The Best Mother’s Day Gifts!

The Best Mothers Day Gifts!

Mother’s Day is around the corner so today, I wanted to round up a few of my most favorite gift ideas. From little luxuries to bigger splurges, there’s something every mom will love!

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts!

These are a few (okay not a few, fourteen!) favorite gift ideas!

Equilibria Mother’s Day Box 

It is no secret that I absolutely love Equilibria (more about them in this post – I swear by all three of their core products) BUT their new Mother’s Day box is amazing as it’s filled with pampering treats (two CBD rollerballs, a bath bomb, mineral bath salts). They sent one to both my mom and I, and we both love it. My mom noticed a big difference in feeling less sore after taking a bath with the mineral soak! You can use my code graceatwood to take 20% off!

Waffle Robe 

I have and own this waffle robe from Allswell and love it – it feels like a spa robe except it’s not too heavy. It’s also super soft and cozy and holds up amazingly well in the wash. (Through 5/10 you can take 25% off with code PAMPERMOM!) Sizing is TTS; I take a medium!

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask 

I had to include my favorite face mask! This one is a must before any big event (lol what is an event?) but also would be great for tired moms as it lifts, brightens and tightens… all while exfoliating to review smooth, glowy skin. I can’t recommend this mask enough!

Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur

I love Chambord. Love. They are a long term partner, though this placement is not sponsored (nothing in my gift guides are, everr!) Chambord is a great gift for the women in your life as it’s so unabashedly feminine. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and will make any drink pink… perfect for enjoying with your mom or the girls. I love a Chambord Royale (Prosecco + a dash of Chambord) but it’s also a fun way to make a vodka or tequila soda a little bit tasty. It will look pretty on her bar, AND the bottle lasts forever as you only need a tiny bit.

Summersalt Striped Boyfriend Sleep Shirt

I LOVE Summersalt’s new collection of pajamas! They are the cutest, and super cozy and silky. The nightshirts are my personal fav but they also make extremely cute pajama sets. Sizing is pretty true to size, but if you are between sizes I would say go down! You can use code GRACE10 for a $10 gift toward your purchase.

Nuface Trinity Device 

OK so this is definitely the luxury item of the roundup but the NuFace is def my latest skincare obsession. It makes such a huge difference immediately, with longer term results over time. If I had a bigger budget, my mom would 1000% be receiving a NuFace for Mother’s Day!

Birdies Songbird Slippers

The prettiest little house shoes. I can’t get over how perfect these are… And I love them so much! I will say that I’ve gotten some questions asking me if they’re supportive. The answer is no. The sole is like a ballet flat. But I’m fine with that as I’m not looking for much support from a slipper… it’s not as though I’m walking a ton in them! If you want supportive, I’d recommend the Ugg slippers (aka my Pandemic Shoes) as the sole of those is more like a sneaker. You could go for a walk in them if you really wanted to.

Flora Dancia Pajamas

These are another splurge item but they are BEAUTIFUL. They have some incredible things (both pajamas and daywear) all made in Italy. The prints are incredible.

St. Frank Candle

A new(ish) favorite, from a great small business. This candle smells like a sexy library and I love it. Leather, tobacco… it smells SO good.

Follain Body Scrub

One of my most favorite body scrubs! I love that the product is the prettiest shade of blue and in a tube (no digging your fingers through a tub of scrub!) BUT it’s also a great product. It’s packed with buttery good for you ingredients and leaves skin so silky and soft.

Supergoop Glow Screen

I’m giving my mom Glow Screen as one of her presents. She follows me and sees how much I talk about it and started asking questions and I decided she needs to experience the magic. This is a great gift for pretty much anyone… everyone will love it, regardless of if they’re a makeup or skincare person at all. Read my full review of glow screen here!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This is another one of my favorite face masks as it’s so wonderful on dry skin. (I love using it after the Tata one!) It’s ultra creamy and hydrating.. great for overnight, on the plane, or just hanging out at home watching TV.

Follain Bath Elixir

This is another favorite thing (I discovered it via my sister, who gifted it to me for Christmas a few years ago) to give people as it’s an amazing product but completely different from any other bath soak I’ve ever tried. It’s made in small batches in Rhode Island an it’s absolutely heavenly. It has the most incredible herbal scent. A little bit of eucalyptus, a special kind of lavender… just trust me on this one!

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

So this may only be my family and I’m sorry if it’s weird: we are all really into CBD, if you can’t tell! Lord Jones makes the most delightful CBD gum drops. I love the passion fruit flavor SO much but can’t wait to try the white peach next! I sent some to my mom but am pretty sure my dad is going to be stealing them from her!


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  1. These are great ideas, Grace! Especially the skincare products! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.29.20 Reply
  2. Kara:

    Thank you so much for these! I just ordered the gummies for my mom, grandmother, and sister-in-law (who is stuck at home with three wild teenagers…so I should probably send her vodka too). I always love your gift recs!

    4.29.20 Reply
    • OMG I love it!!!! Also, fun and random thing but a friend put the gummies in a cocktail (just one!) and it was so delicious.

      4.29.20 Reply
  3. Mollye:

    These are such fun ideas Grace. Ordered the CBD gummies for my mom too! Thanks for the great suggestions!

    4.29.20 Reply
  4. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I just love all of these ideas!

    Lisa |

    4.30.20 Reply