This Week’s Good Things, 2.8.21.

This Weeks Good Things 2.8.21
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How was your weekend? Mine did not go as planned but ended up being really nice, regardless.

My friend and I had a road trip up to visit our friend Catherine Howe’s studio. Catherine is one of my favorite artists and she’d invited us up – we were so excited! We booked (and paid for a rental car!) but when we got there there was an extremely long wait and then… no cars! I try not to blame everything on this but I think Mercury is in retrograde? So instead, we had margaritas. (Sidebar: Oxomoco in Greenpoint is heaven – the food was incredible and they have a wonderful heated outdoor patio.)

Yesterday there was more snow so I just cozied up and read. I am reading The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. It’s pretty upsetting so far, mostly because I am at the part where Cora (the main character) is enslaved. The way the slaves are treated like animals and tortured is really hard to read. It is beautifully written but there are some graphic scenes. I’m glad I’m reading it but it isn’t easy. I’m also still listening to Untamed which should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves a people pleaser.

OH, and also, I watched the entire first season of Firefly Lane on Netflix. I really enjoyed it, as did Becca… but will say my mom did not like it! She read the book first, which I think contributed to that. If you watched (or read the book), I’d love to hear your thoughts. I can’t wait for season 2!

This Week’s Good Things, 2.8.21.

This Weeks Good Things 2.8.21 | Curated Book Care Packages from a Black-owned Bookstore.

Curated Book Care Packages from a Black-owned Bookstore.

A reader (thanks Kait!) emailed me to tell me about this service – it’s a bit like Stitchfix but for books. Old Capitol Books is a Black-owned bookstore based in Monterey, California. They are currently closed for in person shopping but they have two really cool services. You can purchase a curated books care package (all chosen uniquely to your special interests – each care package includes books, stationary, and other little gifts. Or, you can purchase their “banker box of books,” where you pick two favorite genres and they’ll fill a box with surprise books! So clever – and what a fun way to support a small Black-owned bookstore.

This Weeks Good Things 2.8.21 | Podcast About Mommy Bloggers

A New Podcast About Mommy Bloggers!

There are a lot of podcasts about influencers but I’m excited about this one. Jo Piazza is a journalist (and mom), taking a deep dive into the world of the “Mom Internet” in particular. The world of mommy bloggers is fascinating for so many reasons (Having two sisters who have children you just have to wonder how their lives always look so perfect, so clean, every child smiling, etc!). So I listened to the first episode and really enjoyed it.

I will say (and I said this to Jo!) I am always wary of promoting anything that makes fun of the influencer industry (so many snarkier podcasts exist, just making fun of it without actually understanding the industry or that yes it is a real job), and from what I can tell so far Jo takes a thoughtful look at it. I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes. You can learn more here in Apple Podcasts!

Fake Famous on HBO Max

Fake Famous on HBO Max

I have so many feelings about this documentary. Basically, HBO Max (or the producers, rather) take three regular people and turn them into influencers by buying them followers and doing big photo shoots, etc. etc.

I enjoyed it (mostly by separating myself from it and looking at this particular example as a case study) but the way that it worked in the film was just so different from what I’ve done (my peers too!) that it did feel like they didn’t quite understand the industry or all the work it takes to actually build a community and a real audience. They really normalized bots and buying followers/engagement, and that truly isn’t the case for most influencers… or, at least the influencers in my circle. Soooo I objectively enjoyed it but also as kind of like WTF. Then again, that’s probaly the point and also – it’s titled “fake” famous! It’s enjoyable and interesting, I’ll just say… have fun watching it but don’t look at this film and think that it’s how influencing actually works! Woof.

Veronica Beard x Bobbi Brown lipsticks

Veronica Beard x Bobbi Brown lipsticks

Veronica Beard and Bobbi Brown have collaborated on a limited edition collection of lipsticks (just two colors) and they are SO pretty (and also hydrating and just great, as are all of Bobbi Brown’s products. There is a classic rosy nude that’s perfect for every day, and a glamorous red orange that will make you feel like a million dollars. I haven’t been wearing a lot of lipstick these days but both of these are so pretty and when I tried them on I remembered the power of lipstick…. it really does make you feel amazing!

Veronica Beard x Bobbi Brown lipsticks


Top photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says 2.8.21

    I’m glad you had a good weekend, Grace! Fake Famous sounds interesting… should I give it a watch? Haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • grace at the stripe says 2.8.21

      Do it!

  2. Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl says 2.8.21

    I feel like I’m avoiding “fake famous” because it’ll make me angry unnecessarily and well, in 2021 I don’t need more stress in my life. But very excited to check out this mommy podcast, thanks for the rec!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    • grace at the stripe says 2.8.21

      It’s going to make you angry for sure haha. I had some wine and just separated myself… but man… the way they talk about bots and buying engagement like it’s normal and not illegal fraud is just… something!

  3. Natasha says 2.8.21

    I may be wrong but I think the book care packages are not available (or I’m doing something wrong which is very possible). Love the idea!

  4. Susan says 2.8.21

    Can I ask where you found the orange slide in table for your couch? My husband and I have been looking for one!

  5. meghan says 2.8.21

    In another good thing for this week, I just signed up for Winc via your weekend roundup and I’M SO EXCITED. Wine for my tastes, delivered to me, with curation that only gets better with time? *swoon* Thanks for always recommending the best things.

    • grace at the stripe says 2.8.21

      Aw YAY!!!!! I hope you love it as much as I do, it’s such a treat. I just ordered another box, stocking up on the chilled red which is my new favorite!

  6. Jessica Camerata says 2.8.21

    I was so disappointed with Fake Famous. I think I was expecting an ACTUAL experiment without bots and instead just creating the most impressive awesome content (or maybe the most basic to see if that was what people love?). But instead they just cheated the system. Killed me! Especially the part when they basically said bots will never go away bc it improves the value of the platform for its shareholders.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    • grace at the stripe says 2.8.21

      I totally hear that. I still really (weirdly) enjoyed it but had to separate myself from it!!!!

  7. Denise Atwood says 2.8.21

    I’m coming around to”Firefly Lane.” I wish it were chronological but I’m hooked!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.8.21

      YAY <3

  8. Libby says 2.9.21

    Hi Grace! I have been following your blog for a while now and love love your content and photos! You are so talented. I get a lot of my recs from you for books, shows,etc. I love how you are reading books about race trying to understand it more. I too want to do this as well, because you cannot understand something unless you learn more about it. Even though we can’t walk in their shoes, we can learn about what they are going through or have gone through. So inspired by you. Keep up the great work!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.9.21

      Thank you Libby!