My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today!

My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today

Today is the day – my latest collection for Amazon the Drop launches! This time around, Amazon brought me on board to design three breezy summer dresses… perfect for lounging at home, dining out, or maybe just maybe (post vaccine etc) a summer vacation! Each dress comes in three different colors (and in one case, a pattern) and I am so thrilled with how they turned out. Read on for more about each dress, but in the meantime, sign up here to get a text the minute they launch. Or, once they are live, this link will take you to them!

PS – here are the shoes I styled them with! gold strappy sandals // nude ankle strap sandals // yellow satin slides

My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today!

A few quick things!

Sizing: Amazon the Drop runs very true to size. I am wearing a medium in everything. The fit on everything is pretty loose, and was designed to be that way. I could probably have sized down to a small, especially in the kaftan and midi dress, but prefer the looser cut. If you want a less flowy look, size down! All pieces are available in an XXS – 3X.

Staples vs. Drops: A fun thing about designing staples pieces is that these pieces ship immediately (as opposed to being made to order for The Drop.) They will also be on the site for a bit longer. But like with drops, once they are gone… they’re gone!

Links: It would mean the world if you’d shop via my links. The main way I earn money from this partnership is actually via commissions… if you click my link (this one will do the trick) before checking out, that would be amazing (truly no stress if not!).

summer midi dress | My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today

The midi dress is your perfect easy summer dress.

I don’t like to play favorites but this is the one I’ve been wearing most. It comes in navy, a fiery red, and this fun green palm print. I love that it has pockets, and that you can wear a regular bra with it… the little ruffle will cover your bra strap!

cute little babydoll dress | My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today

This cute little babydoll dress is the best little easy everyday dress.

I love wearing it with sneakers or birks… or dressing it up with fancier heels. It’s also fun to belt it! (And yes – it has pockets!)

green baby doll dress | My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today black chic kaftan

And of course we had to bring back the chic kaftan from my first Drop.

We updated it a bit, though. We raised the arm holes (again, for bra concerns!), we made it a little wider through the hips, and we switched the fabric to that same tencel as the midi dress. I love this fabric as it resembles a washed silk but is much easier to take care of! It’s thicker and less wrinkle prone than the green viscose that we used for the first kaftan.

grace atwood amazon the drop 2021 grace atwood amazon the drop staples 2021 blue kaftan amazon blue baby doll dress | My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today vibrant summer kaftan | My Amazon the Drop Staples Launch Today

Created in partnership with Amazon the Drop; photography by Allie Provost!

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  1. Emilie:

    Hi Grace! Congrats on the launch, so excited 🙂 I’m currently wearing one of the leopard print dresses from last year’s drops. Could you link the heels you’re wearing in the post? I recognize the 2 strap square heels, but not the ones with the ankle strap!

    4.8.21 Reply
  2. Alicia:

    I love the new pieces, but I am little confused as to how this works. If I ordered from the Amazon text message before (received the link and ordered from my phone) do you not get any income? This seems really strange. I had no idea there were specific links to order from and I just ordered from Jacey’s collection from my phone the other day too.

    4.8.21 Reply
    • Hi! I know, that’s confusing! But the best thing would be if you order off of one of my blog links or from a swipe up!

      4.8.21 Reply
  3. Margi:

    Am I doing something wrong? I’ve clicked on the links and they take me to the drop page but I can’t find your collection. Help!

    4.8.21 Reply
    • They haven’t launched yet! SO soon! I will be posting to stories, and there will be a text message that goes out.

      4.8.21 Reply
  4. Jordan G:

    I just bought the red dress you’re wearing in your Instastory. Looking forward to trying it on!

    4.8.21 Reply
  5. Heather M Casterline:

    Hi Grace, excited for you!! I definitely will snag a kaftan since I missed out last time! I see there is green available similar to the last Drop you did- is this the same as the black, blue and red? I know you made some updates to your previous kaftan so want to take advantage of those! Thanks!

    4.8.21 Reply
    • It’s a little different – fabric is viscose vs new one is tencel, arm holes are a little lower, and the hips are more narrow than the new one. I hope that makes sense helps!

      4.8.21 Reply
      • Heather M Casterline:

        Great to know! Thank you so much for the speedy response! All the best for your movers today!

        4.8.21 Reply
  6. Kelsey:

    Love all of these!! Debating between medium and small for the ruffle midi. Does the medium show your bra I see your underarms??

    4.8.21 Reply
    • Hi kelsey, It does not show your bra! I actually just posted a story about that on instagram!!! I don’t quite understand the underarms question, though!

      4.8.21 Reply
      • Kelsey:

        Sorry autocorrect! I meant like do the arm holes dip low in the medium underneath your arms to show your bra under there! I think I’ll be good with a medium though!

        4.8.21 Reply
  7. meghan:

    Congratulations on this latest collection! I just bought the fabulous kaftan in beautiful fire red. I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for showing your collection on models of different sizes. It really helps me figure out how something might look on me. Can’t wait to wear it, maybe on vacation this summer!

    4.8.21 Reply
  8. Kelly:

    Hi, Grace! Love all of these! I am planning on buying one of each style! If I click the link but the link takes me to the app, do you still get the commission?? I want to make sure I’m getting you the commission!!!!

    4.8.21 Reply
  9. Lauren:

    Ahhh so excited about the white babydoll dress! I’ve been scouring the internet and ordering a million white dresses for upcoming wedding events and nothing is lined. This looks perfect! Might need to snag another color!

    4.8.21 Reply
  10. Congratulations! I love these so much – and am SO TORN between the babydoll and the v-neck maxi!!

    4.8.21 Reply
  11. Maggie:

    I just snagged the midi dress in the green palm print, I have a recent obsession with everything tropical! In the past I’ve stayed away from that length b/c I’m 6’ tall, but I’m reaching a point where I don’t really care how things are “supposed” to look, as long as I’m happy with how it looks. Can’t wait for it to come!

    4.8.21 Reply
  12. Congrats! I think all of your collabs have dropped during the pandemic, right? Basically the Taylor Swift of fashion right now.

    4.8.21 Reply
  13. Jill:

    Grace! I am so excited about this staples line but have I question for you… I am fuller busted and swing in between a medium and large in the Drop dresses. I’m deciding between a medium and large right now. Saw your comment about the dresses being oversized but interested if the medium may be tight in the boobs! Thoughts? It has always been great to see other sized influencers in other Drop collections. Thanks so much! Congrats on the move!

    4.8.21 Reply
    • Hi Jill! Hmm, which ones are you deciding between? For the kaftan I would say get a medium, but for the other two I’d size up (the empire waist of the mini will cut you funny, and the v-neck is slightly tight just above the bust!

      And I know! I wish I could have shown it on other influencers but unfortunately I did not have any gifting samples for this one. In the past I’ve always made an effort to show a range of body types but didn’t have that for this. Though they did use a range of modes in the professional photos on their site.I will be sharing reader photos as they come in!

      4.8.21 Reply
  14. Madeline:

    Just bought the navy midi dress!

    4.8.21 Reply
  15. Sonal:

    Hi Grace! What’s the return policy on these dresses? I can’t find it on Amazon.

    4.8.21 Reply
  16. Molly:

    Congrats, Grace! I have a silly question – do you think the kaftan in blue (or red) will show sweat? Thanks!!

    4.8.21 Reply
    • Hi! I think probably! Not positive as I haven’t worn either in a sweaty situation, but it feels like they might?

      4.8.21 Reply
  17. Jess:

    Hi Grace, Congrats on this launch!! I really love the kaftan and the midi dress, but I’m worried about being 5’1″ and these pieces all being too long. Do you happen to know if sizing down would change the length much? Thanks!! Excited for you 🙂

    4.8.21 Reply
    • Hi Jess, I’m not entirely sure! I think that it’s the same length across the board (lengths are listed on the product page!). I will say that since neither of those styles are lined it would be easy for a tailor to do a quick hem!

      4.8.21 Reply
  18. Christina:

    Ordered the kaftan and baby doll dress! Both are a little out of my comfort zone – but that FIRE red kaftan is just … well, fire, ha, and I was intrigued by the cut and fit of the babydoll as an easy spring dress. I’m excited!

    4.8.21 Reply
  19. Molly:

    Congrats Grace and love the lined baby doll, especially on you 🙂 Restock request!

    4.8.21 Reply
  20. They sold out of so many colors and sizes so quickly — I’m so happy for you!!!!! What a big exciting week, so glad

    4.9.21 Reply
  21. Sarah:

    Hi Grace – I got the little short dress in both the white and blue! So cute and comfy! I had hoped to get the green but it wasn’t available in any sizes when I used your links on launch day and checked again today and still nothing in green. Do you happen to know if they’ll release it in any sizes in the green? I got the white and blue both in large but could maybe do a medium. The large seems a tad bit big but I know it’s supposed to be a roomy fit and was concerned a medium might be too hard to get on or tight in the chest. I’m usually a large in most tops and dresses. But the color I’m really hoping you’ll ask Amazon to release it in is black!! It would be the most perfect little black summer dress!!! Please please please come out with this style in black – I would buy 5 of them to always have them forever!!! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect little black comfy summer dress that can be both dressed up or down and this would be the ideal style. The fact that is has lining is ideal so it’s not clingy! Anyways – hoping it becomes available in the green as well. Congrats on the launch!! Woohooo!!! And also congrats on your move to Charleston! I can just imagine how these dresses will be ideal down there!

    4.15.21 Reply
    • Hi Sarah, I don’t know that we’ll be restocking but I appreciate all of this feedback!

      4.17.21 Reply
  22. Lynn:

    Congratulations on the drop ! ❤️ I love what you do for Charleston

    5.4.21 Reply
  23. Wendy:

    My sapphire blue kaftan arrived today. I’m so happy! I love that it is slightly cinched in the middle (you can’t see the cinching) but not tight, but looks loose. Less fly away. Thanks for making my days between your BOP podcasts and The Stripe.

    7.7.21 Reply