This Week’s Good Things, 1.4.21.

This Weeks Good Things, 1.4.21

Hello from Brooklyn – it sure is weird (though good?!) to be home! It feels like nothing has happened but so much has happened all at once? Yesterday was spent opening the past six weeks worth of mail (mostly junk mail and holiday cards!) and unpacking. Within 24 hours I felt fully back to normal and at home in my apartment but it still felt… weird!? I am happy and sad all at once, I guess. Six weeks in Charleston and all that time with my family was the best gift I could have ever given myself. It truly was just the absolute BEST. I will say I did really miss my apartment and my bed!

This Week’s Good Things 1.4.21

This week will be pretty uneventful. I’m quarantining until Thursday when I take my second test (and then longer as I wait for my results) so I am just going to be working away over here (and doing a whole lot of cleaning and organizing) until then. I just finished re-watching all of Sex and the City for the second time in six months last night, and would love any TV recs if you have them. I did watch Bridgerton in just a few days… holy steaminess, I definitely have a crush on the duke.

This will be a fun week of content over here, especially for my fellow bookworms… I’ll have everything I read last month (it was a lot!) up for you tomorrow and then my big list of everything I read all YEAR later this week. And lots of other fun things in between. It was really nice to take a little time off to rest and recharge and be a bit lazy but I’m happy to be BACK!

outfit details from above: Amazon Sunglasses (my FAV), Nicola Bathie Earrings, Rixo Dress (an older style, snagged on The RealReal), Chanel Bag

This Weeks Good Things, 1.4.21

Death to 2020 on Netflix

Oh my goodness. This was excellent. It is what I guess I’d describe as a documentary style comedy with an all-star cast (Hugh Grant is amazing – I didn’t even recognize him at first) and extremely sharp writing. It’s so funny that I may need to watch it again and again (though I am not sure I need to revisit 2020 much further) as the writing is just so good.

This Weeks Good Things, 1.4.21

Doze Off Roller

My friend Karen gave me this Doze Off sleep roller from Plantjuice Oils (I also love their mask sprays, I reviewed them a few weeks ago) and I love it. I am not big on essential oils (they smell nice, I just never really think they do much) but this roller is AMAZING. I gave my sister one as well and she said it’s the best thing I’ve ever given her (even better than the Equipment pajamas I got her, I guess!?). You just dab a little on your temples, wrists, base of your neck, and under your big toes. It smells heavenly and I really do think that it helps me fall asleep too. It probably helps that the formula contains 50mg of CBD, too!

Nicola Bathie’s Garden Collection

It is no secret that I am a huge, huge fan of Nicola Bathie’s jewelry. She makes some of my most favorite, treasured earrings… you have probably seen me wear her pearl hoops at one point or another, I wear them at least once a week! Her stuff is definitely more of a splurge but the quality is incredible and her pieces have a special vintage one-of-a-kind feel to them. The new(ish?) Garden Collection is FAB. My personal favorites are the golden daisy drops (worn in the photo above) and these mother of pearl and blue glass trellis drops. LOVE. (And no, they aren’t too heavy – I have nonexistent earlobes so can’t go too heavy.)

Apiece Apart Sweatsuit

Apiece Apart Sweatsuit

Apiece Apart has been a favorite brand of mine for a long time. They very generously gifted me this sweatsuit and I LOVE it. The fit is perfection (I take a medium in both pieces) and the organic cotton is just… heaven? It’s heavy but still so soft. The balloon sleeves on the top are gorgeous (it would be totally fine for a Zoom call) and I love that the joggers are a little bit cropped. It comes in 5 colors, including classic black but I love the chambray blue.

Francis & Benedict

Francis & Benedict

While I was in Charleston I went to my friend Natalie’s trunk show and she was wearing the most stunning dramatic maxi skirt made from West African wax print cloth. Turns out, it was from a very cool brand local to Charleston – Francis + Benedict. They make beautiful handmade (unfortunately for me) limited edition skirts while empowering women out of poverty in Togo, West Africa. Everything I want is currently sold out but I’m now stalking their Instagram and signed up for emails, waiting for a restock!

photo of me by Clay Austin.

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  1. Diana says 1.4.21

    You look so amazing in the photo!! Welcome back to Brooklyn. Sounds like Charleston was a perfect trip – all those homemade dinners looked incredible! Looking forward to the return of the pod 🙂

  2. Maggie says 1.4.21

    Welcome back to blogging! I know that everyone deserves a break at the holidays, but the internet sure was quiet this past week! I really enjoyed the Charleston + extra Tyrion content on IG the past 6 weeks!

  3. Hope you had a great new years, Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Molly says 1.4.21

    Death to 2020 was hilarious! I was not expecting much, but wow, so good!

  5. Jeannie says 1.4.21

    Welcome back Grace! I agree, Death to 2020 was well done and I thought Cristin Milioti was esp hilarious! I loved her in modern love and palm springs, so it’s too bad she’ll still be defined as the “mother.” Anyways, I’m looking forward to what content you have in store for us, esp your book recs! Happy new year!

  6. Danielle says 1.4.21

    TV Rec – Love Life on HBO with Anna Kendrick was AMAZING. 10 episodes, ~30 minutes each – I watched them all in one sitting and the last episode twice. Highly recommend!

  7. Sarah says 1.4.21

    You got the date wrong! It’s not 2020 anymore thank god

  8. Zara says 1.7.21

    Hi Grace! I loved Death to 2020 too but a lot of movie critics hated it and gave it low ratings which was perplexing (i read online reviews on everything i watch haha).

    Great to see you back blogging! I miss your daily posts 🙂