The Perfect Boots for Fall.

Sarah Flint Perfect Stretch Boot

If you have followed me for a long time, you know how much I absolutely love Sarah Flint’s beautiful shoes. I say this often but I just cannot do uncomfortable shoes. I walk a lot and I also just think life’s too short to wear anything that isn’t comfortable (be it a too tight pair of jeans, uncomfortable shoes, etc.) Besides, when you don’t feel comfortable in something, it shows! Sarah Flint’s shoes are the perfect marriage of comfort and beauty.

My newest pair from her is the brand new perfect stretch boot and I could not love them more. I need arch support (which is why I don’t wear a lot of flats) but these have her signature anatomical arch support (my favorite part of ALL her shoes) to support the natural arch of the foot. They are so comfortable and absolutely beautiful. They come in black as well (so classic) but I personally prefer the taupe. If I were still living in a colder city and needed to wear tights more often, I’d probably have chosen black.

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PPS – They’re water resistant, too!

Sarah Flint Perfect Stretch Boot

Sarah Flint Perfect Stretch Boot Taupe

More on the Perfect Stretch Boot!

As with all of Sarah Flint’s shoes, they are handcrafted in Italy. Also: (maybe this is why I like them so much!) they’re not fully flat… there is actually a very small (30mm) heel. They are comfortable enough to wear all day long. The expanded toe box and extra padding (6mm!) help with that. The front is water-resistant suede and the back has a stretch panel which means you’ll always get a perfect fit.

Also, a minor detail but an important one. There is a pull tab on the heel which makes them easy to take off. I really appreciate this as I often get “stuck” in my tall boots.

I like to wear mine with mini dresses but think they’d look great with everything. Skinny jeans or leggings, peeking out from underneath a longer dress… LITERALLY, everything – they are so versatile!

Lastly, sizing! I find these very true to size. I am an 8.5 in most shoes (an 8 if it’s whole sizes only) and take a 39 in these.

Sarah Flint Perfect Stretch Boot review

Sarah Flint has been one of my long time partners and makes up at least half of my shoe collection. It’s such an honor to work with this brand! On a really exciting note, I will be designing a pair of shoes with her (launching next Fall). On Friday, I head to Vienna with her and two other influencers. I am so excited!!!!

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Thank you to Sarah Flint for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Jessica Camerata:

    I have yet to try her shoes, but you are slowly convincing me!! Love this with the little light blue dress the most!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    10.6.21 Reply
  2. Sara:

    I love tall boots and these look beautiful. However, I have very slim calves and most boots are built too wide for my legs. Im wondering if the stretch on these would help them fit better.
    I checked the website but couldn’t find the circumference of the boot opening at the top. Do you have this info?

    10.6.21 Reply
    • Hi Sara,
      I don’t have this info but Sarah Flint’s customer service team is amazing. I would send them a note, I’m sure they can help!

      10.6.21 Reply
  3. Mackenzie:

    Grace, these are the prettiest boots I’ve ever seen. They are simple and perfect. These may need to be my 30th birthday present to myself. I wonder what these looks like on short people though. I am only 5’2”. Excited to see your designed shoes next year!! Do you know if you will be designing boots or another type of shoe?

    10.6.21 Reply
    • Hi! I think they would probably work, but maybe come up just a little higher on you than they do on me. I am 5’8 but I don’t have long legs. As for my shoe, it’s a surprise! I am not sure yet. Most likely a heel but you never know.

      10.6.21 Reply
  4. Briana:

    Grace that is so exciting!! Just casually throwing in that you are designing a pair of shoes! I hope you will be able to share the design journey with us either in real time or once the project is further along. GO YOU!

    10.6.21 Reply
  5. I loooove my Natalie flats from Sarah Flint. How exciting that you get to design with her!! Can’t to see what you all come up with!

    10.6.21 Reply
  6. Deejay:

    love your dress and blazer! Please share deets and Happy belated birthday! <3

    10.7.21 Reply
  7. Hina:

    Hey Grace,
    I just commented on a previous post about any sales coming up with Sarah Flint and here you are designing shoes with them! OMG! How amazing and many congrats to you. I can’t wait to see the results and I’m so, so eager to buy some shoes from Sarah Flint (thanks to all your influence)

    10.22.21 Reply
  8. Olivia:

    Love these boots, just got a pair of the black ones but… I’m having a little trouble getting them in and off; and I have pretty thin calves. Any advice? I’m not very experienced with tall boots..

    11.13.21 Reply