The 5 Trends We’re Most Excited About.

5 Trends We're Most Excited About

I’ve been excited about today’s post for a few reasons. First of all, these trends are pretty accessible. A lot of these pieces skew (to me) more classic than trendy, which I love. Trends can feel so intimidating… these feel easy and wearable!

The second reason is Carly! Carly has been working with me for the past year and has amazing personal style and a fantastic eye. In the past her involvement has been mostly behind the scenes. Setting up those beautiful (but cumbersome to create) shopping grids, styling on photo shoots, event planning, etc. She is my right hand woman! We’ve adjusted her responsibilities and she will also now be helping out with product sourcing. This will always be a collaborative effort between the two of us and you’ll never see something on here that isn’t fully “Grace-approved” but I think having an extra set of eyes (and a younger perspective!) will keep these roundups feeling fresh and fun.

Today: what we think are the five most exciting trends for winter, winding into Spring. We’ve each shared our thoughts on why we love each one and the pieces we’re most excited to add to our closets. I hope you enjoy!

The 5 Trends We’re Most Excited About

Preppy Chic

Carly: I was curious as to how this “trend” would pair with my personal style, but after digging through my closet and my most recent online shopping saves I was pleasantly surprised! My style tends to lean more towards simple and casual, so a good polo shirt or rugby shirt can go a long way. I’ve also had my eye on this Alex Mill cardigan for quite some time. This may be my sign to add it to cart!

Grace: If I am being honest, this “trend” is the one I am most excited about. I use trend in quotes as preppy stuff is (in my opinion!) always in style. I live in great blazers like this Blaze Milano gem and how fun are these rattan slingbacks? Love. Also: I recently read in Christene Barberich’s substack (a new fav) that skinny belts are having a moment again. This isn’t 2010 so we aren’t pairing our skinny belts with colored skinny jeans (thank god!) but I really love how Christene layers hers over a coat or blazer. I also like the idea of adding a skinny belt to something that doesn’t need a belt (like a pair of elastic waist pants, for example). It’s unexpected and fun.

Leopard Print + Metallics

Carly: This is one of those moments where I wish I had held on to my coveted leopard print belt from high school (turns out I was a trend forecaster of sorts??). I love the thought of a “go big” statement piece in a paired-down outfit. Especially a bold faux fur leopard print jacket over a black sweater with some baggy jeans and ballet flats. It’s chic, and honestly, easy to throw together when you want an elevated outfit without the effort!

Grace: Are these things ever not in style? (So far, these trends feel pretty manageable!) These things feel fancy so I really love the idea of pairing them with more casual outfits. For example: jeans, a tee, colorful socks and the gold ruffle sandals. An oversized navy sweater, kick flare pants… the leopard mules. In my eyes, the best way to wear this trend is to keep everything else simple and classic and let the “fun” piece shine and be your “weird” element of the outfit.

Sheer Layering

Carly: Go sheer, or go home! Because my closet isn’t overflowing with colors and patterns, I tend to rely on texture to really add that “wow factor.” There’s something about a sheer dress or skirt that really catches my eye. And I PROMISE there are ways to keep this trend modest too! I love the idea of layering a black sheer skirt with a bold red tight underneath (you can opt for something more opaque if you’re feeling adventurous). Another option? Layering a chunky knit over a sheer dress to give it that day to night look.

Grace: I consider myself sheer curious. This sheer Sezane blouse? No problem. This sheer black top with a black bra under it? Great! Sheer dresses and skirts are where I find myself tripping up as I’m just not going to leave my house with my underwear (or something that looks like underwear like a bodysuit!) showing. I asked Carly how an “old” would style this and she referred me to this feature on the Zoe Report. Genius! I love the idea of layering another sheer skirt in a different length underneath to give you more coverage (while still feeling adventurous).

PS – on this note of sheer things, how great did Helena look at the Emmys!?

Roses, Ribbons, & Ruffles

Carly: As an unexpected fan of ribbons and bows, I am eternally grateful that this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2024. My everyday look tends to be an oversized tee, baggy jeans, and sneakers or loafers depending on how “dressed up” I want to be. The easiest way to add a touch of femininity to an otherwise simple look is an accessory with bows. Sandy Liang, one of my favorite designers and the queen of bows, could be considered the reigning champ of this trend. How cute are these knee high socks? Very school-girl chic.

Grace: These pieces are ultra sweet and feminine, so again.. pair them with something different to keep the look from going over the top girly. OR, go over the top girly if that is your thing! I love the idea of wearing a slouchy grey sweatshirt with my hair pulled back with a velvet bow. Or wearing something really casual with one of the dresses (I have this Tanya Taylor dress and plan to style it with casual slides to dress it down).

Non-Basic Basics

Carly: This trend speaks to me the most, and fortunately, will never go out of style. We hear so much about “quiet luxury” and a non-basic basic is your perfect chance to hop on the bandwagon. Something I admire about Grace’s style is her ability to mix in a non-basic basic that adds in a layer of luxury where others tend to miss their chance. The Row half moon bag is definitely top of my wishlist, but in the meantime I’m eyeing these blue ribbed socks to pair with my favorite brown ballet flats that are similar to these Reformation ones. I am seeing a lot of my favorite influencers pair light blue with deeper browns, and let me be the first to say that this color combo is FAR from basic.

Grace: I am continuing my love affair with a pop of red. My red socks were far and away my best purchase of fall and I plan to wear them constantly until it gets too warm (probably April, haha). I cannot recommend the Boden loafers enough. I have the tan suede, and the red. The larger buckle makes them feel special and different. And the Nili Lotan cargos are just the greatest. I bought mine back in September and I tend to reach for them when I want to wear joggers but want to feel more polished. (Size down in these!). Lastly, my latest splurge purchase from over the break is these Alaia mary janes. I have been seeing white shoes everywhere and just love these. Perfect with denim, dresses, everything really.

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  1. Sandra:

    Excellent post-one of my favorites ever! Thanks for the idea of simply wearing a slim black skirt under a sheer black one, that is actually doable for me!

    1.10.24 Reply
  2. Dana:

    Welcome to Carly! And thanks for looking out for us “olds”!!

    1.10.24 Reply
  3. Joanna M:

    Hi Grace! I love the blazer you’re wearing in the first picture — I figure it’s from an old post, but would you mind sharing the brand if you remember? I love how simple it is! Thanks 🙂

    1.10.24 Reply
    • Hi! It’s the exact one featured in the preppy roundup, it’s by Blaze Milano! Thank you!

      1.10.24 Reply
  4. m:

    Love this style round up–particularly the sheer trend, which has always been a personal favorite. As I get older, it’s less about showing my bra and more about letting my arms peek through. Love a silky, lacy, gauzy blouse!

    1.10.24 Reply
  5. Sofia:

    I love having Carly’s voice along with Grace! And I love that metallics and pops of red are here to stay! Those have been my two favorite trends 🙂

    1.10.24 Reply
  6. Loved having the mix of voices throughout this post – looking forward to more of this!

    1.10.24 Reply
  7. Lot’s of beautiful finds, however I noticed the cheetah print belt is improperly linked. I have one similar that’s starting to fall apart, so I’d love to scope it out. Thanks!

    1.10.24 Reply
  8. As someone much closer to Grace’s age, I *love* hearing Carly’s perspective, too!!

    1.10.24 Reply
  9. Laura:

    Fav post yet !

    1.12.24 Reply