SS Fit Files, No. 2


It’s a funny thing, this whole working out business. You see, I was feeling a little bit bad about my workouts this week {mostly because I slept through my 7am Core Fusion on Friday morning because I had a bit of a hangover.} And then I added up the workouts, and realized I had still managed to work out five times a week. But now, here is the {very weird} thing.  If I go more than a day without working out, I notice it. I feel a little bit off. I just don’t feel as good. I have started to crave exercise, which is still such a weird thing to say.  So yes, anyways…  this week I took Core Fusion three times, met with my Pilates Trainer once, and hit up Chaise Fitness once. Which is pretty great considering that we are in the midst of fashion week and I’ve been running between work + events!

But today I wanted to tell you about my Pilates Trainer, Tatiana. She is amazing. I’ve been going to see her once a week at David Barton Gym. When I told her that I would be writing about her here, the first thing she said was {in her Russian accent} “Well… okay. Just don’t tell them I am nice. I am not nice.”  I told her she didn’t have to worry about that. Seriously. She kicks my butt, reminds me pretty constantly that we’re only doing the beginner moves, and pushes on my tummy to tell me that I’m not holding my abs in enough.  And basically, every Monday night at 8pm, I get murdered. Unlike Core Fusion and some of the other classes I take, we don’t do very many reps of the exercises we do {which are on the mat, reformer, and chair} but I still want to die afterward {wanting to die seems to be the barometer of a good workout these days… keep in mind I am a total wimp.}

That being said, working out with her has made me realize that I’ve been doing Pilates completely wrong. In the three sessions we’ve had together I’ve learned to use muscles deep within my core that I didn’t know existed. And the things she’s taught me during our sessions have translated incredibly well to both my Core Fusion and Chaise fitness sessions. Even during yoga, I find myself holding my body a little bit differently.  And don’t even get me started on the stretching afterward. Tatiana may not be nice, but the post-workout stretching?  Very nice.  My hamstrings and shoulders thank her and I’ve definitely gotten a bit more flexible.  If you do Pilates or even Barre, I’d definitely recommend a few sessions with a trainer to help you get the basic moves down. Also – Tatiana also teaches Pilates group classes at David Barton Gym.  I’m going to give that a try, next weekend.

This week’s fitness resources… 

  • Exhale Core Fusion is running its amazing deal on Gilt City!  I bought a ten pack.  I realize it is still expensive, but it is an amazing deal compared to the regular price.
  • I find Candice Kumai‘s site to be really inspirational.  Beautiful photos; incredibly delicious but healthy recipes.
  • I made this mushroom + chicken risotto this week in my slow cooker.  It was. so. good.  Definitely does not taste as healthy as it actually is!

Lastly, I’m so curious – what are your favorite healthy living sites?  I need to pump up my reader with some new + inspiring sites.  I’m not really interested in the more personal healthy living  blogs… but more in overall wellness sites with recipes, news, info on classes in the NYC area… similar to Well + Good, I guess?  I’d be so grateful if you feel like sharing your faves in the comments section.


Disclosure:  David Barton set me up with  a membership and my sessions with Tatiana, in exchange for sharing my experience… but all opinions are my own.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Gilt City deal- just bought a 3 pack! I go to Physique or barre classes at Equinox but I’ve heard Core Fusion is ten times harder…so I’m mildly terrified but you’ve inspired me to try it!

    2.9.14 Reply
  2. I find some of my favorite inspiration through magazines that specialize on your topic of interest. I follow them on Twitter for inspiration – Runners World, Fitness, Women’s Health, FitSugar and DailyBurn.

    2.9.14 Reply
  3. I love reading your fitness updates! And I am definitely going to be trying that chicken & mushroom risotto recipe – thanks for sharing!! I love using the slowcooker, especially for week night meals! Nothing beats coming home to dinner all cooked & waiting for you!

    2.9.14 Reply
  4. I really like summer tomato ( It has some recipes, but also the site is really about building healthy lifestyle habits versus dieting or obsessing. Definitely worth checking out.

    2.9.14 Reply
  5. By the way, I also have some healthy (and very easy to make, I know how busy you can be) recipes on my site… the mushroom & feta quinoa cakes and sweet potato & quinoa chili are my favorites:

    2.9.14 Reply
  6. I like Carrots N’ Cake. It’s not NYC based but she posts a lot of simple recipes/meal ideas that are useful. This post from yesterday that has a bunch of healthy snack ideas:

    2.9.14 Reply
  7. That class sounds great! I post about NYC based workouts a bit, and so does my friend Brittany and MyOwnBalance… and Nellie at Brooklyn Active Mama…I have a bunch in my bloglovin reader. 😉

    2.10.14 Reply
  8. Love that you are sharing fitness stories here — reading about what other people are doing definitely helps me to stay motivated too!

    I don’t really have any blogs to share, but I will recommend the Ballet Beautiful workout if you haven’t tried it. They have a studio in NYC which I haven’t tried yet (it’s a little $$), but I have a few of their DVDs that I do at home. I’m not normally a video workout person, but I love these for the days when I just can’t motivate myself to leave the apartment in the cold! It’s a super toning workout that is a lot harder than it looks!

    2.10.14 Reply
  9. You commitment to exercising is exactly what I need to give the push to get myself to my yoga class today. I hope to be craving exercising like you;)
    xo Adri

    2.10.14 Reply
  10. Grace you are spot on about working with a Pilates teacher one on one! I have been teaching Pilates full time for years and that is one of the biggest messages I try to get across to my clients, Pilates is about working the deeper muscles and understanding what muscles should be working (the smaller, more intrinsic muscles). Having a good Pilates background helps you workout more effectively in all aspects; better lifting, running, barre work, etc. So happy you have found the right workout and trainer for you! Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your happy experience.

    2.10.14 Reply
  11. Tiffany:

    I can totally attest to feeling a bit off if I don’t work out. Even if I do yoga for 30 mins to an hr in my pjs in front of the constant playing Olympics, I feel like I’ve done SOMETHING. The next day I just feel on point, and if I dont do anything I feel lethargic and sluggish. Private lessons are not only beneficial to your form but they are necessary, I was fortunate enough to have personal/conditioning trainers that taught me the basics of form and posture and it carries over into everything you do with your body. I have been a follower of Tone It Up for the past year and absolutely love their work outs and recipes! Having been an athlete through high school and college, it is hard to balance burning and not over working my prematurely worn out joints. Their work outs are not only tough but gentler on my back and joints and I can look them up easily on the Tone It Up app or pinterest while I’m at the gym!

    2.11.14 Reply
  12. I love core fusion! I also found it to engage me in a better/different way from Physique. I’m also currently addicted to cyc spinning within the David Barton gym…..all of that complements my running 🙂 Love your blog!

    3.20.14 Reply