Supergoop Sale!

Supergoop Sale

Just a quick little Friday post (all of my assets were due to Amazon yesterday so last night was a late one!) to tell you that Supergoop is having their friends & family sale! Use code FALL20. It starts today and ends 9/29! And you know this but I’ll say it again, just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you can skip sunscreen… sunscreen is THE most important thing you can do for your skin. Below are a few of my favorite picks from Supergoop. Really, it’s all about Glowscreen, but wanted to include a few other favs!

Supergoop Sale

What to buy!

Obviously my number one pick is GLOWSCREEN.

I have gone through two tubes of it since writing this review. It’s the best – protection while making your skin look so pretty; you’ll glow like an angel and cover up any minor imperfections! This is my favorite beauty launch of 2020 and something I think everyone will love.

Unseen Sunscreen.

This is amazing for the rare day I don’t want to sparkle. It’s a clear gel primer and it’s totally weightless. The two ways I use it are either on its own (no makeup, nothing) as the last step of skincare (over moisturizer) OR under makeup. It’s my favorite face sunscreen when I don’t go with Glowscreen as it’s totally weightless and won’t break you out, clog your pores, or sit on your face and feel heavy.

Bright Eyed Eye Cream.

This is such a great brightening eye cream for day! I love that it has protection and also brightens up the undereye area. We frequently forget about the eye area when applying sunscreen (and for good reason – a lot of sunscreens are really irritating to the eye area. This is perfect for that.

CC Screen.

I tried this brand new product over the weekend and it’s very very good. But you need to give it time. I may sound like an idiot here, I don’t use a lot of CC creams! When I put it on at first I was like “oh. I HATE THIS. YUCK.” My skin looked grey and a little dead and it was not good. Then, it adjusted colors? I think? And suddenly I looked great. The formula is a little heavy for my liking (I really don’t like mineral sunscreen on my face and prefer Beautycounter Dewskin which is more sheer IMO) but it left me looking dewy, luminous, and radiant. I wore it to my birthday dinner and felt like my skin looked really good. PS –this is my guide to all of the tints and illuminators, would say this is most similar to the Ilia one.


This is a more random product but Supergoop’s cream eyeshadows are so pretty. I will use them as highlighter too! My favorite shade is First Light which is just a really pretty shimmery beige. I’m not usually a makeup at the beach person but when I was in Miami last winter I used this and felt so pretty!


This is just a great basic everyday sunscreen for face and body. For the beach or vacation, etc. etc. Feels good on the skin and just a great product. Not a lot to say about it but this is what I use at the beach or in direct sun. Not that I’ve been to the beach this year, but in olden days, you know….


photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Omg please tell me thus is worldwide! I love Supergoop’s products! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.25.20 Reply
  2. Laura:

    I bought the Hand Screen as part of the Nordstrom sale and love it! It’s more lightweight and has a better texture than my other hand creams, and the SPF addition is so helpful.

    9.25.20 Reply
    • I have never tried their hand screen!!! May need to give it a try. My hands are looking a little rough these days.

      9.25.20 Reply
  3. Lauren:

    Stocking up! I also heard recently you can use your FSA/HSA, so I’m going to try this time around. THank you!

    9.25.20 Reply
  4. molly:

    I know you mentioned it on stories, but what shade are you on the CC cream? I want to try but am in between shades.

    9.28.20 Reply
  5. Cristy:

    When you use the CC cream do you also use the Glow Screen? I used the Glow Screen all summer and loved it! But now that we are moving into fall/winter I ordered the CC cream to try it as well.

    9.29.20 Reply