This Week’s Good Things, 10.26.20.

This Weeks Good Things 10.26.20

I had a really nice weekend and hope you did too. A lot of down time and rest and reading, and of course my niece’s birthday party yesterday. I laughed so hard as I bought this stroller for Zoe (to push her dolls around in), but on Saturday night I’d had a few cocktails and came home and put Tyrion in it. When I captioned my story, “I did a bad thing,” a lot of you thought I had bought the stroller for Tyrion. Lol. I haven’t gotten quite to thaaaaaat level of cat obsessed yet (and let’s be honest, even if I did I wouldn’t have room for the stroller! Also for the record: Tyrion was furious at me for doing that.

Anyway! This weekend I finished My Sister the Serial Killer. It was only medium. It was good but not excellent. Also, more of a dark comedy than a mystery/thriller. I’d still recommend it but I didn’t quite feel like it lived up to all the hype. (We’d been considering it for our November book club pick and chose something else, which we’ll announce on Monday). Also! I watched The Witches on HBO Max and was also only medium on that. The book was my favorite as a kid!

This Week’s Good Things, 10.26.20.

Anyway here’s this week’s list of good things. Enjoy!!!

This Weeks Good Things 10.26.20

Dream Home Makeover on Netflix

I got sucked into watching Dream Home Makeover (the Studio McGee TV show) on Netflix. It goes quickly… just six episodes, each 25 minutes long. I liked it! I liked it more than the Home Edit show. But I wish it were maybe a little more tactical (I’d love to have had more detail on where/how she sourced things) and could have lived without the kid/family stuff (even the husband, to be honest!!). But I think Shea is incredibly talented… I’ve followed her instagram for years and love her aesthetic. It’s a fun watch. Also: I can’t believe they now have 90 employees AND, does anyone else think she looks (and sounds?) a little bit like Jessica Simpson? I thought it was a little bit uncanny but that might be because I’ve gotten obsessed with Jess after reading Open Book.

This Weeks Good Things 10.26.20

I am so thrilled for my friend Alisha Ramos (she’s also the founder of Girls Night In, and a past Bad on Paper Podcast guest) as she has gone and launched a brand new business…! Whiled is a leisure brand and their first product is… PUZZLES, which you know I love! Alisha generously sent me one and I chose the Ladies Who Lounge puzzle. It’s 1,000 pieces so I am a little bit intimidated but I am ready. On the website, Alisha says “I knew I needed Whiled to start with a puzzle. There’s nothing better for cooling my brain than putzing over a puzzle in my living room, a candle lit, music playing low, catching up with my partner after a long day of work. Puzzles allow for pause and play.” I love this philosophy so so much.

This Weeks Good Things 10.26.20

Wolf Ceramics

I’m always on the hunt for cool, chic ceramics and while working on gift guide planning, discovered Wolf Ceramics. Wolf is a female-owned small business (employing four artists and based in Portland, Oregon) and their pieces are STUNNING. There are a lot of gorgeous pieces in their shop (and a lot is sold out) but my personal favorites are the cerulean blue wine cups, the eclipse vase, and this stunning white satin dinnerware. They also have a fantastic instagram page with updates.

The Hotel Lobby Candle Company

The Hotel Lobby Candle Company

Another friend launching a cool business! I am so impressed with Lindsay, who just launched The Hotel Lobby Candle Company. I ordered mine yesterday (I got the set, so will report back with thoughts on both fragrances). They actually sold out in half an hour, but I’m sure they will eventually restock in time for the holidays! Congrats, Lindsay!

LOMLI Coffee

LOMLI Coffee

This is something I bought this week! One of my girlfriends was telling me about LOMLI coffee: compostable coffee sachets that you steep like tea. This is actually something I’ve thought about before… like why does it not already exist? I have been trying to figure out what my Charleston coffee solution is going to be (I’m obsessed with my Nespresso Vertuoline but am not going to buy a second coffee maker for just six weeks, so have been considering buying an inexpensive French press) and this feels like a great solution. Once it arrives and I try it I will keep you posted on IG stories.


photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The candles look and sound great (and I’m sure they smell great too!) ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jackie says 10.26.20

    Grace, just wanted to thank you for so consistently highlighting woman-owned small businesses in your posts. I’ve discovered so many great companies because of you, including Bombchel Liberian-made masks from your post last week, which I cannot wait to support. You do a really great job of providing exciting, fun content that is also meaningful, and your posts are a bright spot for me in a dark time. Thank you!

  3. Alexandra says 10.26.20

    Thank you for sharing so many great small businesses! I’m aiming to shop solely small business for my parents’ and sister’s Christmas gifts, and everything you’re sharing is really helpful!

  4. Judy Werner says 10.26.20

    I have tried coffee bags before and the coffee was weak. Curious to see if these are better. Great solution for your trip.

  5. Betsy says 10.26.20

    I am so interested to hear your review of Lomli! Would love an alternative to the coffee maker other than cold brew (my usual go-to when a machine is not available.)

  6. mary says 10.26.20

    Just wanted to say thank you for so often wearing masks in your outfit posts. I know you’re outside and probably safe without it in those circumstances, but it normalizes mask-wearing for the rest of us as we head into a scary winter. It’s more important than ever to play it safe, protect ourselves and protect others. You are a good influence-r!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.27.20

      Thanks! Just sharing my everyday outfits… and now they include masks! What a time… 🙂

  7. Raquel says 10.26.20

    I am so curious to hear your review on the coffee sachets! would make a good gift!

  8. Isa says 10.26.20

    Highly suggest an italian Moka pot for your coffee! Bialetti brand. It’s a life changer.

  9. Donna says 10.26.20

    Thanks so much, Grace for the LOMLI love! Hope you enjoy it! Means the world that you’re supporting my small biz.

  10. Carrie says 10.26.20

    hi Grace! I continue to love your blog and am so sad it took me this long (like, all the blog years) to find you. This is unrelated but I am taking a break from instagram (again!) so wanted to reach out! Who makes your right hand ring again? the lovely diamond band one? thank you!