Spade's new Sport Smartwatch Tips for Running in Winter

Created in partnership with Kate Spade New York // Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Man do I hate running in winter! It’s actually not too bad in Hong Kong because it doesn’t really get cold… but yeah, getting out of the house is the hardest part! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.23.20 Reply
  2. Katie:

    These are great tips! I’ve been running through -20 to -40C Canadian winters for 17 years now (since high school) and completely agree on the vest (especially down ones; keeping the core warm is the most important) and hand warmers in the mitts! (also mitts are warmer than gloves because they keep the fingers together).

    Another thing I swear by is a 100% wool buff – it’s like a tube that you pull over your head and can wear around your neck and then pull up over your mouth and nose and even the top of your head – it’s very multi-purpose. It’s easy to breathe through because of the wool, keeps you warm but not overheated, and doesn’t get crusty or wet with frozen ice/sweat like fleece would.

    The 8 minute rule is an awesome one – I usually do it by songs. So “Run for four songs and then you can turn back” sounds totally doable, right? I even have a playlist I called “Run fast cuz it’s freezing”, which does the trick!

    1.23.20 Reply
    • Thank you for the tips! And yes you can totally do it w/songs too! I’ve done that as well!!!

      1.23.20 Reply
  3. Piper:

    Anxiously awaiting the Tracksmith review post…

    1.23.20 Reply
  4. allison:

    ooh thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a new smartwatch since my fitbit died!!

    1.23.20 Reply
  5. Wendy:

    Do you know how long the charge lasts? My garmin broke and most people have told me an apple watch charge won’t last through a marathon.

    1.23.20 Reply
    • No way! This lasts up to 24 hours depending on usage; so I think it would 100% be fine for a marathon!

      1.23.20 Reply
    • My Apple Watch has lasted a marathon! 🙂

      1.23.20 Reply
  6. Dana Mannarino:

    I used to run in high school and college, but have DEFINITELY fallen off the bandwagon after a few half marathons after college. I want to get back into running SO badly, but definitely hard to find motivation in the winter.

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    1.23.20 Reply
  7. Anne:

    I got in to cold weather running the past two years because I ran the NYC Half Marathon (highly recommend!). I am obsessed with the Nike Hyperwarm Training Tights. They are so comfortable and then have a small stirrup so they stay put. I also love the Hyperwarm training mock turtleneck with mesh under the arms. I keeps me super warm, but breaths so I don’t overheat

    1.23.20 Reply
  8. The watch is so cute! I honestly cannot run outside in the winter at all, it’s just way too cold!


    1.23.20 Reply
  9. Jennifer Longval:

    Love your work out pants! Please share where you bought them! Thanks!

    1.25.20 Reply
  10. Bao:

    Does the pants have any side pockets with zippers?

    10.12.20 Reply