9 Women Who Inspired Me Share What They Love About Themselves.

Today we’re going to talk about confidence!

I know that I sometimes can fall into the trap of focusing on my flaws or my failures rather than celebrating the things (even the tiniest) I love about myself and my accomplishments (even the small victories). Today I asked several women who have inspired me over the years for different reasons to talk about what they love about themselves… and what they’re proud of! I hope you enjoy… (and if you take one thing away from this post – try to celebrate the things you love about yourself and are proud of as opposed to the opposite!)

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9 Women Who Inspired Me

Lydia Hudgens

Lydia Hudgens

Lydia was the first photographer I ever worked with. She is a true creative and while she still has her photography business, what she’s done with building her own social media channels over the past few years is nothing short of inspiring!


Age + Job: Age 35 – photographer, content creator, and youtuber!

My favorite physical feature: I’d say my legs for sure – I feel like there are days when I don’t love being tall but then I put on a short dress or pair of shorts and I’m like, oh yeah – those things! ZZ Top’s Legs would for sure be my theme song if I ever had one. I think I have like a 32-36 inseam? Short torso but crazy long legs!

My favorite thing about me: My intense Virgo nature. I’m a perfectionist, detail oriented, obsessive by nature. It can be a hinderance occasionally but honestly, I love it and definitely adhere to what I feel like people typically think of when they think of a Virgo. I’m also super loyal and love my friends more than the world!

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: Moving! I just moved to Union City in New Jersey and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made – it’s so quiet here and I feel like I’ve been so productive and happy. Also I got a cat and she’s made a world of difference in my day to day life. Yes, I’m becoming one of those people! Leaning more into youtube and having a lot more space has been amazingly helpful as well, I pay more now but it’s definitely worth it. I think realizing what I truly needed was the biggest self care move I made this year!

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: My go to outfit is usually all Universal Standard. Their high waisted stretch denim is by far a favorite, as well as their newly released crop tops which I feel like will be my uniform this summer. I order a size up in the crop, a size down in the denim btw! Throw on a leather jacket or a denim jacket and call it a day. Also Universal’s lounge pants are literally my everything for travel or period days.

Liz Adams, Hello Adams Family.

Liz Adams, Hello Adams Family.

Liz is one of my first blogging friends! Back in the day, she was Sequins and Stripes and I was Stripes and Sequins. We’d get each other’s mail and people still manage to get us confused. Liz inspires me with the content she puts out – I love that she stays true to herself and is always completely real on social media. Her family is also just adorable!!!

Age + Job: Age 32, founder of Hello Adams Family.

My favorite physical feature: Probably my eyebrows or my ankles.

My favorite thing about me: I would say that I’m a generally pretty optimistic person. I don’t dwell on things and rebound pretty quickly! I like to see the positives and don’t hold on to the negatives.

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: Rebranding my site and expanding the community that is Hello Adams Family! So much has changed for me personally since I started blogging 9 years ago that it only seemed fitting to open up the categories and broaden my reach for those going through the same transitions. We’ve also been dreaming up some bigger dreams which I’m excited to bring to life in the year ahead!

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: Casual, always. My everyday outfit usually looks like a good basic tee, skinny jeans and comfy sneakers/ballet flats. BUT, I love a good date night dress + heels, too.

Katie Sturino

Katie Sturino

Katie is someone who inspires me daily. I love her body positivity or even “body neutrality” as we talked about on her episode of the podcast. She’s doing such great things for the fashion industry with both her #MakeMySize initiative and her “Super Size the Look” series; showing that great style comes in all sizes while simultaneously working to encourage more brands to expand their size range. Oh and on top of that, she’s the founder of Megababe!

Age + Job: Age 38, Entrepreneur and Body Positive Blogger.

My favorite physical feature: My eyes.

My favorite thing about me: My sense of humor.

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: Getting my brand, Megababe, into Target!

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: A swimsuit!! But sadly, I cannot wear a swimsuit in NYC even though I wish I could because it gets so hot. (too many creeps). My go-to power look right now is a graphic tee and a blazer(usually Veronica Beard). I can pair with jeans, shorts, a skirt…it just looks cute!

Ailsa Emmell

Ailsa Emmell

Ailsa is a newer friend from social media (we’ve never met IRL but she’s coming to our Boston live show – so excited to meet her!) I am inspired by her positivity and outspoken personality (and I absolutely love her Instagram – especially her stories and try-ons!)

Age + Job: “Seasoned” nurse practitioner-CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife)

My favorite physical feature: 

Do I have to choose just one? My hair and my smile. My hair because it is wild and fancy free. It matches my personality so much. My smile because it allows me to bring joy to others. It is poweful and energetic.

My favorite thing about me: I can make friends with anyone. I have a giant heart and am selfless. (Well, this is what my girlfriends said when I asked them).

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: I took the year off of work. We moved to Boston for my husband’s job and I spent the year with him. This is huge for me. I don’t know how to sit still. My job is my passion, so while it was difficult it was also refreshing. I also started something on my Instagram this year, Women’s Health Wednesdays, where each week I talk about relevant topics for women (reproductive, preventive health). There are so many topics to help women  talk to their doctor, and be well informed.

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: I love denim jackets and white denim pants with a graphic tee. If I am ever questioning an outfit, I pop on my denim jacket and VOILA. I feel like I come to life. (Love this simple tee, these sunglasses and these slides too – all pictured above!)

Jessica Ann Kirby

Jessica Ann Kirby

Jess is another of my first friends from blogging. We met on a press trip with Brahmin and have been tight ever since. I’m really inspired and impressed with what she’s done with her business this year – switching to only clean beauty products + sustainable clothing and making an effort to encourage her audience to do the same with the #cleanswapchallenge!


Age + Job: Age 34, Lifestyle + Wellness Blogger, Dog and Cat Mom

My favorite physical feature: My sense of humor? Haha…I would say my eyes. Growing up I always wanted blue eyes and as I got older I grew to love and appreciate my hazel green eyes that are always changing colors.

My favorite thing about me: My determination. When I set my mind to something I don’t quit. And my passion. I’ve really honed in on finding, nurturing and pursuing my passions and it has been incredibly rewarding.

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: I really changed directions with my business and feel such a renewed sense of purpose. In doing that I’ve brought together my community of readers and followers to make everyday efforts to protect the planet and eliminate toxins in our lives through the products we use and clothes we buy. I started the #cleanswapchallenge where everyone shares when they swap something wasteful or toxic for a better, cleaner option. It has been amazing to see the ripple effect of that.

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: I started a capsule wardrobe at the beginning of this year and it has completely changed the way I approach my personal style. I went through a period where I was so uninspired and hated getting dressed because I had too much stuff. I really lost that sense of joy I used to get from styling an outfit. So it was all about going back to the basics. Since we’re going into summer, I feel most confident in my favorite denim shorts, a classic button down or basic tee and sandals or sneakers. I accessorize by layering up in all my rings and necklaces.

Women Who Inspired - Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn is another newer social media friend – we’ve never met but I found her when I was looking to add more body positive influencers to my feed. I love her positivity and dedication to empowering her audience. And her skin!!!!


Age + Job: Age 26, Curve Model + Content Creator.

My favorite physical feature: I think I have great skin, I tan really well and maintain a nice tone year-round. I always seem to receive compliments on that! Aside from the occasional hormonal acne, I’d have to agree.

My favorite thing about me: I believe I do a pretty good job of “blooming where I’m planted.” I can be thrown into any sort of social situation and make conversation, make people laugh and feel comfortable – no matter what.  Definitely one of my favorite skills!

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: This year, I’m really proud of how much I’ve grown my business while connecting and empowering others’. It’s always been very important to me to have genuine relationships in this industry (the entrepreneur life can be so lonely at times) but being my own boss and financially independent has always been a dream of mine. All in all, I’m proud that I proved to myself that this is a lucrative career path!

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: Either a dress or jeans and a blazer, depending on the weather/situation. I love that you can just throw on a dress and instantly feel put together. I JUST started wearing blazers. Not sure why I haven’t started sooner. I feel like a complete boss babe! I recently put together two different types of dress posts (one of casual and one for more formal occasions) if you want to check them out!

Women Who Inspired - Chinae Alexander

Chinae Alexander

I joke that Chinae is the most inspiring person on the Internet (listen to our podcast episode with her!) but it’s kind of true. Every time I visit her page I walk away feeling good – the internet needs more of that!!!!

Age + Job: Age 33, Social Entrepreneur + Writer

My favorite physical feature: My skin.

My favorite thing about me: I really appreciate my ability to be equal parts empath and also a person who takes zero shit.

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: I’m really proud of my new podcast that launched this year called Press Send, it’s actually one of my favorite accomplishments in my career.

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: I LOVE a great power suit…this white linen short suit (blazer + shorts) from Babaton is calling my name for summer.

Women Who Inspired - Krystal Bick

Krystal Bick, This Time Tomorrow.

Krystal is another old friend through blogging but I am just obsessed with what she’s done with her site and instagram this year; really taking her photography to the next level. She finds inspiration all around her – old films, art, etc. and translates that into the most incredible shoots. I am just really impressed by how far she pushes herself creatively.

Age + Job: Age 33, founder of style and travel site, This Time Tomorrow.

My favorite physical feature: My freckles/beauty marks.

My favorite thing about me: My curiosity!

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon last t weekend and lived to tell that tale! Admittedly, I wasn’t as diligent with my training as I would have liked but my main goals were to a.) finish and b.) not walk, averaging around 10:30 to 10:45 minute mile splits, if possible. I’m happy to report I accomplished both!

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: A bold midi-dressstatement heel of some sort and a conversation-starting bag (like this one!)

Women Who Inspired - Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason

Nicolette is another old friend who just keeps on doing cool things! We met maybe 7 or 8 years ago back when she was writing her column for Marie Claire. She’s had some incredible collaborations this year, has her own clothing line… is there anything Nicolette can’t do!?

Age + Job: Age 33, Creative Strategy Consultant & Body Positivity Advocate, Co-founder of Premme

My favorite physical feature: My legs and my eyes!

My favorite thing about me: My vulnerability. I think it’s a huge strength and asset, both in personal relationships and friendships and in business. I’m super grateful for Brene Brown for bringing vulnerability up on mainstream platforms, too. (Seriously — if you haven’t watched her Netflix special, it’s a must).

Something I accomplished this year that I’m really proud of: This is outside of strictly professional accomplishments, but I’ve been working hard on assessing my needs in my personal life and prioritizing self-care. True story: when you feel good, you work smarter, too!

My go-to outfit when I want to feel my most confident: Lately, it’s been different plays on slip skirts for me! I love how easy they are and how they can be dressed up or down in a cinch. This bodysuit, this skirt is sold out but I got it at ASOS, and these shoes.

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  1. This is such a happy and encouraging post! Your content is getting better and better, Grace. Thank you for the inspiring read! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.30.19 Reply
  2. Love love LOVE this post! So interesting to hear from such amazing entrepreneurial women. Can’t wait to follow them all!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    5.30.19 Reply
  3. sara:

    Loved this! More of this!!!!

    5.30.19 Reply
  4. Shana:

    Great post! Excited to add some of these ladies to my blog roll – thank you for sharing! and randomly my fav physical feature is my legs or my “stems” as I lovingly refer to them and I have this black and white striped long sleeve dress that I wear for big meetings/events – it’s my power dress. Let’s spread the positivity and celebrate each other 🙂

    5.30.19 Reply
    • YES!!!! I love that. Spreading the positivity is so important.

      So happy you enjoyed the post.

      5.30.19 Reply
  5. Jessica Camerata:

    Did not know Megababe got into Target! That’s amazing! Jess is always so inspiring. Can’t wait for her to speak at #TBScon. Her shift has been so refreshing and fun to follow.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    5.30.19 Reply
    • I know, isn’t that amazing!? So proud of Katie. And completely agree – blown away by everything Jess is doing!

      5.30.19 Reply
  6. Great post! This is the type of content I live for. Thanks for sharing- I followed them all!

    5.30.19 Reply
  7. Betsie:

    I love all these stories. Empowering and inspiring. A bit disappointed with Caralyn citing her favorite feature as great skin with a year long tan in same sentence. It doesn’t promote a good message. With melanoma on the rise and irreversible sun damage, there is so no such thing. Healthy skin and sun safety are so important.

    5.30.19 Reply
    • Thanks Betsie! I would personally agree but don’t like to edit/micro-manage my guests when I feature others here!

      5.30.19 Reply
  8. YAY!! Honored to be included in this! Thanks so much and we HAVE to meet soon!

    5.30.19 Reply
  9. Danielle:

    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed every article you have written this week!

    5.30.19 Reply
  10. Amazing women! It made me feel so inspired. Most of them I didn’t know (ok being honest I only knew Jessica Ann Kirby) but I’m definitely gonna check all of their socials. Thank you so much for sharing, you could easily be in another blogger’s similar post as an inspiring woman.

    5.30.19 Reply
  11. What a great article and how interesting to read about all these beautiful women and what they are proud of! It’s such a good exercise for everyone to do and be aware of their own successes and strengths. Love that you are spreading this message!

    5.31.19 Reply
  12. Lisa Autumn:

    YAYYY I am here for the girlpower!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    6.1.19 Reply
  13. I Love this post! I think this is really needed. We women need to start loving ourselves more and talk about it!!!

    – Trisha

    6.3.19 Reply