Dyson Hairdryer Review.

Dyson Hairdryer Review by The Stripe

This post was originally posted in June 2019 but I’ve updated my review a bit.

I have had my Dyson Hairdryer for a few years now. It’s always a topic of conversation; both with my girlfriends and my blog readers. Is it worth the money? Does it really make a big difference? Why is it special? And why is it so GD expensive!? I’ve talked to my hair stylist about this, I’ve talked to my friends about it… it’s a hot topic! So today I wanted to (finally) write a blog post to talk about that – the technology Dyson uses, how it works, and of course – whether it’s worth the money. So here it is… my very official Dyson hairdryer review.

Dyson Hairdryer Review

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is an ultra high-tech hair dryer with super powerful air flow, great for those with very thick hair who would ordinarily spend a long time blow drying their hair. I personally love it but I have very unruly hair post air dry. It’s especially great right now when I cannot get into a hair stylist very often!

How it Works

Dyson is known for their vacuums (I also love my vacuum cleaner from them!) and the incredible technology they put into their products. The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer uses a special motor (it’s built with a powerful V9 digital motor for ultra powerful airflow settings) that dries your hair faster than usual while also preventing heat damage with intelligent heat control.

This part is really cool: it actually measures the air temperature 20 times a second so that you don’t have to worry about overheating and damaging your hair. It will also decrease frizz and flyaways. There are four heat settings and three different speed settings. It also comes with several different magnetic attachments, including a smoothing nozzle and a new flyaway attachment which I really love.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Dyson Hairdryer retails for $429. It isn’t cheap and rarely goes on sale. A good time to buy it is the Sephora VIB sale. Sometimes there are bundle deals.

How To Use The Dyson Hairdryer

While the air multiplier technology behind the dryer is different from other hair dryers, it operates like any other hairdryer. It’s just very powerful. I section my hair off with clips, and use a round brush to dry it.

How To Store Dyson Hair Dryer

Outside of storing the dryer back in its case that it originally comes with, I prefer to store mine using a magnetic stand to keep cords orderly and the attachments all in one place.

I’m including this video hair tutorial that I filmed last winter – it shows how I use the dryer – and then curl it afterward to achieve that Dyson airwrap look. The styling concentrator also helps to direct air flow.

I’d also recommend protecting hair with a good heat protectant. I’m a big fan of this one from Alterna!

Is the Dyson Hairdryer Worth the Money?

In my opinion, for my particular hair type (thick, unruly and wavy with a tendency to get VERY frizzy), it is worth the hefty price tag. Blow drying my hair used to be an actual arm workout! It would take me about 45 minutes to blow dry my hair with any other hair tools and with the Dyson, I can get the job done in 25-30 minutes. With a keratin treatment, I can get it done in a solid 20, without any arm ache. So for me, it’s definitely worth the money if you have curly hair or typically need more than 30 minutes to blow out your hair.

It’s a great product, the technology is super cool. That being said, if you don’t spend more than 30-40 minutes blow drying your hair, this isn’t worth the money. This is all about decreasing drying time. I have friends who want to buy it and it only takes them 15 minutes to blow dry their hair and that price tag just seems silly to me. If you can blow out your hair that quickly, get a cheapie drugstore blow dryer! I just don’t think it’s worth it if it only takes you a little while to dry your own hair. The heat control technology is pretty cool (and so is the gentle air attachment!), so if you have really damaged hair that may be helpful, but overall I don’t think it’s worth the money unless you have ultra thick hair or curly hair!

Is the Dyson Hairdryer Worth the Money? Is the Dyson Hairdryer Worth the Money?

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. The Dyson hairdryer sounds great – but I still think it’s too much for me since my hair is quite easy to deal with (it dries straight naturally). But thank you for the review! Good to know you really tried and tested it for a long time before writing this. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.21.19 Reply
  2. I have somewhat short hair (a long bob) so it doesn’t take that long for me to blow dry it, in fact, I haven’t blow dried my hair in the longest time, I just let it air dry. That hairdryer has always seemed so interesting to me but if you say I don’t need it (and my wallet is thanking you) then I guess I’ll pass but if I ever grow my hair out again and get it super long, I feel like a dryer like this would be perfect because it’d take me a really long time to dry it otherwise.

    6.21.19 Reply
    • Yeah, with short hair I think it’s a lot easier to style. My hair is longer now and this makes such a difference!

      6.21.19 Reply
  3. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I always wanted to try the Dyson hairdryer. I have the airwrap styler and LOVE it!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    6.21.19 Reply
  4. Dana Mannarino:

    I definitely am one of those girls who just wants it because it’s cool. I don’t really ever even blow dry my hair, but when I do, I feel like I’m really damaging it so that would be the only perk of buying it. Thanks for the review, Grace!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

    6.21.19 Reply
  5. Anne:

    As a mom who works outside the house, and has to get myself and my 8 year old out the door so I can get her to school, dropping blow dry time from 15 to 5 minutes with the Dyson was a game changer, but I realize that puts me in a specific category of bougie, Brooklyn Moms 😉

    6.21.19 Reply
    • HAHA this made me laugh but I am sure it does!!! One of my (upper east side mom) friends said the same thing. 😉

      6.21.19 Reply
  6. This post just made me love your blog even more! First of all, I LOVE all things, Dyson, even if they are currently out of my price range. I cannot wait to own a vacuum and blow dryer and whatever else they come out with. But I love coming to your site, enjoying the content and never feeling like I am being sold to. Thank you so much!

    6.21.19 Reply
    • Oh my gosh thank you – that’s my goal so I am glad to hear that!!!!

      And FWIW prioritize the vacuum over the hairdryer. Both are great but the vacuum changed my life. I might be slightly in love with it!

      6.21.19 Reply
  7. Cathy:

    I recently got the Dyson Airwrap and I have to say it has changed my hair life. It has attachments so I can blow it dry smooth or curl it as it is drying. It was ridiculously expensive ($500) but for my thick hair, it is completely worth it. I previously used a Harry Josh dryer and while that had decreased my drying time some, being able to dry and style in a short time is a game changer. Grace, have you tried the Airwrap?

    6.21.19 Reply
  8. Greta:

    I got the dyson hairdryer, and it has been life changing, for my hair and (I’m a little embarrassed to admit), for drying my dog’s hair! I have a sheepadoodle with long hair that takes forever to dry. This helps so much!

    6.21.19 Reply
  9. Kiki:

    I received the Dyson hair dryer for Christmas and it has been a total life changer! I have shoulder length hair that isn’t particularly unruly but gets super puffy and frizzy in humidity. This hair dryer has completely stopped my hair from poofing. My sister in law with incredibly thick hair also has the Dyson and has noticed the same improvement. I know it’s expensive but I think it is worth it!

    6.21.19 Reply
    • That’s amazing and so good to hear! It’s great to hear from someone with a different hair type than my own.

      6.21.19 Reply
  10. Barbara Ross:

    I have the Dyson Travelpack airwrap and I’m very disappointed that it doesn’t have to all power. I’m on vacation and I can’t even use it.

    6.21.19 Reply
  11. Scott Munson:

    Can a remanufactured hair dryer be purchase?

    6.21.19 Reply
  12. Steph:

    The dyson hairdryer was a game changer for me. I’ve burned out a few hair dryers and it always took ages. My hair is fine but super thick. Add humidity and it’s like Monica on holiday in Friends. Bought the air wrap styler also (total splurge) and it is incredible. Have had three people ask where I got my blow out when I’ve done it myself. Highly highly recommend!

    6.21.19 Reply
    • Thanks for the endorsement!!!

      6.23.19 Reply
    • Kay:

      If I have the airwrap, would getting this blow dryer be redundant or is this different than the dryer attachment that comes with the airwrap? Thanks!

      8.23.20 Reply
  13. Carolyn Greene:

    I read that if you have short hair, it’s not worth but I love mine. My hair stylist uses it and she bought one for me so I got her discount.

    6.21.19 Reply
  14. Robin:

    I have the Dyson Airwrap, haven’t used any other hair tools since I got it. I have fine but very thick hair and it works wonders for me, I can see how the value might not be there for someone with faster drying hair, though. I bought it the first day it launched, before any reviews were out, because I just knew it was for me. And it was! Worth it.

    6.22.19 Reply
    • I’m so curious about the Airwrap but I can’t justify having it AND the dryer!!!

      6.23.19 Reply
  15. Hazel Dewey:

    I bought the Dyson hair dryer last August. The cost of the dryerI thought was way to high. My hairdresser used the Dyson on me and I loved the look.
    I have short hair that I want to dry fast.
    I love, love this hair dryer.
    Until you use this dryer you will not understand the passion one has after the first use.

    6.22.19 Reply
  16. Mari:

    The Dyson dries the hair fast but it seems to leave the cuticle open and the hair feeling like cardboard (or maybe it’s just my hair type – thick & coarse). After blow-drying, if u come in contact with humidity, the hair gets super frizzy! I bought it and had to return it.
    I also bought the Buttercup dryer and it dries the hair pretty fast as well and left it smoother than the Dyson for $180 but the next day frizzy again.
    I returned it and bought the Chi Onyx Euro blow-dryer and it dries the hair as fast as the Dyson for a fraction of the cost and left it shinny and anti-frizz.
    The Bablyss Blow dryer also leaves the hair shinier and silkier than the Dyson but takes about another 10-15 minutes longer to dry.
    I think the Dyson is just good for drying the hair fast but it doesn’t leave it silky at all.

    6.22.19 Reply
    • That’s really interesting because I had the opposite experience! Goes to show that everyone is different!!

      6.23.19 Reply
    • Virginia:

      I had the same experience- my curly, thick, frizzy hair was left feeling more coarse after using the Dyson. Returned the Dyson and went back to my Babybliss. I need to look into the Chi Onyx Euro for my next dryer.

      8.19.20 Reply
  17. How much does it weigh? Is it comfortable in your hand?

    6.22.19 Reply
  18. Lois Reek:

    Love the Dyson hair dryer. Makes my hair look so full.

    6.23.19 Reply
  19. coco:

    Love yor blog and your style! This won’t break the bank and will blowy your m. our hair — seriously, try it!


    6.25.19 Reply
  20. Ximena:

    I prefer my Karmin dryer I love it

    6.25.19 Reply
  21. Although I don’t think I’ll be buying one (because I don’t usually blow dry my hair as it dries naturally straight and mostly non-frizzy!) it’s good to read it’s worth the money. Especially that it reduces your hair-drying time so much!!

    Emily | Snippets of Em xx

    6.26.19 Reply
    • It definitely does! But I only thing it’s worth it if you blow dry your hair a lot and have thick/wavy texture! xo

      6.26.19 Reply
  22. Mary H Keiger:

    Love the Video! Can you please link the circle light?

    7.21.19 Reply
  23. Elizabeth Ewan:

    You would have to be seriously unhinged to spend this much money on a hairdryer – leaves me completely speechless – having to dry your hair with something so expensive is just a first world issue

    10.24.19 Reply
  24. Sarah Anderson:

    I am reading alot about the Dyson hairdryer, I am definitely give it a try, thanks for sharing 🙂

    7.20.20 Reply
    • Let me know how you like it!

      7.20.20 Reply
    • Amanda:

      Hi Sarah, I bought a vacuum from dyson last year and they incessantly send me 20% off coupons by email. Just got this one a few days ago if you’re thinking about purchasing! LQXU5SEJ (Not at all a referral/promo, I am a normal person and they won’t let me unsubscribe so I wanted to pay it forward. Hope you love it!!

      8.18.20 Reply
  25. Olivia:

    I received this as a birthday gift recently and I really do love it. I have thick, long, and relatively unruly hair that used to be a mess to dry. This has cut my hair drying time down to maybe 10 minutes max? I would really recommend for those people whose hair drying routine rules their life. I believe Ebay has a connection with Dyson and they sell certified refurbished too.

    8.19.20 Reply
  26. Kay:

    If I have the dryer that comes with the airwrap, would this dryer be redundant?

    8.23.20 Reply
  27. sophia:

    Thanks for all the info! I am dying to try the dyson. I have thick, curly, unruly hair that I have done every kind of straightening on (keratin, brazilian, Japanese, etc.) for 10+ years and the idea of dyson just sounds perfect. The only way i could justify the purchase though is if with this dryer I no longer have to do keratin treatments. Do you think that would

    1.7.21 Reply
  28. Christina:

    So I was actually researching how Dyson a blow dryer worked when I came across your review. I saw another video explaining it’s also supposed to make your hair silkier and shinier up to over 120% as well lol idk about that. But it’s interesting to see reviews from people who’ve actually tried it. I have LONG, thick, wavy hair. So it’s pretty difficult to manage and style. Especially, after showering so I always end up throwing it in a braid and letting it air dry. It legit takes it 3 days to fully air dry in a braid. So I really wanted this hair dryer if it does what it claims it does. The price is just so astronomical. I know they started out with vacuums and anytime a company ventures off away from what they started from, the products always end up being subpar. I have a Dyson 3in1 heater/AC & air purifier. The motor is so powerful, I can’t run it on the highest setting or it will blow a fuse and my power goes out. Lol also the heater doesn’t get as hot as I’d like which is quite disappointing. It also doesn’t go a long distance when blowing either. So, it makes one wonder, how did they get their hair dryer to blow better that their stand alone heaters? think that’s what makes me the most skeptical.

    2.26.21 Reply