Springtime Candle Refresh.

Springtime Candle Refresh

Springtime Candle Refresh

One thing I do every spring is switch up my candles. As the weather warms up, my woodiser “sexy fireplace” scents just don’t feel right. I find myself gravitating toward garden scents, fresh florals, lighter things that smell good and play well in warm weather. Here are a few that I am loving right now.

Hotel Lobby Candle Company Poolside & Hamptons

I do not how Lindsay and her team did it, but this candle perfectly captures the essence of a day at the pool. For me, the note that stands out most is neroli but there is also notes of poolwater, bergamot zest, “wet skin,” and sorrento lemoni. It is a really nice, mellow springtime candle. will add that the brand’s signature scent (an ultra soft, luxe combination of agarwood, vetiver, atlas cedar, amber, and white musk) is also lovely in the springtime!

UPDATE! Shortly after writing this piece, HLC launched a Hamptons scent which is the perfect summer candle. It truly smells like a trip to the farmer’s market. I love it so much. Tomato, basil, sweet geranium, a little rosewater. Love. (More tomato options below).

Candlefish x Kiira Gonzalez

This has sold out but I have been told that more are coming! It is an amazing omato candle (I LOVE a tomato candle in the Springtime). It is infused with the refreshing aroma of tomato leaves with hints of geranium and a splash of basil. Another tomato candle I really love is Brooklyn Candle Company’s Yellow Tomato. Similar notes but with lemon zest and thyme. I bought this for my mom for Mother’s Day!

Brooklyn Candle Company Lilac Haze

Growing up, my mom had the most beautiful lilac bushes, so I will always equate lilacs with Spring. Lilacs don’t do so well in the South so this candle is an absolute must for me. It smells SO good and it isn’t intensely floral. Lilac and lily of the valley combine with greenery, bergamot, and white musk.

Snif Crumb Couture

You know I can’t resist a gourmand and this candle is heaven. Whoever comes over will be disappointed as they will think there is something really special in the oven. The brand describes it as “an ode to the scent of golden pastry” which is perfect. Croissant accord, wild berry jam (I didn’t really notice this note), toasted vanilla bean, tonka bean, sandalwood. It’s heaven, truly.

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Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Shana:

    This made me giggle…no sexy fireplace when it’s too hot for pants weather, what?? 🙂 I agree and enjoy more floral and cleaner scents during the summer as well, nothing that feels hot or gives a Fall vibe!

    5.21.24 Reply
  2. Regina:

    I love Nest Bamboo when it gets warm. I need to try the Lilac Haze!

    5.21.24 Reply
  3. Courtney:

    This was the encouragement I needed to finally light my Poolside candle!

    5.21.24 Reply
  4. Lynn Caplen:

    I don’t know what to do with the cat if she tries to touch a burning light, otherwise I always loved candles . Sounds great!

    5.22.24 Reply
  5. Lynn Caplen:

    I don’t know what to do with the cat if she tries to touch a burning lit candle , otherwise I always loved candles . Sounds great! Such pretty scrntsc

    5.22.24 Reply
  6. I’ve been dying to try Hotel Lobby candles but hate that I cant smell them in person before ordering. And they’re not cheap, so that’s important to me.

    5.29.24 Reply
    • I hear you! For what it is worth, I have loved every single candle I’ve bought from HLC. The burn time is also very good so they last lnger than a lot of my other candles.

      5.29.24 Reply