The Dyson Air Wrap.

The Dyson Air Wrap

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I love my Dyson Air Wrap SO MUCH. There is definitely a learning curve; when I first tried it I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t be able to master it and that this blog post would be terrible but with practice, I got better. I would say that after the third time I used it, something just clicked and I was like, OH – this is how it works!!! What makes the Air Wrap so cool/effective is that it combines the moisture from your hair with Dyson’s powerful airflow + heat to style AND dry without using extreme temperatures.

The Dyson Air Wrap Review

My hair is thick and naturally coarse/wavy. It’s not curly (my sister has these really pretty bouncy curls) but something in between, so it needs to be either blown out or curled to look good. Or put in a bun if I’m lazy, ha ha. Before getting this, I would tend toward getting it blown out as it usually takes me a solid hour to do my hair myself. I will add that I used to get regular keratin treatments every 4-6 months but have not found a spot in Charleston yet. So my hair is pretty much back to its original texture. I haven’t gone for one since last February.

I can Air Wrap my hair in about 30 minutes. This is full, soup to nuts blow dry with a bouncy wave. OR I can just blow it out sleek and straight in a little over 20 minutes. This is huge for me. I will never be the person who can spend a whole hour doing her hair. At the salon, at least I can bring my laptop to work (or if it’s a slower period, a book to enjoy). This gives you bouncy waves that last, and it’s fast. But again, there’s a learning curve!!!

The Dyson Air Wrap Review

There are three ways that I use the Air Wrap, and it’s all about which attachments you use.

The Dyson Airwrap is engineered for multiple hair types with barrels to curl and wave, and brushes to control, smooth or add volume. It comes with several different attachments. The ones I use most are the paddle brush, the round brush, and the 1.6″ Airwrap barrels.

The first is to just blow it out pin straight using the brush attachment. (bottom, middle). No frills, no bounce or waves… just simple, straight hair. This takes me just over 20 minutes and is what I did for the top photo). Honestly my ends are pretty dry and I need a cut so this is not the look for me right now…! But once I get it cut, I do like a sleeker look.

The second is to use the round brush attachment (bottom, middle) and do your regular old blow out. This takes me a little longer than with the brush, maybe 25 minutes? It’s basically the same thing as blowing out your hair with a round brush, but (for me) faster.

The third is a little more complicated. I split my hair (because there is a lot of it) into two sections. For the bottom half, and frizzy bits around my face, I use the round brush attachment. Then once that is done, I pin it aside and use the 1.6″ air wrap attachments to dry and curl the remaining sections. This works perfectly for me. This takes me about 3o minutes! I’m going to detail out how I do that below! I also made you a reel on Instagram!

Also, for all of these styles, I rough dry it a little bit first, using the blow dryer attachment. Also, if you have the Air Wrap, I do not think you need a separate blow dryer.

The Dyson Air Wrap Review - attachments

A mini air wrapping tutorial in photos

Honestly though, watch the reel – I feel like that’s way more helpful!!!!

  1. Rough dry your hair using the blow dryer attachment. Then, divide your hair into two sections and pull out any of the pieces that get frizzy (for me it’s those pieces by my ears and around my hairline)
  2. Use the round brush attachment to get the bottom half of your hair straight with a bit of curl at the ends.
  3. Section off the top section and begin air wrapping. Be sure to switch out the attachment each time you change sides!


Also wanted to share a few tips for making sure your curls will HOLD.

First of all, you want to make sure your hair is damp but not too damp! This is important! When I get out of the shower, I pat my hair dry with a regular towel to get out excess water, and then I put it in an absorbent turban (I love the Aquis towel) for 15-20 min. This works best for me but might be too long for someone with finer hair.

When you are using the Air Wrap barrel, use high heat and air flow. I had problems with mine one day and realized it was because it was on a lower setting, so it wasn’t pulling my hair in the way it usually does.

Once your curl is dry, end it with the cool shot, and turn it off before taking the curl off. This sounds like a lot of steps but I swear it is quick!!! I spray intermittently with hair spray (I really like Kenra’s) once my hair has cooled.

How to make curls last

This is how it looks when I just use the paddle brush attachment to get it straight. Easy, and only takes 20 minutes. I’m overdue for a cut right now, once it’s shorter I’ll probably do this more often. Sometimes I just want plain old straight hair. But this is nothing exciting, anyone can do this.

The Dyson Air Wrap Review

I took this photo on the day I felt I’d actually mastered the fun air wrap attachments. This was a good day; I was so excited!

Dyson hair curlers Dyson barrel attachments The Dyson Air Wrap Review

professional photos by Laura Saur.

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  1. Stacey:

    Thank you for this! I just got an airwrap this week and used it for the first time yesterday. Definitely wasn’t perfect yesterday , but am excited to have this easy tutorial! The technology for the barrels is cool. I also love that is less damaging to hair than my Revlon volumizer, which I know fries my hair!

    12.9.21 Reply
  2. E:

    OK, I’m sold, been wavering on this for a while.
    Too bad they are all sold out !
    Happy Holidays to you and yours Grace.

    12.9.21 Reply
  3. drea:

    Love this! It looks fantastic and I’m glad you were able to figure it out. Though I will say, for all my curly haired ladies out there – it does NOT work the same on curly hair, as I learned the hard way – spent a full month trying it out to no avail and finally returned it!

    12.9.21 Reply
  4. Sue Olden:

    There’s a picture on the wall of a human sitting on an ostrich. Really? What a way to treat an animal.

    12.9.21 Reply
  5. Naomi Harris:

    I have noticed your hair looks professionally styled in most of your recent years posts and stories on Instagram, It must be due to the air wrap!!

    12.10.21 Reply