This Week’s Good Things, 10.5.20.

This Week's Good Things, 10.5.20. Amazon Drop Collection

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice. I went to a really beautiful art show on Saturday (more on that below) but otherwise all I really did was work, chores, and watch Emily in Paris (more on that below, too!). Boring, but the art interlude in between was a definite highlight. It’s starting to get colder here in Brooklyn which makes me a little bit nervous… I’m really going to miss street cafe life once it gets really cold. I am hoping that maybe the restaurants in my neighborhood will come up with a good solution (heat lamps? we can pretend it’s apres ski?) as I don’t feel comfortable with indoor dining just yet.

This Week’s Good Things, 10.5.20.

Amazon the Drop

I guess the biggest news is that my Amazon the Drop collection launches this week! I will be posting the day to my instagram a little later on, but I’m getting so excited. The outfit above is a matching top and pants which was one of the things I was most excited to make – it does not disappoint! It makes me so happy and feels like pajamas… pajamas that you can dress up with heels and a little leather jacket! The perfect WFH look. Make sure you’re signed up for updates to get a text or email the minute it launches.

Nessa Designs in This Week's Good Things, 10.5.20.

Nessa Designs

Nessa Designs is actually a blog reader’s company (Hi Meredith!) and when she reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in covering her business (and also her new stone VOTE necklace which is so beautiful) I was like “oh my god, yes, PLEASE!” Her pieces are drop dead gorgeous and beautifully crafted. Meredith is a finance executive by day and an artist by night.

She combines natural elements and organic forms with high-quality gems and precious metals. Think diamonds set inside pebbles. And because of that, each piece is really unique and special and completely one of a kind. The stones are taken straight from nature and include all of their flaws, and then polished nad set with precious stones. So beautiful. She sent me a really beautiful pendant necklace which I’ve been wearing pretty much every day since getting it. I wanted to wait to take proper photos of it but just love it so much. They are definitely a higher price point as they’re fine jewelry and handcrafted in NYC but something you will have and cherish forever. Lastly, there is a charitable tie-in with Dress for Success, which I love!

Catherine Howe Exhibit

Catherine Howe Exhibit

Catherine Howe is one of my absolute favorite artists. I have been slowly starting to collect more and more original art and her and Hunt Slonem are two of my favs. I bought a piece of hers a few years ago at my friend Rob’s gallery without knowing her or much about her, I just loved it. It’s the abstract yellow and gold piece I have in my kitchen. My other friend had brought me to the gallery and I saw it and was like, “GUYS, that is definitely a cat.” And they were like “OK whatever Grace…”

All I knew was that looking at it made me happy and that I definitely “needed” it. Anyway, we became friendly over Instagram, it turns out she’s a huge cat lady too and it WAS indeed a cat, and since then we have kept in touch and met up at her studio and gallery in the city.

When I saw her newer work on Instagram, I just… fell in love. They’re tantric flower paintings, painted with monotype acrylic on habotai silk and a product of (something I think we can all relate to) playing around during quarantine. I’ve never seen anything like them, they are magical. Her show is at the Gold/scopophilia gallery in Montclair, New Jersey. It was a little bit of a hike for me in Brooklyn (I wrangled my friend into driving me, we had a fun girls’ afternoon) but 1,000% worth the trip!

The new silk paintings are just so incredible! I ended up buying the one on the right. I am so excited to get it when the show ends.

Emily in Paris featured on The Stripe by Grace Atwood

Emily in Paris

I am having a lot of polar opposite feelings about Emily in Paris. First of all, I watched the entire first season on Saturday (all ten episodes, yes, I am garbage). And I loved the fashion. But I didn’t love the show. I had a lot of conflicting feelings. I didn’t like any of the characters, and couldn’t relate to anyone. I’m somewhere between the age of the uptight French boss and Emily (played by Lily Collins who is adorable). So, I guess… old enough to be annoyed by Emily’s optimism (she’s just way too perky!) but young enough to find her boss to be rude and (stereotypically) bitter.

I don’t want to be a jerk and shit all over it. Honestly I thought that this article had a lot of good points on why it fell flat for so many of us (timing is everything!). I wouldn’t discourage you from watching it but just manage your expectations and tell you it might make you a little bit sad. If you want mindless and fun with annoying characters but great fashion, this is for you. Also, Emily’s love interest, Gabriel is an absolute dish.

makeup museum featured on The Stripe

The Makeup Museum

As a beauty lover, The Makeup Museum sounds RIGHT up my alley. It was originally supposed to open on May 1st but of course with COVID that did not happen. They just opened their doors on 9/1, hustling to create a completely hands-free experience and following extreme safety guidelines. It looks very cool and while I’m not in the city a lot these days, I’m thinking of checking it out next time I am in the area!

Biden For President Merchandise

Hot Merch for Biden

I found out about this brand via my friend Akilah and oh wowowowow… I love! It’s all so good and I love that 50% of the proceeds go to the artists and 50% go to the Biden/Harris campaign. My favorites are probably the horoscope collection (they’re so simple but DEAD ON if you are someone who cares about your horoscope – I do!) but also the Cat People for Biden tee which you better believe I ordered on the spot and absolutely cannot wait to wear!


photo by Carter Fish.

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  1. I’m excited for your collection! Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.5.20 Reply
  2. Devin B:

    Thanks for sharing the Hot Merch for Biden site! (And I love listening to the WAD podcast) Such a great way to support the campaign/artists. It was so hard to decide which to purchase but I ultimately chose cat people for Biden as well

    10.5.20 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    Grace – you are looking so happy and radiant these days! Is the gray leopard outfit you are wearing in the first photo part of your Amazon Drop collection?

    10.5.20 Reply
  4. Emily:

    I agree on Emily in Paris. Not only is it ill timed during the pandemic but I felt the fashion was so ridiculous; the Dior logo cap was the worst! Another great article on why Emily in Paris just doesn’t work can be found on Messy Nessy.

    10.5.20 Reply
  5. Rebecca:

    Indoor dining has been allowed in the UK since July and I’m still not ready – totally relate. Hoping all my favourite places continue to offer takeout throughout winter!

    10.5.20 Reply
  6. Mimi:

    I haven’t watched Emily in Paris…but I heard she is pretty relentless dissing on Chicago. I live there, so not sure I would be able to tolerate it for long!
    Thanks for sharing the Biden merch and the Catherine Howe beauty!

    10.5.20 Reply
    • Oh I didn’t really pick up on that but there were many other reasons to be annoyed, ha! You’re so welcome, have a great week ahead!

      10.5.20 Reply
  7. Brianna Rooney:

    ugh, SO many thoughts on Emily in Paris. I watched all of it yesterday AM (after drinking too much rose on Saturday). Everything from her job to how they depict Parisians to the streets of Paris…it’s all wrong! She also was a bad character – she CONTINUED to kiss a man with a gf she was friends with! she lied…it was all bad.

    While I couldn’t look away, it really fell so, so flat.

    Fingers crossed for a great drop launch this week!

    10.5.20 Reply
    • Could not agree more with everything you said! (Yet like you also couldn’t stop watching). The social media stuff about her job was so annoying and wrong!

      10.5.20 Reply
  8. Kaye:

    1. AGREED on Emily in Paris, and 2. Thank you for introducing me to Catherine Howe!!! Montclair is a stone’s throw from me, I’ll be making a visit soon. Next time you’re in Montclair, there’s so much good eating and shopping to be had in the downtown area!

    10.5.20 Reply
    • OMG yay! The gallery is so cute and there’s an adorable courtyard with a restaurant just outside. The town was so cute too.

      10.5.20 Reply
  9. Christie:

    I totally agree about Emily in Paris! It was kinda fun to mindlessly watch with a glass of wine and my latest knitting project (cozy socks!) but not genius. I saw it described as “like a beautiful vacation in Paris with your most annoying friend” and that feels pretty accurate to me haha.

    10.5.20 Reply
    • HAHAHAHA YES that is a perfect description, plus a side of annoyance that you can’t go on said vacation so have to just watch.

      10.5.20 Reply
  10. Taylor:

    Everything about Emily in Paris, including the “fun” fashion, seems dated from the trailer. Your review helped save me from a binge on a problematic show disguised as escapism.

    10.5.20 Reply
    • Yeah, I enjoyed the fashion but I also still (ten years or however long it has been) enjoy the Gossip Girl fashion!

      10.5.20 Reply
  11. Marcella:

    I’ve only seen the first ep of Emily in Paris but idk the cinematography annoys me it’s like, they Disneyland-efied Paris?? So far the plot seems pretty predictable to me but I’ll probably continue watching, it’s either that or Married at First Sight

    10.5.20 Reply
    • Hahaha they totally did. And yes, unfortunately we do not have a ton of TV options so… looked great compared to what else was readily available!

      10.5.20 Reply
  12. Jennifer:

    Good luck on your collection this week. Have the long-sleeved green dress from the first drop and love it, even as the weather turns colder!

    I love your comments on Catherine Howe and would love a blog post about buying art for newbies, in general. I feel intimidated by the process and some tips would be fantastic. Sounds incredibly silly, but I went to her Instagram and it brought me to a link tree for what looked like a gallery listing but I didn’t see any way to buy a piece and I don’t know how to go about it. Recently, another artist I liked had work available for sale with instructions to DM to purchase, which I did and I haven’t received a response. I would love some type of how-to, including artists on the rise, what is appropriate etiquette, whether framing is a good vs. bad investment (I think good but what do I know!), etc. Thanks for everything!

    10.5.20 Reply
    • Thank you so much, and so glad you are still loving the dress.

      I will consider that as a future topic but am intimidated by the idea of writing that post as I really don’t know that much and am not an expert… I kinda just wing it.

      In this case, I went to the gallery and wasn’t even sure if she’d be selling the paintings! And re: framing, I usually ask the artist or gallerist what they would do. In some cases you don’t need it. W/the Catherine Howe painting I bought it def requires framing as it’s a silk piece and oils from your hands would lead to brown spots. But I only know this as they told me. The gallerist (Jen, she’s lovely!) offered to help me figure out framing as she has a framer she really loves (she’s going to send me options) That way when the show ends she can take it to the framer and then get it to me.

      I think my biggest tip is to express how clueless you feel, and they will help you! I guess that’s the post! Ha!

      10.5.20 Reply
  13. Lisa Autumn:

    OMG I just love Emily in Paris right now!

    Lisa |

    10.5.20 Reply
  14. Mollye Oler:

    Grace, totally agree with Emily in Paris! But also, what’s up with all the Chicago bashing! While I’m
    a die-hard cubs fan there is more to us than deep dish pizza and cheering for them!

    10.5.20 Reply
  15. MM:

    Grace I just wanted to say you look really pretty in this photo!! Is that weird? haha but who doesn’t love a compliment. Have a great Monday!

    10.5.20 Reply
  16. Betsy:

    Forget Emily! I am taking this opportunity to stump for Ted Lasso on Apple+! Sweet, funny, and upbeat it is my absolute favorite these days.

    Speaking of stumping, that Nessa Designs stone VOTE necklace is breathtaking. Cannot wait to fall down that rabbit hole tonight.

    10.5.20 Reply
  17. i watched 1/2 episode of emily in family and abandoned it. fashion is great, plot is so predictable, and just not relevant now in my opinion.

    10.5.20 Reply
  18. Katie:

    Ugh on Emily in Paris! I wanted to like it but I was born and raised in Chicago and it did not paint my hometown is a very good light. Also some major straight up false references.

    10.5.20 Reply
    • Yeah the Chicago references weren’t great. I didn’t pick up on it as I have only visited a few times but several readers felt the same as you!

      10.6.20 Reply
  19. Dana Mannarino:

    I went to a restaurant with heating lamps and honestly it was SO nice. I don’t know how it’s going to be when it’s super cold BUT I’m definitely enjoying it now. Also LOVE that horoscope tee – it is SPOT ON haha

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    10.5.20 Reply
  20. Thank you so much for sharing the Makeup Museum is open. We cannot wait to welcome you when you are back in the City!

    10.12.20 Reply