The Best Bookstagram Accounts!

Best Bookstagram Accounts by grace atwood

Today’s post is for the book lovers! Something has changed over the past couple years and I have found myself getting more and more recommendations for books via social media – especially from a handful of amazing instagram accounts. Enter the “bookstagram” accounts. I didn’t know this was even a thing until maybe a year ago but I’m so glad it is. These accounts are among my favorite to follow – stacks of books, amazing book recommendations,

Best Bookstagram Accounts

Keep in mind, I wanted to feature smaller instagram accounts here. I know all about Reese’s Book Club, Bellatrist, etc etc… for this, I wanted to highlight individuals that I think do a great job!

Before we get into the full list, you should also DEFINITELY be following our podcast and Becca though… if we’re being honest, those are my two real favorite bookstagrams. 😉 But besides them… here are some other (thirteen, to be exact) reading-related accounts / fellow book lovers that I personally really love. Follow them all on Instagram – you won’t regret it!

Best Bookstagram Accounts - nyc book girl

NYC Book Girl // Morgan Hoit

Morgan is a new friend and has amazing taste in books. Becca and I met up with her a few weeks ago and I can confirm that she’s as sweet and smart in person as she is on the Internet. Also, she has AMAZING taste in books and is the reason we’re both reading (and obsessed with) Three Women.

Best Bookstagram Accounts - lauren

@grlpwrdreads // Lauren

This is a smaller account but I really love it! Lauren’s focus is on highlighting a more diverse range of writers and books; highlighting women authors.

Ashley Spivey

Ashley Spivey

Ashley is a good friend and I never want nepotism to affect my lists BUT I GET ALL MY BOOK RECS FROM HER! She has the best taste in books. Her feed is a mix of fitness, books, life, and beauty products… but her recommendations are always spot on. And if you aren’t a part of her Facebook book club, what are you even doing!?

Mary Laura Philpott

Mary Laura Philpott

Mary isn’t necessarily a bookstagrammer but if you love books, you should absolutely be following her. She’s an essayist who has written for pretty much everywhere from The New York Times to Oprah, and has a new book out, I Miss You When I Blink. She’s also the founding editor of Parnassus Books’ magazine. But she has great taste in books. Right now her feed as been (justifiably) promoting her own book, but she has incredible taste in books and I always enjoy her recommendations!

@inkandfable // Patience Fable

@inkandfable // Patience Fable

I discovered Patience when I polled you guys for bookstagrammer recs and I’m so glad I did. What she does is (dare I flatter myself!) very similar to what I do here – she’s a mix of fashion and lifestyle (she’s also a big Sarah Flint fan!) with a literary twist. I am now obsessed with her feed… and her blog! LOVE. This one is a must-follow.

@molliereads // Mollie

I love Mollie’s all of book recommendations! She is all in on books – she works in book publishing and is a freelance book editor, she has a blog about books, AND she also hosts a podcast called No Thanks We’re Booked with her friend (and fellow bookstagrammer), Katie. I haven’t had a chance to listen to her podcast yet but it is on my list!

@worldswithinpages // Alisa

@worldswithinpages // Alisa

Alisa also blogs at Worlds Within Pages and we have verrrry similar taste in books (Harry Potter started her love of reading, she’s currently reading Game of Thrones, and she’s also a big Taylor Jenkins Reid fan!)

@carlysbookclub // Carly Heitlinger

@carlysbookclub // Carly Heitlinger

I’m so happy that Carly started a bookstagram account! Her blog is prolific (she’s been doing this even longer than I have), and she has some really great book recs (she’s the one who told me to read Educated last year and it was the best book I read all year.

@literaryjo // Amy Jo

@literaryjo // Amy Jo

I learned about Amy from Morgan (of @nycbookgirl) and instantly became obsessed. So many fantastic recommendations; all beautifully photographed.

@frombeewithlove // Bronte

@frombeewithlove // Bronte

I LOVE this feed. LOVE. Admittedly, I am more just in awe of her creative photography but there are some wonderful book recommendations in there too! She also has an amazing book club instagram, which is more of the bookstagram, but man – I am just such a fan of her main account (and they way she photographs herself with books too) that I had to include that one!)

@booksandelena // Elena Nicolaou

@booksandelena // Elena Nicolaou

If ever there were an inside scoop on what to read, this would be it! Elena is the books writer for Refinery 29 and consistently recommends great books that I haven’t necessarily already heard of!

Best Bookstagram Accounts - hunter

@shelfbyshelf // Hunter

What first drew me into Shelf by Shelf was the beautiful, bright photography. But I stayed because Hunter introduces me to books that aren’t always on my radar – specifically and most recently, books by LGBTQ authors. He also has a really beautiful website with more comprehensive reviews.

Best Bookstagram Accounts - sarah

@sarahsbookshelves // Sarah

Sarah is a wealth of information and I love how honest she is with regard to what she likes, doesn’t like, and DNF “Did not finish,” a term that is new to me! She also has a book blog and an amazing podcast which will leave you with even more recommendations (spoiler alert: Becca and I will be guesting on her pod in July!


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  1. I didn’t even know there were Instagram accounts dedicated to books and reading! It’s like a whole community there! Will definitely check them out. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Carly says 6.18.19

    grace! thank you 🙂 It’s been SO FUN joining the bookstagram world!!!

  3. Shannon says 6.18.19

    This post is fabulous! Great recommendations!

  4. Cynthia says 6.18.19

    Obsessed with bookstagram. Mine is @bookadaykeepsthedraway 😉

  5. Gisselle says 6.18.19

    Great post!! I love finding new bookstagram accounts. Not that I needed more podcasts in my life but definitely have to check out “No thanks we’re booked”. I created my bookstagram late last year and its been life changing. I love getting books recommendations from other fellow bookstagramers and also love sharing my thoughts 🙂

  6. Jae says 6.18.19

    I also follow NYC Book Girl and I love her account! I need to check out some of these accounts!

  7. Dana Mannarino says 6.18.19

    So much to love here, Grace! Thanks for sharing these accounts!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

  8. Kay says 6.18.19

    Going to follow a few of these, thank you!

    I would also rec @anniebjones05 who is an indie bookstore owner and has a delightful book podcast (I think Hunter from @shelfbyshelf appears on her pod sometimes).

    • Megan says 6.18.19

      ^^agreed about Annie – From the Front Porch is definitely in my podcast rotation, along with Sarah’s Books Shelves and No Thanks We’re Booked (and obviously Bad on Paper). Hey YA and The Worst Bestsellers are also great listens!

      I think I followed several of these accounts but adding the rest to my bookstagram. Great recs!

  9. Keira says 6.18.19

    Woo-hoo, just went on a bookstagram follow-spree! Thanks so much for this post; I’m always looking for new bookworms to follow, and I love that you highlighted smaller accounts that I may have never found on my own. Awesome post!

  10. Joanna B says 6.18.19

    Love seeing a Nashvillian on the list—and the fact that she works at Parnassus, which is the best bookstore of all time (I’m not biased at all ha!). I think Mary Laura would be a great guest at the Nashville live show!

    • grace at the stripe says 6.18.19

      Don’t want to spoil it but I think you’ll be happy with our guest lineup!!!

  11. Caitlin Barrett says 6.18.19

    Ahhh omg!! I sent Mollie to you and you to Mollie forever ago. So excited to see her mentioned here. We worked together for the longest time and she’s seriously the best!! She texted me today to let me know she made the blog post. So cute!

  12. Aimee says 6.18.19

    This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I started my own Bookstagram account 2 days ago, and am overwhelmed by how many awesome Bookstagram accounts are out there! I’ve been clicking the “follow” button for just about 48 hours straight now!


  13. Erica says 6.18.19

    This post is perfect timing! I was looking for more book instagram accounts to follow yesterday. I’ll check all of these out!

  14. Mary Kay says 6.18.19

    Thanks for this post, Grace! I would also recommend @thebooklyclub! Four best friends (all named Katherine) dive into a wide variety of books with authenticity & humor. I’ve been following them for awhile now & love their insights.

  15. Jess says 6.19.19

    Loved seeing Hunter make your list! He’s also a guest on my local independent bookstore’s podcast From The Front Porch. While it does have a heavy emphasis on southern culture, there are some FANTASTIC book discussions.

  16. Annette says 6.24.19

    This list is so awesome! Thank you so much❤️

  17. Lauren says 6.25.19

    My number 1 is @katie.reads.things – her feed is beautiful and reviews are so well written.

  18. Oh my gosh – I’m just now seeing this!! I don’t know how I missed it…but, thank you so much!! Honored to be included with this group! And, I think this explains a massive number of new IG followers I got a few weeks ago!

  19. Biby S Chacon says 8.20.19

    I love Elena Nicolaou’s book account and in a way it’s a dangerous one to follow. I end up purchasing so many of the books she recommends! All are so so so good.