Sheertex Tights Review.

Sheertex Tights Review

This fall and winter, Sheertex started following me around on Instagram. It started with ads being served in my stories from the brand. Then so many influencers I follow started wearing them. It felt like seemingly overnight, they’d taken over my feed? Intrigued, I ordered a few pairs, wanting to try them out as it sounded like the tight of my dreams… refusing to snag or run! Spoiler alert, these tights are very very good (especially for a sheer pair of nylons, which I have always had a problem with!)

Sheertex tights are made in Montreal, Canada, using one of the world’s strongest polymers. The founder is Katherine Homuth. She was fed up with tights and stockings that ripped, and decided to set out to figure out a way to make tough tights that wouldn’t rip! She originally took to Kickstarter to fund the product, and was successful! It took 18 months of R&D to get the fabric where it is today, a “miracle” knit of sorts. Today the brand has their own proprietary manufacturing process and has even taken over the largest hosiery factory in Montreal!

I bought three pairs. They are not cheap compared to a pair of traditional tights, but there was a discount code when I bought them. They’re very high quality. I have been wearing these a LOT and am extremely impressed with them. Let’s dive in… my Sheertex review!

Sheertex Tights Review

Sheertex offers a wide variety of sheers, all using their proprietary high quality rip-proof technology. They have a wide range of colors (including nudes) but I am more of a black tights girl (I just can’t get behind nude pantyhouse though they’re allegedly now “back” in style) so that is all I personally tried. I am still loyal to Express (they make my favorite black opaque tights) but for sheers? I’m all in on Sheertex.

What Are Sheertex Tights Made Of?

Honestly, it is hard to understand exactly what Sheertex tights are made from (the brand is very coy about this!) but my understanding is that they’re made from the world’s strongest ballistic grade polymer, used to make bulletproof vests! The website claims that the fabric is 10x stronger than steel, featuring miniaturized versions of fibers traditionally found in sailing and climbing equipment. The tights are rip-proof (like enough to sustain against a sharp nail) but lightweight, with a slimming control top (that is still pretty comfortable!). The company has a testing lab that tests the fabric in extreme conditions. It’s antimicrobial and water resistant, ethically produced in Canada.

My Favorite Sheertex Tights

Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights are the most classic style, toeing the line between super sheer and opaque. They are really durable and really comfortable! I had a reader message me that she fell and was bleeding but the tights were still fine. That made me laugh. I also read this article, where the author (+ pals) try to break the tights and have a very hard time doing so.

Polka Dot Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

These are so fun (seen above). I really love the polka dot pattern… it’s fun but still a classic. They are really cute and just fun.

Classic Super Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

This pair really blew me away as it is just so sheer! I don’t know how something so sheer and delicate can also be SO resilient!!! I am so impressed by Sheertex knit technology. If I am going to wear tights, it’s going to be these.

Sheertex Tights Sizing

I find Sheertex tights to run very true to size. They offer sizing from XS to 3XL – the medium fits me perfectly. Below is the brand’s size chart.

Sheertex Tights size chart

how to wash sheertex tights?

The brand suggests hand-washing the tights or machine-washing on cold in a wash bag with other delicates. I stick to hand-washing to avoid any potential rip incidents!

Are Sheertex Tights Worth It?

In my opinion, YES – Sheertex tights are worth it. I think you can find great opaque tights for less money (hello Express!!) and since opaque tights are generally more durable than sheer tights, you’ll be fine… but if you want sheer stockings, nothing is better than Sheertex. I’d rather buy one more expensive high quality pair and have them last all season vs. several pairs that run. The full price tag is worth it. These are the best pair of tights I’ve owned. There’s also a 90 day guarantee which is nice on the off chance you have a bad experience (I don’t see this happening)

Where To Buy Sheertex Tights

At the time of publishing this post, the only place to buy Sheertex tights was direct, via their website. I found that they ship very quickly! Now you can actually buy them from Amazon as well!

Sheertex Tights Discount Code

I do not have a Sheertex coupon code BUT right now they are offering 10% off your first purchase with code FIRST10 ! If you know of any further Sheertex discounts or Sheertex promo codes, let me know in the comments so that we can all benefit!


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  1. Raq:

    omg shamelessly copying this exact outfit with the polka dot tights! do you also have a link to the shoes? I already have the dress :⁠-⁠)

    2.27.23 Reply
  2. Kelly:

    Influenced! Their sponsored ads have been following me for a while now and this encouraged me to bite the bullet. Can’t wait to get them!

    2.27.23 Reply
  3. m:

    My general rule with dresses is if I can’t wear it with tights, I’m probably not buying it. They make me feel all tucked in and comfortable. Thanks for introducing me to a new-to-me brand.

    2.27.23 Reply
  4. Tammi Moore:

    the best! my boyfriend won’t leave alone when I’m in them….. sometimes I even sleep in them

    2.27.23 Reply
  5. Natalie:

    RAN to get a pair of Sheertex Classic Super Sheers after reading this. I was already on my last nerve after ripping 2 pairs of tights over the span of 3 weeks and I had been eyeing Sheertex for a while, but didn’t know if it was worth the hype and you sold me. Can’t wait!

    2.28.23 Reply
  6. Laura:

    Great review! I have been on the fence on these.
    Can you tell me how high they come up? Like the rise, I guess. I am very short waisted and have this issue with many tights, where the torso portion is just too long and they tend to roll down as a result.
    I tried to ask them directly and felt the answer was quite vague.

    3.1.23 Reply
    • The rise is pretty high; I’m 5’8! I don’t really know how to speak to this question as I’m on the taller side.

      3.1.23 Reply
  7. Gabrielle:

    They have been stalking me online (and IRL with subway ads), but I am still a little skeptical! I wear tights almost daily in winter for work so I would love a good pair. But I am also a little nervous to trust start-upy women’s clothes that are so close to skin/ women’s privates given the recent thinx- PFAS lawsuit. Do you have any thoughts on that given that you said it is hard to understand what the tights are made of and that the brand is deliberatly coy about it?

    3.1.23 Reply
    • I think they’re being coy because they don’t want to be ripped off. They’re amazing tights! I am not here to make you buy anything but I really love mine.

      3.1.23 Reply