SS Fit Files No. 12


{I got a lot of questions about the t-shirt above on Instagram… I got it on Etsy! There are tons of similar ones here.}

This week could have been better, fitness wise… I still got in three great work outs. It would have been five, were it not for spontaneous drinks on Friday that led to me skipping yoga that night and missing my bootcamp class the next day. Oops. #fail. But I have absolutely no regrets about that.

Monday night was yoga at Yoga Vida {with Chloe – she’s another one of my favorite instructors.} We did some kind of crazy balances and hip openers – and of course I failed miserably attempting to get into them.

On Tuesday night I tried out Throwback Fitness. It was hard.  But so much fun and I ended up really loving it. I was really nervous to try it {especially after reading this!} but the two cofounders {Ryan and Brian, two ex-finance guys, clad in matching outfits} were warm and welcoming and immediately put my fears to rest. And then we began a “light” warmup – jumping jacks, squats, high knees, and mountain climbers. Oof. I was already sweating by the time we started the first part of class… “Phys Ed.” During Phys Ed we alternated between the rowing machine and body weight exercises using the medicine ball {double squats, sit-ups, and pushups.} After recess we were split into three teams for a little friendly competition – involving more rowing , wall balls {torture!}, jumping rope, and v-holds {essentially a Pilates teaser.} By the end of class I was dripping in sweat – but I had a blast.

Wednesday was my night off and Thursday night my friend Jackie and I took yoga {back to Yoga Vida} and maybe got a new favorite instructor – this time with Heather. She had us all laughing so hard with some rather inappropriate but awesome commentary at the beginning of class and we basically fell in love with her even more when we found out the name of her website… Yoga for Bad People. So now I really want to take one of her retreats now! Her class was really hard. I sweated a LOT. I really just can’t say enough good things about Yoga Vida if you live in New York and are looking for a good studio. It’s such a great workout and I truly love every instructor I’ve taken.

  • Love oil pulling? Check out some more Ayurvedic practices… I’m intrigued.
  • The anatomy of a healthy kitchen.
  • I love these kind of futuristic leggings!
  • Why you might not be seeing results from your workout.
  • My coworkers swear that this turns your skin into silk and gets rid of cellulite. So of course I ordered it. I’ll report back.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Thanks for sharing where your tee is from! I love it.

    4.20.14 Reply
  2. I really want to make a workout routine again. I played competitive sports growing up, and would work out 4-5 times a week. But I’ve been excessively lazy over the last 4 or so years, and haven’t stuck to anything. I’d love to start with yoga!


    4.20.14 Reply
  3. I read another post somewhere about those coffee scrubs as well. Please let me know how you like it!

    4.20.14 Reply
  4. The Yoga for Bad People sounds like my kind of retreat! I would absolutely love to go on one.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    4.20.14 Reply
  5. I just ordered the scrub as well! Did you get original? I’m excited to try. I love reading about your workouts – you are exactly like me & change it up all the time which I love. I’ll let you know if I like the scrub & can’t wait to hear what you think!


    4.21.14 Reply
  6. Not feeling guilty about missing a workout is the best! I used to feel massive amounts of guilt b/c I knew I was being lazy but now that I’m in a normal yoga routine missing 1 class isn’t that big of a deal. I think that’s a good sign!

    4.21.14 Reply
  7. Love that t-shirt! headed to Esty now. 🙂

    4.21.14 Reply
  8. You are such a motivation! I been doing great with the gym and I just finished Day 6 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz! The 30 days of yoga you did was the main inspiration for me to start my yoga journey – and I am loving it!!

    4.21.14 Reply
  9. fashionsbit:

    the tshirts is amazing and I have seen it all around!

    4.21.14 Reply
  10. I’ve been interested in the Frank body scrub, looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

    4.21.14 Reply
  11. Grace, Love your blog. Just saying Hi – from a new fan and fellow NY’er. Your fitness posts are great inspiration. I’m currently making it to the gym or to a yoga class 2-3x a month. It’s pretty sad. 🙂

    4.22.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Thanks so much Jane! I was in the same boat a few months ago, I bet you can do more!!!! If you ever want to take a morning Yoga Vida class let me know! x

      4.23.14 Reply
  12. Love your fitness inspiration Grace and this shirt is too cute!! I’ve been motivated by the spring weather in NYC recently but its always nice to read about other peoples’ motivation and struggles to make it to the gym 🙂 I need to check out Yoga Vida!!


    4.23.14 Reply
  13. I initially started reading your blog for the DIY projects, but my new favorite feature is you fitness posts! Totally inspired me to get my ass into gear as well, and I love that you’re so honest and open about it, even when you fail or are struggling. There are so many “lifestyle” blogs out there that portray this image of perfection all the time, and yours is a breath of fresh air!


    P.S: I love that you always look so happy and natural in your outfit posts, and not all posed up…this is what real people look like!

    4.25.14 Reply