The Best Opaque Black Tights.

The Best Opaque Black Tights

I have been a fan of Express’s opaque black tights for years now and wanted to get a post up about why I love them so much. I wrote a post about Sheertex’s tights more recently and I have been loving those for something more on trend (sheer tights are very on trend right now), but for something more classic, I always reach for my Express tights. In my opinion (I know this is controversial, haha) I think they are even better than Wolford tights (which are much more expensive!). No one makes a better pair of black tights than Express.

My favorite thing about opaque black tights (besides the added warmth) is how long they make your legs look. Especially when you wear them with tonal (black!) platform heels or booties. A nice, sleek look.

The best opaque black tights

what are opaque tights?

Just to clarify. Opaque tights just mean that they are fully solid and not sheer at all. They are made from a blend of 77% nylon and 23 spandex and create a nice smooth line (without sacrificing comfort!). For sheer tights, I love Sheertex but for opaque, nothing is better than Express.

express opaque tights

Express tights are far and away my most favorite tights. I have been wearing (and talking about) these tights for years and years now, especially when I was living in a colder climate and wore tights October through April.

They are really comfortable.

Anyone who wears tights a lot will appreciate this. These do not have any sort of control top feature which I really like. Just a regular waistband (that stays up and won’t roll down). I do not like control top tights. There is a time and a place for shapewear but I don’t want it in my tights.

They do not run.

While these are not Sheertex (basically indestructible!), it is hard to ruin these tights. I wash them, dry them, put them on in a rush, wear them all night long… no runs.

Leg lengthening!

Especially when worn with a black shoe (platforms!) they give the illusion of very long legs.

They are fully opaque.

I really love a fully black tight. I will do sheer for an entirely different look but for these I do not want them to be even semi sheer. No skin showing through. You can see the effect through the photos.

Great fit.

These tights only come in two sizes (small/medium and medium/large). I wear the medium/large. I find that they fit the legs really well. In fact, I had found that Wolford tights didn’t fit my legs all that well (they were weirdly baggy around my ankles?). Not the case with these. They have just the right amount of stretch to stay fully opaque, without any bagginess.

Overall, these are one of the best pairs of tights you’ll ever try. Just trust me on this one.

The Best Opaque Black Tights
Express Opaque Black Tights review

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  1. Peter:

    This sounds like less of a discussion on the topic, than more of a running advertisement, for a product you get endorsements from. Nothing against Express tights, but there’s no way they’re better than Wolford. But, Wolford, Sheertex, & others come at a higher price point. For a lower end product at high value, Hue is the best micro fiber opaque tight option. They may be more popular for leggings, but their tights are superb. They fit well, don’t sag, or slide down. They’re warm to wear, but feel cooling. They’re very durable, run resistant, and typically will only have a small leggings-like hole when damaged (after several wears). They’re also only about 2/3rds the cost of Express, more readily available at stores, and come in more varied sizes. They come with multiple options of sheerness, with control top and not, in shaping or comfort fits. You can get them with a sheen or matte finish, depending on the look you prefer. Hue tights are easily the best product for price in the opaque tights category.

    3.30.23 Reply
    • Hi Peter 🙂 This is a personal website, full of my personal opinions. I’ve never worked with Express (or even gotten free products, let alone paid). I personally prefer Express, strongly dislike Wolford, and am medium on Hue. But if you prefer Hue, that is great!!

      3.31.23 Reply