This Week’s Good Things, 1.11.21.

This Weeks Good Things 1.11.20
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I hope you had a restful (and at least happy-ish or maybe even just decent) weekend. I was so lazy. And I took a complete break from the news. And rather than reading (my original game plan, oops) I basically just marathoned TV. I watched all of A Discovery of Witches (I loved the books – this isn’t as good but it’s very fun) and I started Tiny, Pretty Things (kind of like Gossip Girl but with murder and ballet?). It was just an easy and self-care-y weekend and now I feel ready for what is going to be a busy week: sponsored content is picking back up again after the holiday break and I have lots and lots of deadlines this week. We also have some exciting stuff coming up for the podcast.

This Week’s Good Things, 1.11.20.

This Weeks Good Things 1.11.20

Dumpling Lover’s Diary

My brilliant (and amazing chef) friend Emily Fedner just launched her second e-cookbook, Dumpling Lover’s Diary! I absolutely loved the first one (Pasta Lover’s Diary). You can even buy a bundle set of both books. Emily’s instagram account is one of my foodie must-follows and besides being insanely talented in the kitchen she is also just such a nice person. She has (in her words), spent a good majority of her life seeking out the best dumplings around. But it was her Babushka Lola who taught her how to make her famous potato vareniki.

The book is packed with creative takes on her favorite dumplings, with an emphasis on dumplings from Soviet-adjacent cultures like Georgian khinkali and Uzbek manti. Also: a portion of proceeds from book sales will be donated to Welcome to Chinatown, a grassroots initiative that aims to support, revitalize, and honor the culture of Chinatown. COVID-19 wreaked havoc on small business everywhere but Chinatown was hit especially hard.

Emily Heller

Lots of Emilys in today’s post! My friend and I watched Emily Heller’s comedy special on Youtube this weekend and I thought she was very very clever and funny. And particularly relevant right now. I have decided I’m going to watch a bunch of comedy this week as an antidote to the news and I’m always looking for more comedy from women; so if you have any favorite female comics (especially BIPOC) I am all ears!!!!! Leslie Jones’ Time Machine is next on my list… I love her.

Briogeo Discount Code

Briogeo Discount Code

I am so excited as I am working with Briogeo this month. They’ve been one of my favorite hair care brands for a while now (the scalp scrub is insaaaaane – it smells like a girl scout thin mint cookie!) I am going to have a nice long review for you up on the blog this week but I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Don’t Despair, Repair line. If you have dry or damaged hair, you are going to absolutely LOVE these products. Annnnnd through 1/18 I have a code for you: GRACE gets you 20% off sitewide!


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This (thank you Steph) may be my new favorite instagram account. It just cracks me up so much. The craziest finds from zillow. My first encounter was this listing, which is just the best. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you but there is such a good treat for you at the end. If you love @pleasehatethesethings (an older favorite of mine), you are in for such a treat!

Flamingo the best $10 body cream

The best $10 body cream

I emptied out this Flamingo body cream over the weekend and when I went to link it for beauty empties on Instagram stories, I realized it was only $10!? It had been gifted to me by the brand several months ago (I’m a huge fan of their razor and wax strips too!) and I just assumed it was at least $20 or $30. It feels like a high end luxury body cream. Am absolutely repurchasing.


photos by Allie Provost and Clay Austin.

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  1. BIPOC comedy specials on Netflix! Sam Jay “3 in the morning”, Chris Rock “Tamborine” is the absolute best, Michelle Buteau “Welcome to Buteaupeia” – enjoy!!

    1.11.21 Reply
  2. Yasmeen:

    Pretend it’s a city in Netflix is awesome. Directed by Martin Scorsese, he interviews Fran Lebowitz. She’s hilarious. I highly recommend!

    1.11.21 Reply
  3. Now I can’t stop scrolling through Zillow Gone Wild! It’s so fun! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.11.21 Reply
  4. Shana:

    Watched a Discovery of Witches as well this weekend – so good!
    Also the SATC news?! is it real, can it be??

    1.11.21 Reply
    • IT IS REAL AND I AM THRILLLLLED! This is the news we all need!

      1.11.21 Reply
      • Shana:

        right?! I am such a nerd but it gave me chills I got so excited when I read SJP’s announcement – LOL!

        1.11.21 Reply
  5. Kelly:

    I would say Tiny Pretty Things is like a cross between Center Stage and Pretty Little Liars! I’m very into it, lol. Thanks for the roundup, Grace!

    1.11.21 Reply
  6. Samantha:

    Tiffany Haddish’s comedy is also well worth checking out!

    1.11.21 Reply
  7. Stephanie:

    Hanna Gadsby : Douglas. Just watched last night and it was hilarious!

    1.13.21 Reply
  8. Melissa:

    Hi, title of the post says “20” instead of “21”. 2020 just won’t die! Sorry if someone said this already.

    1.16.21 Reply