The Best Red Dress(es) For Spring.

The Best Red Dresses For Spring by Grace Atwood
dress // bag // heels

Hi hi! How is your week going?  Last night Becca and I had drinks with our Internet friend Morgan. Morgan loves cats and books as much as I have and I have been following her for ages so it was fun to finally meet in real life! I really love her feed and if you are looking for more bookstagram accounts to follow, hers is an absolute MUST!

My friend Cassandra threw a party a few weeks ago and wore this dress and I was so sure it was vintage! I asked her where it was from and was so excited when she told me it was Anthropologie – and current. So of course the next day I went out and bought the same one. It’s the best!!! I’d say that it definitely runs on the smaller side. I took a small and it’s pretty loose. I’m usually a small or a medium in dresses and button front dresses often gape in the bust and that was not the case with this one. I would usually have ordered a medium because of the button front but reviews said it ran large so I’m happy that I listened!

ALSO – I will just say that I bought this dress from Anthro when it was still available in extended sizes and it sold out SO quickly in plus sizes;  so annoying! I linked to a few cute plus options down below!!

Outfit Details: Anthropologie Dress (this one is available up to a size XXL and so is this one and this comes in all sizes up to a 4x!) // Sarah Flint Heels // Paravel Bag (also here!) // Estee Lalonde x Daisy Jewellery Necklace

The Best Red Dresses For Spring

The Best Red Dresses For Spring

You might have gathered that I really love red. It’s one of my favorite colors! From an easiness perspective it goes with almost everything (practically a neutral) but it still stands out and makes a fun splash. I have been wearing the Tanya Taylor dress from this post constantly (like, constantly, to the point where my friends laugh at me for wearing it so much!) and have gotten a lot of requests for some similar, more affordable options so here are three! The Leith wrap dress is probably the closest, and only $79… but I realllllly want that Rachel Parcell dress too! And this dress is only available in plus sizes but it’s SO PRETTY.

Rachel Parcell Dot Dress // Boden Print Wrap Dress // Leith Floral Maxi (plus version here!)

Grace Atwood's Details: Red Anthropologie Dress // Paravel Bag // Estee Lalonde x Daisy Jewellery Necklace Paravel Bag Grace Atwood's Details: Red Anthropologie Dress // Sarah Flint Heels // Paravel Bag // Estee Lalonde x Daisy Jewellery Necklace Grace is sharing the best red dresses for spring Grace Atwood's Details: Red Anthropologie Dress // Paravel Bag // Estee Lalonde x Daisy Jewellery Necklace Sarah Flint Heels

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Red is such a bold and glam colour – wish I could pull it off! It’s a looking too attention seeking for shy lil’ me, haha! Love your dress though! You look gorgeous! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Marta says 5.16.19

    Gorgeous dress, I love the very subtle texture. And I love red too, I started using it more when I had ginger hair and loved it. Dyeing my hair made me experiment with tons of new colours that I had never realized looked good on me.

  3. Erin says 5.16.19

    So cute! Just bought it for myself. 🙂

  4. Lisa Autumn says 5.17.19

    Oh I love the one you are wearing!

    x Lisa |

  5. Evelyn says 5.17.19

    Hello! Did you purchase the necklace online or somewhere locally? I love that one and many of the others that are on the site.

  6. Roxanne says 5.17.19

    This color is so pretty on you! Love love love it.