Inside Hunt Slonem’s Inspiring Brooklyn Studio.

Spending the morning with one of my favorite artists (and buying one of his pieces!) made for an experience I'll never forget. His studio is one of the most amazing places I've seen!

I could not be more excited about today’s blog post. If you’ve followed awhile (especially on Instagram), then you probably know by now that I am Hunt Slonem’s super fan. I love his work… especially the bunnies. I have all of his books, I bought his wallpaper and had it framed, I like every Instagram, and so on and so forth. MAJOR FAN. On a whim, I decided to DM him on Instagram (his feed is amazing BTW) to see if I could coordinate a studio visit. I’d heard that the space was amazing, and figured it was a long shot… but what the hell… sometimes you need to take a chance! I was pleasantly shocked when his team got back to me minutes later, inviting me in! I was so, so excited.

Also – I know that this post is a little different than usual… would love to hear if you’d like to see more art features! Art is one of my biggest passions but I don’t talk about that a lot on the blog… let me know! (And if not, that’s cool too!) And I’m sorry for the photo overload… Trent was as excited as I was and gave me back over a hundred beautiful, edited photos from the day… it was really hard to narrow it down. Hopefully you love them as much as I do… total eye candy.

What blew my mind about the space was that it wasn’t just Hunt’s art. The space is packed with incredible antique furniture, plants, birds (yes living ones!!), hats (Hunt is a huge collector)… it’s one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever visited.

Hunt has lived with birds as a child… and has had up to 200 birds at a time! He learned so much about birds from bird keepers and being in the tropics + being fascinated by toucans. And I learned a lot about birds from him… did you know that parrots can live up to 100 years?! And… supposedly, Winston Churchill had one that lived to be 175 years old!

I got the chance to sit down with Hunt and ask him a few questions.

When I asked him about his use of color, his face lit up.

To me, color is like candy… every time I go to a paint store I take like 50,000 chips to play with and study and hold them up.

When I asked Hunt about the bunnies and how he got started, I was fascinated by his response.

He started with religious paintings… he’d been an exchange student in Nicaragua in high school and brought back all these holy cards and started painting off of them. The bunnies started as groups of rabbits. Hunt later got excited about Victorian portrait frames and started doing little paintings to fill them in. The rabbits became a standalone thing, and eventually a study. From there, he also started painting butterflies and birds.

Even though Hunt is an artist and not a designer (duh), I was so inspired by the space he created. So I asked him to share a few design tips for those of us looking to update our space. I loved his tips!

Beige is overrated. (I so agree!)

* Large paintings can actually look really incredible in smaller environments – they become a mural!

* Color can be really powerful. A yellow bedroom is very pleasant. As red is so stimulating it can be great for a sitting room or dining room.

* Save old things and give them new life by getting them reupholstered with a beautiful fabric. He didn’t tell me to plug it, but Hunt’s fabrics for Lee Jofa are amazing. My friend Sally used them to decorate her nursery and I am absolutely obsessed with how it turned out!

I bought my first bunny (the turquoise one with diamond dust, that I’m holding above). It’s probably my favorite possession – no kidding. And I say “my first,” as I definitely plan on building up a little collection.

you're going to love these!

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says 2.20.18

    What a beautiful studio, an inspiring
    working place for sure! Love the clash and combinations of colours. Beautiful!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      Thank you Charmaine! xx

  2. Emily says 2.20.18

    This may be one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done. Would love to see more art features! 🙂 His work is so inspiring and beautiful, like a whimsical fairy land. Thank you for sharing!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      Oh GOOD! So glad to hear that. xx

  3. Megan says 2.20.18

    I love hearing more about art!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      Sooo happy to hear that!!!

  4. Carly A. Heitlinger says 2.20.18

    Absolutely LOVED this Grace… I like his butterflies!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      Thanks friend!!! I’m obsessed with his work!

  5. Brianna says 2.20.18

    I LOVE this post! So much gorgeous color and what a great story. If art is your passion, talk about it on here. I know nothing so this opened my eyes, at least to a pretty instagram feed for now.

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      Aw I am so happy to hear that!!! Thanks Brianna! xo

  6. Silvia says 2.20.18

    oh my god! this post totally made my day! I love the bunnies and the studio! I wish this pink room would be a coffeeshop 🙂 — yes, please, more art posts!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      YAY – that makes me feel so happy to hear!!!

  7. Emily says 2.20.18

    Love this post! Completely inspiring. A large part of why I follow you is because you’re so different from most other bloggers… this is a nice segue from your piece earlier this week about not going to fashion week. Your perspective on books, wellness, art, etc. are why I really enjoy reading along.
    As an aside, I have a flight coming up this week so over the weekend I picked up a copy of “The Wedding Date” that you mentioned in your insta stories. Can’t wait to start it!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      I’m so happy that you loved it!!
      AND YAY – that’s the perfect book for a flight! Get cozy and enjoy.

    • Emily says 2.20.18

      Thank you for mentioning “The Wedding Date”! I just heard the author on a podcast but was driving so I forgot about it. Adding it to my books-to-read list!

  8. Briana says 2.20.18

    Such a great post! I studied art history in college and it’s still a huge passion of mine that I’d love to write about more on my blog but I’ve found it’s sort of a hard topic to write about in a non-academic way. I think you did a great job with this, making it fun and approachable.

    briana |

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      Haha, see, I know very little about art – I just know what I LIKE, so my posts are not that academic… which is probably why it felt approachable. Thank you! xx

  9. Nikki says 2.20.18

    Art is a great new avenue for your blog… I’d be really happy reading more art posts 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      I’m so glad to hear that!!!

  10. Quinn says 2.20.18

    Loooved this post. What a gorgeous studio! Your passion really came through on this one, Grace. I will go out on a limb and say that most of us follow you because we like YOU! Not just fashion or beauty or whatever the “norm” is for bloggers these days. Whatever you are interested in and want to write about, we will read and (most likely) love.

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      I am SO happy to hear that! Thanks Quinn (and thanks for the kind words, about liking the blog because you like ME.) That’s about the best compliment a blogger could get! Have a great day. xoxo

  11. Emily says 2.20.18

    Hey Grace – I loved this feature! It is so inspiring and creative. I liked that it is unique from a lot of other content that I see on blogs — keep up the good work!

  12. Emily B. says 2.20.18

    Love this! So cool to get to see the studio. I can’t wait to get some fabric to use in my house! I would love to hear about how you picked out the piece that you did. I don’t know how in the world I would choose!

  13. Caroline says 2.20.18

    Yes, more art posts please!! I loved this! Xoxo

    • grace at the stripe says 2.20.18

      So glad to hear this! Thanks!!!

  14. dana says 2.20.18

    I’m honestly not a huge fan of art, but Hunt’s studio is BEAUTIFUL and I love how damn happy you look here!!! I’ll definitely look into the books to start up my addiction;)

    The Champagne Edit

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      Aw thank you so much Dana!!! xx

  15. Janet says 2.20.18

    I’d love more art posts. I visited a couple of museums and exhibitions on your recommendation on some of my trips to NYC.

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      So glad to hear that! x

  16. Carrie says 2.20.18

    Gorgeous space, thank you for sharing. Adore that pic of you grinning at him like a little kid!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      Aw thank you Carrie!!!

  17. Wayne Harris says 2.20.18

    All his places are very Fascinating from the art colors, Furniture And even the chandeleurs he picks out and every thing has a story. I had the Pleasure to do some work some work for him and i enjoyed it and to see all the fascinating things i liked your post about it

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      Thank you Wayne! Such a big fan of everything he creates.

  18. Denise Atwood says 2.21.18

    Love this post ad all the photos, thank you for sharing, his plants amaze me too!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      We need to go together!!!!

  19. elizabeth ashley says 2.21.18

    YES! Would love to see more art content! I was so excited to see this post after seeing it on your stories a while back 🙂 So so fun and interesting.

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      So happy to hear that! Thanks Elizabeth!

  20. Mae says 2.21.18

    This was such an interesting post! The studio is amazing and it was great to be introduced to a talented artist! Your blog is the only one I read daily (via the daily emails) because it feels like so many bloggers just write about stuff to buy, but you write about books, self-care via wellness and much more (now art too)!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      Thank you Mae!!! That makes me really happy to hear.

  21. Jenn Lake says 2.22.18

    What a great feature! Love the piece you picked out!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      Thank you so so much Jenn!!! xx

  22. Cathy says 2.22.18

    I love this feature piece and would like more of this on the blog. Would also love to know your opinion of the Stairway to Nowhere piece at Hudson Yards.

    • grace at the stripe says 2.22.18

      Thank you, I am so glad to hear that!!! I haven’t seen Stairway to Nowhere yet but will add it to my list!

  23. lara says 2.23.18

    love this post grace! i studied art history as my major in college and this is so refreshing and fun to see you telling us more about this passion. great change of pace and offering! love it!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.23.18

      Thank you so much, Lara! xx

  24. A Girl, A Style says 2.25.18

    Oh my gosh, this is SO cool! You know I’m a fellow art-obsessive, so I love getting an insider peek into his amazing studio, and love his tips too. So envious of your bunny painting (I’ve been desperate to add one to my collection). Definitely more art posts please!

    P.S. Do you follow Luke Edward Hall? I feel like you’d also love him too! We should try to visit his studio next time you’re over!

    Briony xox

    • grace at the stripe says 2.25.18

      I didn’t til now!!! LOVE! Yes we must go!!!

  25. Rachel says 3.3.18

    This was such an interesting post! I’d love a follow up about where you hung the art in your apartment!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.3.18

      Thanks Rachel!

  26. glenn cohen says 5.25.18

    what is your address

    We will be in the city in early June

    we bought one bunny picture from Palm Beach studio

  27. Cindie K. says 2.8.19

    Incredibly well-written article! I am also a huge Hunt fan! His studio is just incredible. I especially enjoy his indoor garden and his love of birds. The photos that accompany this article are exquisite. I have put the article in my favorites file so I can enjoy it over and over again!

    • grace at the stripe says 2.9.19

      aw thank you!

  28. Barry Bridgwood says 9.12.21

    W0W how exciting! Great pics! Also a super fan! I have a pink bunny!