SS Fit Files, No. 7


I have to be honest – I had a tough week personally and didn’t stick to my fitness goals. I’ve been down in the dumps and just really, really tired. I know that life ebbs + flows and that next week I’ll be back to my cheerful, self-motivated self, but I’ve also just learned to embrace sadder times… hunkering down  on the couch with a book under a blanket rather than pushing myself to pretend. But I still did okay with my workouts, and more importantly took good care of myself, and that’s what is most important, right? Right. I logged five workouts – trying two new classes and taking only three yoga classes. So I’m way behind on the challenge. C’est la vie… onwards and upwards. I got a lot of rest on Friday and yesterday and am feeling ready to get back at it — today, I’m taking a morning Core Fusion class and then have a 2 hour “Flow + Let Go” workshop at Yoga Vida this afternoon.

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, I’ve been on a mission to try out one new to me workout every week. Last Sunday, I tried City Row! It was… intense. I had thought it would be a mostly upper body workout but you use your legs much more than I thought I would. Intervals between rowing {using  a WaterRower} and mat activities give you a full body workout. You do mountain climbers. You do planks. Squats, lunges, the works. But most of it is intervals on the rowing machine. I loved my instructor Beth – a stunning redhead {I really wanted to ask her what eyeshadow she was wearing because it stayed on all class and looked amazing} who wasn’t afraid to yell at us a little bit and tell us to get our numbers up. She’s a badass. The next day it felt like I had some sort of corset wrapping around my back, shoulders, and core. Everything hurt. In the best possible way.

I also checked out Flex Studios this week.  It was. so. hard. I really loved the studio – the space is gorgeous and spacious… which is rare in New York. The class {held on the reformer} was really rough. I was shaking five minutes into it. You move your body in ways you’ve never moved before and you work really, really hard. So many pikes. Lots of shaking. And then it’s over and you feel awesome. My restorative yoga class {afterward} was just 3 blocks away and I had a tough time walking there. Surprisingly, the next day I was sore all over… but my arms were in particularly bad shape. It was hard to straighten them after all the biceps work we did! I hated every minute – but kinda loved it. Victoria and I are going back next weekend. Also, check out Felicia‘s much longer review of the studio!

PS – The quote above is from the wall at Flex – kinda loved it!

This week’s fitness resources…

  • I want to HIT It! And try Uplift, too – all of my friends are raving about it.
  • I’d been meaning to sign up for ages but finally got a Class Pass. Such a good way to try out new workouts in the city — and you really can’t beat the $10 price.
  • Add these superfoods to your diet!
  • I feel like Spiderman {but more tame} in these leggings.
  • Traveling? Here are some sneakerless workouts.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Jessica Rose:

    I always find if I’m a bit down in the dumps…walking helps to lift my mood….cheapest form of exercise there is!!

    3.16.14 Reply
  2. Hitha | Hitha On The Go:

    CityRow is HIGH on my list of places to try out. I just did a workout at InForm Studios, and it was KILLER – you only do 6 exercises, but you do each one constantly and SLOWLY until your muscles turn into jelly. Going back again on Tuesday.

    Thank you so much for including my sneakerless workouts in your roundup!

    3.16.14 Reply
  3. sasha:

    How do you find any time to blog when you work out so much! That’s amazing!

    3.16.14 Reply
  4. Bee:

    Don’t feel bad – I joined the Y, live with chronic pain at age 52 (that started 5 years ago) got into the pool for the first class of Arthritis Water Exercise and only lasted 15 minutes!! WTH!! Keep smiling, keep wearing cute clothes, keep trying – we get a new day to try over every day!! Right??!!

    3.16.14 Reply
  5. Kayla:

    Sometimes when I’m sad, angry, depressed or whatever crappy mood i’m feeling, I find that working out actually helps to get rid of those feelings. For example, last Thursday I was having one of those “I’m pissed off at the world days”, and everything was just getting me down and irritating the shit out of me. When I went to my Body Pump class, I had never pumped so much iron, so hard, as I did in that class. I was channeling all my negative energy into my power lifting, and it felt great. I felt 10 times better afterwards, and was really surprised at the fact that all that weight I was using didn’t feel that heavy….maybe because I just had so much adrenaline going? Or I just need to try heavier weights? Whatever it may be, It helped to channel my feelings into working out. Next time you feel down in the dumps, try and exercise, it may help, and if it doesn’t, just stop and do something else.

    3.16.14 Reply
  6. Kate:

    Hope next week is better for you, love! You still totally rocked it this week fitness wise, so don’t feel bad for one second about it! You did more than most people do on a good week! Be proud! xo.

    3.16.14 Reply
  7. Jen:

    Uplift is awesome! Hope you love it when you try it.

    3.17.14 Reply
  8. alongobucco:

    ClassPass is awesome–I love trying out new places, and it’s actually how I took a Yoga Vida class for the first time (and fell in love with it, as you have!). Definitely sign up for an AsOne class–they give a great workout!

    3.17.14 Reply
  9. Kirby Todd:

    Loving this series so much!

    3.17.14 Reply
  10. LeighAnne:

    How did you get ClassPass for $10? – on the website it says it is $99 a month….

    3.17.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Sorry if that wasn’t clear – $10 per class!

      3.17.14 Reply
  11. Alison:

    I love this series, sometimes I get into my workout modes swimming, yoga, running and I need to do some other fun things!I just might have to try that City Row 🙂

    3.18.14 Reply