This Week’s Good Things, 5.4.21.

Tanya Taylor gingham dress
sunglasses // dress // bag // heels

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start and that you had a good weekend. My sister and her fam are in town, seeing studio spaces and taking measurements for their new home (if you missed it, they are moving here too this summer!). So my weekend was a mix of family time and rest (the second shot had me so tired!). It was so nice to see Zoe (my two year old niece!), and maybe I am crazy but I feel like she grew SO much in just a month. As for this week, I’m just feeling behind on work so playing lots and lots of catch up. Also, it is HOT here in Charleston.. I wasn’t prepared for how warm May would be here, but I have to say, I kinda love it!

PS – isn’t this dress cute? Reminder that you can take 20% off sitewide at Tanya Taylor (regular price items only, excludes masks!) with code Grace20 

This Week’s Good Things, 5.4.21

The Serpent on Netflix | This Weeks Good Things 5.4.21

The Serpent on Netflix

Oh my god. This show. A girlfriend told me I needed to watch it. The sell was that it was about a gem dealer in Thailand who also happened to be a con artist and serial killer. AND, it’s based on a true story. I had to watch it. I saved it for the day after my second vaccine and whoa, it is a treat. A scary treat at that. I will warn you that you need to pay very close attention (it moves quickly and there is quite a bit of dialogue in French that is subtitled). But whoa. it’s terrifying, in the most addictive sense. Also, Jenna Coleman’s seventies wardrobe has me craving all of the oversized sunglasses, kaftans, and maybe a headwrap? TBD. Cannot recommend this show enough but just be prepared to be very scared.

Amazon the Drop Restock

Amazon the Drop Restock!

I’m so thrilled to tell you that Amazon restocked the staples dresses I designed with them! There’s the midi dress (pictured above), the big kaftan (my ultimate fav fav fav), and the sweet little puff sleeve babydoll. Ship dates depend on style but most will ship between 5/6 and 5/9 – YAY. In case you missed the launch announcement, this blog post has photos of all of the styles. Makes me nostalgic for my old apartment!!!

Water Pitcher | This Weeks Good Things 5.4.21

This Delightful Water Pitcher

I had been in the market for a new water filter pitcher (in New York I just drank tap water) and was just going to get a regular old Brita but then Claire and Erica raved about this glass one in their newsletter literally just as I’d put the Brita in my cart. This pitcher is beautiful! It was easy to set up and I really love it. I notice a big difference in how the water tastes, and it’s also very pretty. I hate that I love how nice it looks on my table, but here we are. It’s great.

Jenn Griffith's Surfboard Art

Jenn Griffith’s Surfboard Art

This is so cool – Jenn Griffith is a local studio artist in Charleston. Her paintings are heavily influenced by the coast. She paints large canvases and sells prints but what I love most are her repurposed surfboard paintings. Isn’t this one amazing? Follow her instagram right this way!


Top photo by Clay Austin, Amazon Drop photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. I love that water pitcher! It’s so pretty, and I love that it addresses micro plastics- so many products don’t! I’ve had it all the time for months without complaint.

    5.4.21 Reply
  2. Jessica Emond:

    Love these lists!

    5.4.21 Reply
  3. Ok, I need to watch The Serpent now! Thanks for the recommendation! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.4.21 Reply
  4. Miranda:

    I was excited for the restock because I wanted to pick up the kaftan in another color, but it seems that plus sizes were excluded. That really stinks. I would love to have it in black

    5.4.21 Reply
    • Hi Miranda,
      Thank you for the note. I’m checking with the team and will comment back once I have any sort of an update. They may have restocked the most popular selling sizes first. I do see the other styles are available in plus sizes. I’m sure it will be back soon, I would recommend signing up for an alert / wait list email!

      5.4.21 Reply
  5. Mimi:

    Ahhh! We loved the Serpent, just watched it last week too! Would like to note for viewers…it is super suspensful but not really that graphic (unless I’m forgetting scenes) so don’t let that deter you 🙂 Seeing Jenna Coleman in this role was such a contrast to her others!
    ps, I played in the orchestra at Spoleto Festival for a couple years when I was just out of school. Love Charleston and so happy for your move!

    5.4.21 Reply
    • That is true. Definitely scary but not graphic at all!!!!

      And wow that is so cool!!!

      5.6.21 Reply