The Most Magical Self-Tanning Mist!

The Most Magical Self-Tanning Mist | St. Tropez Bronzing Water

The Most Magical Self-Tanning Mist!

Just a little Friday beauty post… have you tried St. Tropez’s Bronzing Water? I have to admit, I was skeptical / this sounded like a weird product I didn’t need. But then TIBAL raved about it, and around the same exact time as that, my friend Kathleen gushed about it at dinner. It was that perfect intersection of an Internet friend and a real life friend both raving about a product, which made me take the plunge and order it for myself. I am now nearly halfway through my first bottle and can say that I wholeheartedly agree with them both. This little mist is absolutely magical.

But let’s back up. My warm weather (in the cold weather I don’t really self tan, maybe just a little on my face) self tanning routine is as follows.

Once a week, I will use the St. Tropez bronzing mousse (I used to use the classic mousse but that new kit is SO good) all over my whole body and face. It’s messy, so if I am being honest I sometimes just can’t do it… I’ll do these Dr. Dennis Gross wipes instead (these are great, but the color isn’t quite as good as the bronzing mousse. In my personal opinion, that mousse delivers the best bronze… perhaps this makes me sound incredibly lazy but I just don’t always have the energy to deal with the mitt, washing the mitt, getting it all over my counter, etc. The wipes are a good lazy girl alternative).

Since I use acids and retinol on my face, I apply self tanner to my face more frequently than I do to my body. A couple times a week (on non acid and retinol nights – read more about my skincare routine and what nights I do what in this post!), I will just do Dr. Bader and in that case I mix in a drop of the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops (the green ones – LOVE!) in with the Bader.

The newest addition to my routine is this mist. You can use it any time, anywhere. It doesn’t smell bad (the scent is nice… slightly tropical?) I like to use it in the morning before makeup. Or sometimes I’m going to bed and look a little pale and I’ll spritz a little bit on then.

What makes it so magical is how low maintenance it is.

It doesn’t smell (even as your tan develops), it doesn’t streak, and it gives you a really pretty glow (without any rubbing in – yes, you heard me… you don’t need to rub it in, which is nice as even when I wash my hands I always wind up with tan finger tips if I’m not careful). I don’t know how they did it but they did. It’s a great product. Two thumbs up from me! They have a body mist as well, I think I may try that next?


Photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. SKB:

    Agree! This mist is a staple for me. It’s also great for neck/ chest if you know you’ll be wearing a lower cut top. My favorite use of it though (besides face tanning obvi) is that it is amazing if you end up with any weird self tanner lines around your wrists or ankles – just a spritz helps blend it all together!

    5.7.21 Reply
  2. Katie:

    I’ve been eyeing this self tanning mist for a while. Does it stain surfaces it touches if you overspray? If the mist hits bath rugs or counters?

    5.7.21 Reply
    • I have not noticed any staining but am also pretty careful!!! I always wipe down my sink area after getting ready.

      5.7.21 Reply
    • Kate Losee:

      It has rubbed off on my pillowcases but it washed out.

      5.7.21 Reply
  3. Katie:

    Just bought it and excited to try it on my face. I’m worried about it making my blonde eyebrows and hair close to my face orange. Any issues with it coloring hair??

    5.7.21 Reply
    • I have not personally noticed it but my eyebrow hair (and roots, ha ha) are dark. I’ve never heard of self-tanner coloring someone’s hair orange though!!!

      5.7.21 Reply
  4. Lisa Autumn:

    Okaaaaay I’ve never really gotten into self tanning that much but I think I should give it a try soon!

    Lisa |

    5.8.21 Reply
  5. Helen:

    I love isle of paradise but this sounds great because you don’t have to mix it with your moisturizer. Do you have to rub it in after you mist it on your face? If not then how do you know you sprayed it on evenly?

    5.10.21 Reply
    • Hi Helen, no – you don’t have to rub it in! I am not sure, I just make sure I spray it on as evenly as possible and have had no problems!

      5.12.21 Reply